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My favorite of the series for some reason
emperor_bender7 March 2008
I'm going to comment hell for this one. This comment will most likely receive a very low "useful" rating, but I'm OK with that. This movie was quite possibly my favorite of the Child's Play series. And although you will probably not agree, you will see what I mean:

This movie takes place 8 years after the previous. Andy is now a teen and has been sent to a military academy. And guess what: Chucky decided to tag along. This makes for a great story. Chucky really shows his true colors and sick, twisted sense of humor here. We also have an interesting group of characters here, who are actually worth mentioning. We have Andy of course, we have Tyler, a young cadet who catches Chucky's eye as a replacement of Andy; there's DeSilva, a tough girl who has a soft spot for Andy; we have Whitehurst, an outspoken, nerdy type who quickly befriends Andy; we have Shelton, a military-loving, tough, intimidating young man who has it in for Andy; and we have Botnik, an older guy, the barber who loves his job just a little too much. Together with these great characters is a great setting. There are some very interesting kills here which I have not even thought of or seen in any previous film. I do not understand why this movie is so underrated. Is it because of the time lapse? Maybe because Andy's not a kid? New setting? No matter what the reason, this movie deserves much more than a 4.1 rating (as of 3/7/08). I say it gets 9/10. Fans of the first 2 films will not want to miss this.
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Black Sheep? Not Quite
ReelCheese22 July 2006
Every horror series has a black sheep. "Friday the 13th" had the Jason-less fifth installment, "Halloween" the Michael Meyers-less third entry, and "A Nightmare on Elm Street" the silly first sequel. For many fans, "Child's Play 3" is the embarrassment of the Chucky saga. But why?

So many reviews of this film express exacerbation, even confusion, over the sudden shift eight years into the future. What's so hard to understand? We had already had two movies with Chucky chasing a little kid. It was time to move the story along, hence our hero Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin) is now a teenager at a military academy. This change of scenery was the breath of fresh air the series needed, as it opens up all kinds of new options to the murderous doll, which he fully exploits (paintball guns loaded with real ammo, anyone?).

Other reviewers complain this just isn't scary. There they have a point, but how many gorefests actually bring our hands up to our eyes? Scariness is a great complement, but that doesn't mean the whole project goes down the tubes without it. "Child's Play 3" has a smooth storyline, a touch of suspense and a truly memorable, original climax at a carnival (though it doesn't quite surpass the doll factory finale of the the previous film). Chucky's foul mouth begins to be a liability rather than an asset, but we can cut him some slack -- he's certainly never looked better (or more realistic).

"Child's Play 3" does have its ups and downs, however. The romance between Andy and a fellow cadet is a distraction, and there are times when our plastic star just seems brushed aside in favor of more serious moments. Chucky's desire to swap souls with someone other than Andy is a welcome change, but his new target, young Tyler, is one dimensional and uninteresting. He's unable to carry his scenes like Alex Vincent, who played child Andy in the first two films.

As far as I'm concerned, this was the last of the true "Child's Play" films. Once this one was done, the series became a shameful, hokey parody of itself. This entry is by no means perfect and it's certainly not up the caliber of "Child's Play 2". Yet it's not the piece of trash so many would have us believe. In fact, it may just be one of the most underrated theatrical horror films of the early '90s.
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Ade due Damballa, give me the sequel, I beg of you!
Hey_Sweden6 February 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Eight years have now passed since the events of "Child's Play 2", and Andy Barclay (Justin Whalin, 'Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman') is now a screwed-up teenager who gets shuffled off to a military school. (This, after a number of foster home experiences.). Surprise, surprise: the doofuses at Play Pal Toys Company are now confident all the bad publicity is behind them at this point, and resurrect the Good Guys doll line. Guess who's first off the assembly line? Reborn, Chucky manages to mail himself to the military school, but now sets his sights on a VERY impressionable youngster (Jeremy Sylvers, in his only feature film role) rather than Andy.

Given that regular series writer Don Mancini was under pressure to deliver a script, even before the first sequel hit theaters, it's understandable that he might not have had any real inspiration in knocking out this screenplay. It can definitely be a silly and contrived story, but as long as you're a fan of the Chucky character, "Child's Play 3" doles out adequate entertainment. It does give the ultra-psychotic killer doll a steady supply of chump victims to dispatch, and also gives our hero some human antagonists in the form of the bullying Shelton (Travis Fine, "Girl, Interrupted") and Sergeant Botnick (veteran movie villain Andrew Robinson, "Dirty Harry"), a barber who clearly loves his job way too much. There's time for some humor, especially in the case of the colonel (Dakin Matthews, "True Grit" 2010) and his fate when HE sees Chucky in action for the first time. Andy also gets his first love interest in De Silva, a tough, comely female cadet (Perrey Reeves, "Old School").

Yeah, the whole amusement park finale may be truly over the top and ridiculous, but it adds a dopey amount of fun to the proceedings. This is truly the kind of setting where a character like Chucky doesn't feel out of place.

Debuting film director Jack Bender (whose career is mostly in TV) may be no Tom Holland (or even John Lafia, the director of the first sequel), but he makes all of this watchable enough, in a true "turn off your brain and enjoy the mayhem" fashion. It's still the least film in the initial trilogy.

Brad Dourif, as always, is a total hoot voicing the crazed anti-hero / star of this series.

Six out of 10.
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Stretching the formula too far.
CuriosityKilledShawn2 April 1999
Set eights years after Child's Play 2, this sequel sees Andy Barclay attending Military School and getting bullied by the drill sergeant ("poor man's Christian Slater" Travis Fine, who never really became as popular as he should have been). Meanwhile, the Play Pals company has reopened the Good Guy factory and is starting production of the doll once more. But when clearing away Chucky's grisly remains, some of his blood spills into a vat of molten plastic and he is born once more in a new body.

After a good old strangulation to get the circulation going he locates Andy at his military school and somehow figures out a way to mail himself there. However, once the package gets there it is promptly snatched by a very annoying, morbidly juvenile, and highly wimpy little kid called Tyler who has the same face as has-been 'singer' Craig David, only more annoying (if that is even possible). Since he has a new body Chucky reveals his birth name once more, hoping to get a fast and easy ticket out of his plastic shell. As before there are too many distractions.

And as before the film spends way too much time with boring humans who spend too much time lurking in the dark wondering why a doll seems to appear and reappear and not enough time with Chucky. He IS the star of the show and he should OWN this movie. Alias and Lost director Jack Bender never really gives him the chance. Which is a shame since the animatronics had improved over Child's Play 2 and Chucky was beginning to look nastily cute. And more and more like Brad Dourif if you look hard enough. Bender's direction is slick but lacks edge, invention or humor. He seems to be ignorant of the potential Chucky has and treats the film like another mechanical TV series with no spark or signature. I remember when I first watched the VHS tape as a kid I immediately noticed how darker and gloomier this movie is, which ultimately leads to an overwhelming downbeat, depressing atmosphere, that sort of does and sort of doesn't work.

The score is a major downer though. Greame Revell's wonderful orchestral adventure of Child's Play 2 has been replaced with a horrid synthesized, death-metal score filled with tacky and unimaginative stingers. Revell, fortunately, returned for Bride of Chucky.

Child's Play 3 is no more than a competent sequel. Writer Don Mancini said he wasn't even ready to do a 3rd movie but Universal forced him to before the second was even released. As he was out of ideas he claims this film to be his least favorite of them all. If a better director were involved it could still have been a good film instead of being a merely an above average (by a tiny, tiny bit) one.
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underrated unappreciated excellent solid sequel defending the third film
ivo-cobra818 August 2017
What the hell is wrong with you people? Why is this movie so bad in your opinion's? It is MILES way better than Bride of Chucky. Way end of the trilogy I think it is a good sequel in my opinion! I love this film I saw it as a child and didn't see it over 20 years but I today I just finished re watching it. Why is this movie people's least favorite film? hmm to me it was a great end of the trilogy and these three Child's Play movies are the only the real Chucky films in my opinion. Why these movie get's the worst rating? I don't get it. I will tell you this, it is MILES way better than all three Maniac Cop films! Maniac Cop 3 was worse than Child's Play 3 in my opinion!

Justin Whalin did great job as Andy Barclay he was good in this. Jeremy Sylvers as Tyler was really good I really love this film, good slasher film. Perrey Reeves was a hot babe in this. The plot continues in which part 2 ended and evolves about Chucky's revenge on Andy who comes back to finish what he started in Child's Play 2. This time we see Andy a 16 year old teen in the military school I absolutely love Justin Whalin and I had a fun watching this film.

I think the hate get's because the film wasn't that scary and dark enough like the first two were. It get's thumbs down by fans because it has a humor in it and the death scenes are not that quit well done. Well Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives has also humor in it and Jason walks like zombie in that film and to me it is still q great sequel. So Child's Play 3 to me is entertaining well paced I love Andy the character I easily rooted for him than evil Chucky.

Why is this film a waste of time are you that stupid? This movie is not a waste of time in my opinion I had a blast of watching it. If you didn't that's your opinion we agree to disagree.

You know what people F*** Bride of Chucky! I will not buy that stupid film anyway I will take this film over Maniac Cop 3 and Bride of Chucky anytime. Screw the next three movies. I will watch the last two movies alongside with Bride of Chucky and I will review them all and I will give my final thoughts on them.

The third film is unappreciated and bashed from fan boys it is impossible for them to accept this horror slasher third solid film.

The plot evolves around about eight years has passed since the events of the second film, Andy is now a teenager and has been enrolled in a military school. Play Pals Toy Company decides to re-release its Good Guys line, feeling that after all this time, the bad publicity has died down. As they re-used old materials, the spirit of Charles Lee Ray once again comes to life. In his search for Andy, Chucky falls into the hands of a younger boy, and he realizes that it may be easier to transfer his soul into this unsuspecting child. Andy is the only one who knows what Chucky is up to, and it's now up to him to put a stop to it.

Some people are asking how did Chucky try to put the sole in the next kid when in the second one he couldn't do it. I think in the second one couldn't do it because he waited too long for his soul to put it in that kid. I think in this film there are new rules and I think if Chucky told another boy his secret the rules have changed and he is in the beginning again, that he was before that is my explanation. I am not an expert I just think that's how the movie is.

A+ 9/10 it is not boring, over long, it is fast paced and goes quickly around. I loved it, it is not better than the first two but it is still solid excellent sequel to watch. Just like RoboCop 2 and Rambo III this sequel is very underrated and bashed from haters. Those three films I like and I will watch them anytime.

Child's Play 3 is a 1991 American supernatural slasher film. It is the third installment in the Child's Play series. The film is written by Don Mancini, and directed by Jack Bender, with Brad Dourif returning as the voice of Chucky.

9/10 Grade: A Studio: Universal Pictures Starring: Justin Whalin, Perrey Reeves, Jeremy Sylvers, Brad Dourif, Andrew Robinson Director: Jack Bender Producer: Robert Latham Brown Writer: Don Mancini Based on Characters by Don Mancini Rated: R Running Time: 1 Hrs. 30 Mins. Budget: $13.000.000 Box Office: $20,560,255
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He's in the Army Now!
BaronBl00d26 June 2005
Just when you MIGHT have thought - after watching an excruciatingly long death sequence in Child's Play 2 - that Chucky was no more - he's back(and with the cliché) with a vengeance. How is he resurrected? Well, apparently when eight years have passed the toy company reopens their Good Guy doll factory, removes the cobwebs off of all the old stock, pick the mutilated, dead Chucky doll up and pop him in a vat of boiling plastics. The springs of Lourdes never had so much healing power! This revives Chucky, and he instantly becomes his mean, killing machine of old and wants to find Andy Barclay to take his soul. Andy, played by Justin Whalin, is an older teenager now and enrolled at a military academy. Well, not to get too bogged down in a script that doesn't really merit such an intense analysis - Chucky finds Andy and continues to basically do what he did in the two earlier films. Lots of killing. Lots of wisecracks and that cackling laugh. Lots of the same. I did like this film more though than the second installment. First of all, the director did NOT repeat the problem of an overly long, seemingly never-ending death scene. The military school makes for an interesting backdrop to the story. The young actors do credible jobs. There are some interesting , quirky characterizations from the rest of the cast with Andrew Robinson stealing his scenes as a barber who really enjoys shaving the heads of the cadets. In fact I loved the little ponytails hung on the walls of his salon. A neat little addition. The story is nothing special though, and the film is very formulaic. It is entertaining if you - like me - have limited expectations.
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Good horror film you'll love which will leave you feeling good
Catherine_Grace_Zeh25 November 2005
CHILD'S PLAY 3, in my opinion, is a good horror film you'll love which will leave you feeling good. The only thing about it that scared me, like the first two, was when Chucky (voice of Brad Dourif) suddenly jumped out and killed someone. Other than that, I didn't get scared at all. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that everyone involved in this film did an outstanding job. In conclusion, to all you horror film lovers that have not seen this good horror film you'll love which will leave you feeling good, I highly recommend it! You're in for a good time as well as some pure chills and thrills, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, turn down the lights, lock all your doors and windows, and enjoy!
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Chucky comes stalking
TheLittleSongbird13 December 2018
While it is not my favourite genre, there is an appreciation for the horror genre. Mainly watched 'Child's Play 3' having decided to recently watch and review all the films in the 'Child's Play'/Chucky series, having been intrigued for a long time by Chucky's horror icon status, a deserved distinction.

Do feel that the character himself is better than the films. The 'Child's Play'/Chucky films are very variable, with the first film being by far the best. None of the sequels are as good, though don't consider them unwatchable. 'Child's Play 3' has been deemed one of the, sometimes the, worst in the series. For me it is definitely the worst of the initial trilogy and although the title for worst is debatable it is a lesser one to me.

There are faults in 'Child's Play 3'. The story is predictable with no originality and too much of it is complete nonsense. Aside from with Chucky, the dialogue is really cheesy and with two exceptions the acting is lacking, Justin Whalin being especially annoying. The romance was a pointless distraction, there seemingly to pad out time, and a few of the characters behave idiotically.

Like the second film there is a rushed feel here, there is a sense of a relatively tight budget (although the film looks good still) and even tighter time constraints. Also felt that whereas the first 'Child's Play' avoided going the cheesy, goofy and formulaic route that it could easily have done considering the premise, 'Child's Play 3' did feel formulaic and too much of it failed to escape the unintentionally.

However, 'Child's Play 3' looks slick and suitably ominous and the special effects don't disappoint, they blend very well, look eerily life-like and move easily. The music is more ambitious and even more haunting here, it fits very well. While lacking the panache of Tom Holland's in the first 'Child's Play', John Lafia's direction is more than competent. Chucky's lines are like in the first two films, darkly witty and clever with one-liners that are smart, frighteningly sarcastic and entertainingly twisted. In terms of individual scenes, the climax comes off best, being a lot of fun

'Child's Play 3' does have entertainment value and some creepiness, with the attack scenes/kills and set pieces being creative and genuinely unsettling. Chucky is a character impossible to forget, the writers and effects team had the time of their lives clearly (as well as Brad Dourif of course). Wasn't crazy about the acting here, but will say that Andrew Robinson has an unsettling ball as his character. The biggest acting plus though, like the previous two films, is Dourif, the personification of malevolence and is also wickedly funny.

In conclusion, watchable but not great by any stretch. 5/10 Bethany Cox
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Weakest of the initial trilogy?
bowmanblue4 September 2018
Child's Play 3' is the sort of 'final part' to the 'Chucky' franchise. Not that it was ever really marketed as so (such as something like 'Friday 13th: The Final Chapter'), but it just felt like the end. The original two films were about a doll, possessed with the soul of a killer, trying to escape his 'plastic prison' by re-transferring his soul into the first human he had revealed his 'true self' to, i.e. a little boy called Andy. I guess there was a limit as to how many times the evil doll could try, fail, be destroyed in a grisly fashion and then find himself accidentally resurrected again to rinse and repeat. Therefore, a new actor plays a (slightly) grown up Andy here where he's at military school now. But - guess what - Chucky still wants to transfer his soul into the teen.

It's interesting to note that 'Part 3' comes out a mere nine months after its predecessor and it feels it. Overall, it just feels rushed with nothing that original here. Even the film's creator and also the voice of Chucky, Brad Dourif, came out after the film's release and mentioned that it was their least favourite of the franchise. It's also the last one before the *ahem* 'reboot.' And, when I say 'reboot' I mean that after this the producers basically dropped the 'Child's Play' title and focused on (arguably) the film's true star, the Chucky doll himself. The films that followed were all more 'horror-comedies,' rather than really trying to be out and out scare-fests.

The story is pretty identical, i.e. killer doll stalks kids and no one believes them when they try and tell the adults around them. It's not scary and not that gory. Brad Dourif is typically on form as Chucky, but this is still the most average (certainly of the three originals). The other characters are equally forgettable. All adults are only there to berate the kids for their silly fantasies about living dolls before being killed and the supporting youngsters all conform to their respective cliches. I guess maybe we - the audience - felt a far greater attachment to a young boy being stalked by a psychotic killer doll, rather than a teen who has access to firearms and an entire army around him.

If you're looking for laughs then keep going with the franchise, as the 'Seed' and 'Bride' of Chucky are very funny, whereas if you prefer the darker tone then the first two films should be for you (until the later 'proper' reboot which tries to tale the story back to its horror roots). If you're a fan of the series you might want to have this one in your collection, but if you're generally just dipping your toe into the franchise, you can sort of gloss over it. Parts 1 and 2 are far superior.
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Kristamw8 June 2019
When I saw the first Child's Play, I was just a kid, and I absolutely HATED it. It terrified me. That was over 30 years ago. I refused to rewatch it, until a few months ago. I was surprised by how much it didn't freak me out. In fact, I was impressed with how well it was put together. So, I watched the second one a little later. And tonight, the third. Like the first two, this sequel holds a lot of promise. It's fun, crazy, and the action progresses before you can blink. The actor playing Andy this time around seems like he could be a double for the original actor. Great casting there. And "Chucky" is as wacko fun as ever. Writing Quality: An interesting setting--a military academy, where Andy presides, and where Charles Lee begins his hunt to re-enter Andy's body by using the naive Tyler to get to him. The atmosphere actually works well for the dysfunctional Chucky and his games, with a plethora of characters that add flavor to each pivoting plot point. Scare Factor: There is one scene that made me scream. Can you guess what it is? Otherwise, Chucky isn't really scary as much as he is just plain insane. Content (sex, language & violence): No sex or nudity. One kiss and a shot of a ""Playpen" bikini model. A crude crotch gesture. A bunch of language, primarily from Chucky (that's his style). Lots of kill violence. Values: Looking out for others.
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An excellent and dark chapter in the franchise
drahulrajjsd2 October 2017
It's the 2nd of October 2017, and tonight's feature is the third installment of The Child's Play series, where Chucky (voiced by the one and only legendary Brad Dourif) is brought back to life after eight long years. Chucky finds out that Andy Barclay (played by Justin Whalin) is now a 16-year-old and has been sent to a military school. Also starring Perrey Reeves, Jeremy Sylvers, Andrew Robinson and Travis Fine. An excellent and dark chapter in the franchise, with Chucky slashing his way, from a military school, to a haunted house at a Carnival in the middle of nowhere, and it's filled with frights and fun. This was my very first chapter in the series at the age of 10 or 11. And I was terrified to sleep with the lights out. Hahaha... great memories.
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Child's Play 3
ChrisOfficial18 July 2013
Another hit classic thriller/horror film into The Child's Play Series. Child's Play 3 was a amazing comeback. The film is about Chucky who returns again as a doll after being possessed by a serial killer. He goes to search for Andy Barclay who has enrolled in a Military School, he is now a teenager. Chucky's plan changes when he meets a younger boy named Tyler he tried taking over his soul, but Andy will do whatever it takes to stop Chucky before he transfers his soul into the innocent Tyler.

After hearing about Child's Play 3 long time ago I thought that they were going to re-cast Alex Vincent in this one when he became a teenager because Alex Vincent always shined in the originals. We wanted to see the story continue with Alex Vincent, but after seeing Child's Play 3 it was too bad. The film had great performances by Justin Whalin who starred as Andy and Jeremy Sylvers was great starring as Tyler. The film was another Horror hit classic and Brad Dourif did great again playing the voice of Chucky.

The film had different plot points and all new cast. Child's Play 3 was good into The Child Play Series. I recommend this one to everyone as well. Child's Play and Child's Play 2 with Alex Vincent amazing horror classic. Child's Play 3 another great horror comeback.
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Really folks - it's *not* that bad a movie
barracuta920 October 2005
Gripping drama? Hell no.

Hilarious comedy? Nope.

Oscar Calaber Acting? Heh... yeah right.

But, really, this movie did not deserve to be slammed into the 3s. The movie had everything a mediocre early 90s horror movie should have - a plot you can follow without going cross-eyed, a few really gory death scenes and a pinch of humor. This movie won't make you roll on the ground laughing, but it will get your a chuckle here and there at Chucky's antics.

The young actors also pull performances that's beyond tolerable - it's flat out acceptable.

Absolutely great movie? No.

Absolutely horrible movie? No.

I was entertained and got exactly what I was looking for... thus it earns a 7 from me. You want a horrible horror movie that deserves its three - check out Leprachaun 4.
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Actually scary
brandonneicke30 April 2020
Most movies like your typical ghost film isn't scary. You get your jump scenes but that's it. This is generally eerie. From the sounds, noises, camera direction. The movements of chucky himself, honestly When you Look at it they really utilized their resources. Yeah chucky says some funny stuff but he always has. He's still every kids nightmare and even a nightmare to adults. I really liked the scenery of this one. AND MRS ari gold. Awesome
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Don't f*ck with the Chuck.
lastliberal16 October 2007
Boy, if you talk to anyone about this flick, you get polar opposites on whether it is the best or the worst in the series.

Personally, I tend to fall with those who did not like it as well as the first two. There was something about Andy as a child that made the films interesting that was lost in the military academy crap. There was just too much BS with Cadet Lt. Col. Brett C. Shelton, Sgt. Botnick, and Maj. Ellis that detracted from the main story.

Justin Whalin did a good job in the film, and Perrey Reeves was sweet, but the rest of the cast just didn't do anything for me.

I did like the battle in the fun house, though.
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A word to all you haters of this movie
kitfox3031 December 2016
Okay, so placing it eight years in the future and dumping Alex Vincent for attractive Justin Whalin may have turned people off. I kinda wondered how Chucky managed to wrap and address the package when he was in the box, but whatever. This is my favourite of the series and also the best comic moments until Bride of Chucky came along. I did hear that Alex had no desire to appear in this movie which is probably why it was set up the way it was. It is an interesting take on the series, but if anyone else noticed the blood dripping into a vat of boiling plastic, wouldn't there be more dolls affected?? My rating is 1) Child's Play 3 2) Bride of Chucky 3) Child's Play 4) Child's Play 2 5) Seed of Chucky. BTW Curse of Chucky is not worth watching.
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Masterpiece to Crap Just Like That
StevePulaski15 July 2010
Its almost unbelievable that a franchise can go from two close to masterpiece Horror films to one film that just spits on the entire franchise. Childs Play 3 is the obvious third installment to the doll killer franchise and its undoubtedly the worst to come. Its a poorly acted, odd Horror film that you consider yourself lucky to see because of the awful darkness of the movie itself. Screenwriter Don Mancini confessed to completely and totally running out of ideas for the series which is no doubt why after this one there was a seven year gap until Bride of Chucky, and then a six year gap until Seed of Chucky was made. Seems like ideas for killer dolls that need to find a human soul were hard to come by.

This is a weird one to explain, The Good Guy Doll Factory has reopened and reassembled Chucky which still has the soul of Charles Lee Ray in the doll. Andy is now 16 and has been shipped off to Military School and apparently has been in more foster homes then just the Simpsons', and has failed in all of them. Ronald Tyler, a younger recruit takes the Chucky doll to Andy, but in a failed attempt to get possessed, goes on a killing spree again to find Andy and try to transfer his soul. Its the same movie in a different environment, but just unrealistically stupid.

What bothers me is two things. One, its so dark in this carnival, military camp, trying to see whats going on is harder than understanding it. Most of the time, Im clueless and just assuming what is happening. Another thing, is we get no mention to what happens to Kyle (Andy's foster sister in CP2). We get zero information. At least in the second one they say that the mother is in psychiatric therapy. So overall, this is shockingly the worst Horror film I've ever seen. There's no adrenaline pumping scenes, and everything is just dark (quite literally). This still amazes me that a franchise can go from excellent to awful in just three movies. If a franchise makes it the third film they should put a lot of effort into it, not just throw some back ass movie together with almost no sense made. Maybe around 1991 they were learning movie sequels attract a lot of money no matter the plot. At very least we get Brad Dourif's excellent voice talents.

Starring: Justin Whalin, Perrey Reeves, Jeremy Sylvers, Peter Haskell, Dakin Matthews, Travis Fine, Dean Jacobson, and Brad Dourif. Directed by: Jack Bender.
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CHEER! - (8 stars out of 10)
Beejerman11 January 2020
The stage curtains open ...

In this 3rd entry into the franchise, Chucky runs wild in a Military Academy causing more havoc and chaos in a way that only he can. Back is Brad Dourif as the voice of the maniacal doll - and he delivers delightful, evil fun yet again. You are treated to more of Chucky's sneers, wicked laughter, and little doll stalking. So, basically, this is another fun Child's Play movie that holds to a formula that works.

It's 8 years after the events of the 2nd film, and Andy Barclay is now 16 years old and a bit of a trouble case. After spending time in foster home after foster home, he is finally shoved into Kent Military Academy and it isn't long before Chucky finds his way there. This time, though, Chucky is after a different boy and it is up to Andy and his new military friends to save the day. But not before Chucky is able to play his murderous hijinks and leave behind him a new wake of bodies.

I love these movies! Of the first three films in the series, this is probably the weakest one, but it still holds up pretty well. Some of the dialogue is unforgivable, but I forgave it anyway. Bringing our killer doll to a military school opened up a new range of kills and opportunities that was a welcome change to the series. Brad Dourif nailed it again. Only he can deliver such a fun voice-over for the creepy doll that everyone just loves. I also enjoyed the fact that they moved further down the timeline, bringing us a teenage Andy Barclay. This was a good move.

For fans of the Child's Play movies, this is a must watch. For the casual horror fan, it is a high recommend. I would suggest you watch the first two movies before watching this one (if you haven't yet seen them). It isn't crucial to the timeline, but some of the humor in this film will make better sense. This one comes in at a strong 8 stars out of 10.
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Far better than it's reputation
kannibalcorpsegrinder22 October 2015
Off at a military academy, Andy's attempts to move on are interrupted when Chucky returns trying to finish what he started only for a shift in Chucky's attention to put the rest of the academy in danger and forcing him to stop Chucky again.

On the whole this one was highly entertaining and one of the better efforts in the series. Much like the rest of the series, the film gets quite a lot of mileage from the fact that Chucky's true identity is hidden away far into the film as once again there's plenty of walking in at just the wrong moment to catch him alive. The fight in the barracks where he first reveals himself to Andy and the later scene where he sneaks in trying to steal him back that ends up alerting only him in the room are quite nicely handled, as well as the incidents around the academy that are more than just accidental deaths with the way they continually occur around here. The death of their leader in the office and the barber which gets witnessed that not only works well here but also come off as rather fun scenes overall that builds up quite well. All of this builds up really nicely to the big final half here which has a lot of frantic action and big suspense throughout. This starts off with the paint-ball game itself which is quite possibly among the best scenes in the series with the formations and scouting, the searching in the woods once they get wind of the situation mistakenly taking him to be a spy which sets up the overall fun and enjoyment of the double-cross and resulting shootout which is quite fun at the demented and cruel air this gives the film, and leads into the fun of the carnival finale as the stalking through the hordes of people there and how it manages to find itself into the attraction is outstanding. That in itself is more great fun with the different stalking and interactions throughout the settings inside before the over-the-top fun of getting to the big resolution that transpires here. Along with some really fine kills and the start of the series' turn for the comedic in terms of his sayings and expressions, these here are enough to hold this up against the minor flaws here. Much like the previous entry, this one again tends to be set-up in tone and execution like the original which isn't based on anything new or creative with its storyline here and it's rather uncreative. Likewise, this also causes the other problem here as this one tends to be a little too far-fetched in how the kids here take to believe the story, as not only is there way too much evidence that something's going on but that they don't start matching the clues together as they really do make sense that something's happening. That doesn't impact this one as much as the others did with that, but it sticks out enough to slightly lower this.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and children-in-jeopardy.
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A quite good horror sequel for a few scares.
OllieSuave-0073 October 2017
The not-so-innocent movie about a child's doll continues with Andy Barkley (Justin Whalin), now a teenager, enrolling into military school. The authorities and corporate officials discount Andy's story about Chucky the killer doll as fantasy and re-markets the doll in stores. Soon, Chucky comes back to life and sneaks into the school to take revenge on Andy and seek a new body.

The plot's pacing, script, and music score work fine in this movie, with some suspense, thrills and creepy moments. The acting was pretty good for the most part - especially enjoyed the characters of Andy and De Silva, the tough but sympathetic female cadet. Some of the military characters were a little overbearing and the lead kid character was a little mediocre I thought.

Whalin portrayed Andy with determination and endurance in braving through the grueling military obstacles and in going against Chucky. Brad Dourif gave another sinister, dark, and sarcastically funny portrayal of Chucky.

The overall plot may seam quite entertaining, but almost predictable now by the third entry. Still, a quite good horror sequel for a few scares.

Grade B
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A great addition to the series
theotherjenn31 August 2006
I never watched the Chucky series in sequence. I never used to like them. I saw Seed of Chucky, Child's Play, Bride of Chucky, child's Play 2 and then Child's Play 3. Seeing as though this was the last that I watched. I really was into Chucky and I thought it was a great addition to the series, yes it's a bit "out there" but that's what's good about Chucky. I'm not particularly into the military thing but this movie made me appreciate it that bit more. I think it is good how it shows Andy still hasn't gotten over his phsycological problems and that he is still terrified of his old best friend. I liked this one better than the original and I love the lines that Chucky says. For those who don't think it's a good movie, I understand because I didn't enjoy it the first time I watched it but now that I have seen it more I love it!!
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Not as good as the first 2
damianphelps29 September 2020
After 2 good movies prior to this one the Chucky franchise has made the same move that many other franchises have made...its just about seeing Chucky and his exploits rather than providing a strong story.

Fortunately I like watching Chucky be a miniature badass, but the movie could have benefited from a better story.

Still fun...but.
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A cool thrilling second sequel!!!
jpasols24 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Even though I'm giving Child's Play 3 a 10 out of 10 rating this movie still has its problems! I love this second sequel of the Chucky series but some things fail with this 3rd installment. Let me begin with the negative side of this film first since the list is shorter...first problem with this film is the acting, the acting wasnt nearly as strong as the actors in the first 2 films, the only good actor in Child's Play 3 is the main character himself...Chucky, voiced once again by Brad Dourif (Chucky, Child's Play 1 and 2). Chucky, the star of this 3rd installment saves this movie just by being his crazy self. Performances by Justin Whalin (as teenage Andy Barclay) and Perrey Reeves and Jeremy Sylvers are weak, the acting in this film is almost unwatchable. Luckily Chucky himself was able to make this film fun like 1 and 2. Now for the positive side of this film I like how they switch up the environment again as they did with Child's Play 2, the original being set in the city, the 2nd being set in the suburbs, and the 3rd set in the miliatary academy. It keeps the Child's Play trilogy fresh and entertaining and keeps the audiences engaged with new things the sequels have to offer. New death scenes that are more creative too! Child's Play 2 definitely had some cool death scenes such as the teacher whacked by a yard stick scene and Child's Play 3 having the garbage truck death scene which was my favorite death scene from Chucky 3. As the second film did, Childs Play 3 connects dots with the original two films, talking about Andy's past and his mother. The opening intro for Childs Play 3 alone was spectacular and amazing!! The soundtrack was spot on and sounded cool and eerie, I like how they made the soundtrack blend in with a military style sound with the snare drums an all. If you're a huge Chucky or cheesy horror fan you gotta check out Childs Play 3. Not as bad of a sequel as everyone makes it out to be. It has its flaws but it doesn't kill the film completely. A worthy third entry in the thrilling Chucky franchise. Give it a go folks! 10 out of 10 for me with flaws.
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andy barclay
kairingler31 October 2009
this time around we find Andy Barclay in a Military Academy, it is 8 years later, and Chucky follows him there , where he meets a little boy named Tyler, Tyler of course falls for Chucky's sweet little innocent routine at first. he goes for the little boy i guess because he realizes that it's going to be really hard to get to an older Andy,, one of the funnier lines in this movie is when Chucky says he wants to be a "bro" i just thought that it was hilarious at the time,, Andrew Robinson from the original Dirty Harry plays the barber in the movie who gives all of the recruits their new haircuts,, wow he looks different,, anyways there are war games going on in the compound, and Chucky switches the paintball rounds for live ammo,, leading up to an interesting conclusion to this movie,, also look for Andy's friend De Silva a pretty young girl who andy falls for in this ,movie,, overall not a bad entry,, but not as good as the second one.
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Presto you're dead
davidt-7385924 October 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Movie picks up 8 years after andy defeated chucky in the last 2 movies. The way chucky comes back this time is a weird one, his blood gets mixed with the premix plastic of the dolls and presto he becomes a new doll. This time it's a bit different as chucky has a new target to transfer his soul into and he doesn't want andy messing it up.

Unfortunately andy is recast in this one only being 1 year later alex Vincent would have been too young for the role. Chuckys one liners are great in this but the movie isn't as good as the previous one.

The kills are weak, one of them having a heart attack just from seeing chucky alive no joke. The best parts come in the last 10 mins when chucky starts getting torn to pieces. Still a good movie but could have been better.
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