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MPAA Rated R for sexuality, strong violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • There is one instance of full frontal nudity as the camera pans slowly down and up a man's body in close-up, genitals are briefly but graphically visible.
  • In the opening scene, a man and a woman kiss very passionately.
  • A man and a woman who work together kiss in a couple of scenes and it is implied that they have been sexually involved before.
  • A man and a woman are sitting on a couch when they suddenly embrace, and he runs his hand down her body and up her thigh, but she pushes it away. She then pulls up his shirt, undoes his belt, unzips his pants and kisses his stomach. Her mouth travels down his body before the camera immediately cuts away to a close-up of the man's face. His deep, uneven breathing indicates that he is receiving oral sex from the woman. Nothing below the waist is shown in this scene, however it is very sexually intense.
  • A woman leads a man to her bed and the two kiss briefly but very passionately. They are fully clothed.
  • Any other kisses shared by the main couple in the film are very light.
  • A woman declares to her love interest that she isn't "cheap."
  • A woman puts her hand on a man's crotch and asks him to "fuck [her]." He immediately refuses.
  • Early on in the film, a male hostage has his hands tied behind his back and asks a soldier for assistance when peeing in the woods. Nothing is shown below the waist, though you can hear a zipper opening and closing, as well as the sound of urination. The reactions of both characters and awkward moment are played for humor.
  • Silhouettes on a window curtain show a man and a woman about to make love, and later the same woman undressing. A silhouette on a different window curtain (belonging to a brothel) shows a man and a woman in the middle of making love.
  • Aside from the one scene of full frontal nudity and another scene in which a man receives oral sex, the movie actually contains no sex and very little nudity (there are a couple of instances in which we see a man with his shirt off, but that's it). Regardless, a strong sexual undertone remains and the film also touches on some very controversial topics, especially within the second half where, without giving too much away, one particular topic regarding love and sexuality becomes a major theme in the story.
  • A man makes inappropriate comments about the main character's significant other, going so far as to call her a "tart." The main character takes offense at this.
  • The main character is asked about his love interest's performance in bed, to which he replies, "Definitely unusual." (By this point in the film, the audience is clued in to the fact that this is actually more of a reference to a major turning point in the plot than the love interest's sexual capabilities.)
  • Several implications that a woman prefers younger men.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is run down in the street and dies.
  • A man is shot to death during a military ambush that also destroys a whole building.
  • Several people are shot dead during a gunfight.
  • A woman is shot several times and killed splattering blood on the wall and floor.
  • One male character is shown to be incredibly abusive and obsessive. He slaps a woman as they exit a bar and make their way to her apartment. In a later scene, he is shown grabbing her and pushing her around before the main character intervenes. He (the main character) punches the man in the stomach, pushes him to the ground and finally steps on his neck, nearly breaking it. The man is later seen wearing a neck brace.
  • A man accidentally hits a woman in the face (as he rushes toward a bathroom to throw up), causing a nosebleed.
  • A woman brutally pistol-whips a man. The man's nose bleeds very profusely.
  • A man intentionally burns another man's hand with a cigarette (we see the burn and later there is a small bandage covering the back of his hand), then punches him in the face.
  • A man, intending to commit suicide, puts a pistol in his mouth, but is stopped immediately.
  • A man angrily attacks a woman before being subdued by a group of terrorists.
  • A group of terrorists ambush a soldier and force a hood onto his head. Brief, but startling.
  • Many scenes in which people are held at gunpoint or threatened with a gun.
  • After becoming angered by certain comments (regarding his lover) made by his employer, the main character threatens to knock out his teeth and break his fingers.


  • The language is quite strong. "Fuck" is used about 80 times, and 5 uses of "cunt". Other anatomical vulgarities and religious profanities are also used a few times.
  • Some racist/derogatory terms are used. Two uses of the N-word (when a black Englishman explains how openly racist people have been during his time in Ireland), then when an Irishman moves to London he falls victim to his employer's derogatory taunts and name-calling (being called "Pat" several times, as well as the more offensive "mick").
  • In one scene, "dyke" is used in anger a couple of times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Cigarettes and alcohol appear with some regularity in many settings. Sometimes the drinking is to excess. One of the principle settings of the movie is a bar.
  • A man drugs himself with a handful of pills and chases them with a bottle of whiskey. He claims it to be the recommended dosage, but is shown to be drowsy to the point of not being in a rational state of mind for a few minutes before he goes to sleep.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Most of the scenes listed under violence are pretty startling.
  • The entire movie contains a suspenseful mood, and there are shocking surprises throughout.
  • A woman throws a man's goldfish bowl out of a window. The bowl shatters onto the road, and goldfish are seen on the pavement, dead or dying. Though this scene's played out comically, it may anger some viewers as it technically does involve animal cruelty.
  • The main character, a former terrorist, has some unsettling dreams and visions about a man from his past. These dreams are inflicted by feelings of guilt and regret, thus making these brief scenes some of the more highly emotional points of the film. The main character often wakes up in a panic, sweating profusely and panting very heavily.
  • A hostage in the film is shown to be experiencing Stockholm syndrome toward one of his captors. There are a few scenes and some words of dialogue that raise the question of a possible additional unspoken attraction he feels toward the captor, and likewise from the captor toward the hostage. While it is one of the more subtle elements of the film and neither character ever overtly expresses this likely attraction, it can open an interesting discussion for viewers.
  • The couple in the film have an explosive argument in a scene preceding the climax of the film. The woman pushes her lover away as he tries to approach her, otherwise the scene is violence-free. However, there is a lot of yelling, particularly from the woman who is angry and visibly intoxicated. She continues screaming, until she finally becomes so distressed that she passes out (more so from nerves and the volatile emotions she experiences than the amount of alcohol she has consumed). Her body goes limp, and her lover attempts to revive her for just a few seconds, until she comes to. This scene is rather alarming.

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