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Tony Todd: The Candyman



  • [Candyman speaks to Helen as she has tears roll down her face] 

    Candyman : I am the writing on the wall, the whisper in the classroom. Without these things, I am nothing. So now, I must shed innocent blood. Come with me.

  • [first lines] 

    Candyman : [Candyman narrating over the swarm of bees]  They will say that I have shed innocent blood. What's blood for if not for shedding? With my hook for a hand, I'll split you from your groin to your gullet. I came for you.

  • [Candyman dances with Helen and asks her to be immortal with him] 

    Candyman : The pain, I can assure you, will be exquisite. As for our deaths, there is nothing to fear. Our names will be written on a thousand walls. Our crimes told and retold by our faithful believers. We shall die together in front of their very eyes and give them something to be haunted by. Come with me and be immortal.

    [when Candyman holds Helen back to kiss her, revealing his hollow chest and mouth full of bees] 

  • [Helen sees the drawing of herself on the wall] 

    Candyman : [Candyman narrating]  It was always you, Helen. It was always you.

  • [Candyman talks to Helen as he shows her the hook on his bloody stump] 

    Candyman : Be my victim. Be my victim.

  • [Candyman asks Helen why does she want to live] 

    Candyman : [Candyman narrating in Helen's head]  Why do you want to live? If you had learned just a little from me, you would not beg to live. I am rumor. It is a blessed condition, believe me. To be whispered about at street corners. To live in other people's dreams, but not to have to be. Do you understand?

  • [Candyman walks up to Helen as she remains hypnotized by him] 

    Candyman : You were not content with the stories, so I was obliged to come.

  • [Candyman tells Helen that her death will be a tale to frighten children] 

    Candyman : Your death will be a tale to frighten children, to make lovers cling closer in their rapture. Come with me, and be immortal.

    [as Candyman holds his hook in the back of Helen's neck] 

  • [Helen sees Candyman for the first time] 

    Candyman : [Candyman in a resonating voice]  Helen.

    Helen Lyle : Yes?

    Candyman : Helen...

    Helen Lyle : [Helen sees Candyman in the distance]  Who is that? Who is that?

    Candyman : Helen... I came for you.

  • [Candyman hovers over Helen as she lays strapped down in her hospital bed] 

    Candyman : What do the good know except what the bad teach them by their excesses?

    Helen Lyle : [Helen mumbles]  Murderer.

    Candyman : Allow me at least a kiss. Just one exquisite kiss.

    Helen Lyle : [Helen screams]  Murderer! Help! Listen, he's under the bed! Listen, he's here. He's under the bed!

  • [Candyman tells Helen what he wants from her] 

    Candyman : Do you believe in me?

    Helen Lyle : Keep away from me!

    Candyman : I have the child. Allow me to take you or he will die in your place. Your disbelief destroyed the faith of my congregation. Without them, I am nothing, so I was obliged to come. And now I must kill you.


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