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Good example of Lorenzo's films.
ali6969uk10 July 2002
Lorenzo Lamas' wife (at the time of this movie!) Kathleen Kinmont does a better job of co-starring with Lorenzo here than she did in Renegade (TV series) and gets quite a lot of screen time. She plays an East European spy/assassin and actually suits the brown hair. Fans of Lamas will not be put out as there is his usual martial arts action on show. Kathleen also strikes out in this film more than all her fights in Renegade combined. The plot is perhaps a little more complex than other Lorenzo offerings due to the "Thriller" aspect of the spy plot - but it is still basically an action film. A sequel was released 2 years later "CIA II Target: Alexa", but i liked this original one for the action sequences and storyline. A good entry in Lorenzo's B-movie action flicks.
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Kathleen Kinmont kicks you-know-what
gridoon14 October 2006
The first of the two "Alexa" movies that Lorenzo Lamas and Kathleen Kinmont made in the mid-90s is thoroughly routine in all aspects, except one: the exemplary handling of Kinmont's action role. As a former terrorist recruited by the CIA to help them retrieve a micro-chip with nuclear capabilities, Alexa is tough, no-nonsense and efficient but hasn't completely lost her humanity, and Kinmont has the right body, moves and attitude for the role. This film has a few of the best female action scenes I've ever seen in a low-budget American film. Other than that, there is nothing here that you haven't seen before: Lamas' most notable acting effort is to whisper ALL of his lines, O. J. Simpson plays a cop whose partner got killed in the line of duty, and the villain has (wouldn't you know it?) a foreign accent. See it for Kinmont or don't see it at all. (**)
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La Femme Nikita Rip Off
kwhuneycutt5 June 2006
"CIA Codename:Alexa" is an absolute horrible rip off of Luc Besson's classic film "La Femme Nikita"(1990). The film is basically about a woman who is taken in and trained by the CIA and is forced to do a secret mission for them. (Pretty much the same story structure of La Femme Nikita) The acting combo of Lorenzo Lamas and O.J. Simpson is perhaps the worst in cinema history. Lamas' "acting" is simply a bad Steven Segal impersonation. Watching Orenthal act in this film is an excruciating experience.

The writing and acting is so poor in this film at times it is laughable. There are so many action movie "conventions" in the film it is ridiculous: unnecessary car explosions, people flying thru glass windows, terrorists, bad ponytails, etc. The musical score resembles David Michael Frank's score for "Hard to Kill" (1990), which furthers the Steven Segal theme of this movie. There is plenty of martial arts in the film, and it is pretty well done for a low budget American production. The mindless action and over the top acting never lets up, and I have to admit I was mildly entertained.

Lorenzo Lamas had the look of an action star back in the early 90's but he is certainly no action star, that is why he is doing soap operas and not action blockbusters. My recommendation is that you skip "CIA Codename:Alexa" and check out "La Femme Nikita" instead.
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If you're a fan of the PM style, you will like CIA Code Name: Alexa
Comeuppance Reviews10 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Mark Graver (Lamas) a mild-mannered CIA agent but also a man of action. He won't hesitate to jump into the fray and cut through the red tape. Further evidence that he is cool are his ponytail and constant, well-groomed five o'clock shadow. (Graver's Chief: "I don't approve of your methods, but you certainly get the job done".) Graver gets the assignment of a lifetime when he goes up against a gang of terrorists led by the sadistic Victor Mahler (Cord). These baddies shoot up churches, kill cops and are just plain evil in every regard. And now they want nuclear weapons. To get them, Mahler must get a hold of "The Microchip!" and he will go to any ends to get it.

Meanwhile, cops Murphy (Simpson) and Benedetti (Griggs) are also working the case, and they come across Alexa (Kinmont), a ruthless assassin working for Mahler. Soon, Graver realizes he can use Alexa to infiltrate Mahler's compound but he must undo her brainwashing. So he basically kidnaps her young daughter and keeps them both at a massive CIA compound. So now the feds, the cops and Alexa must work together to bring down Mahler because Alexa's daughter, and the fate of the world, are at stake. Will she come through, or revert back to her old ways? A major plus for this PM production is its fast pace. The movie really zooms by, and no wonder, as it has classic Lamas, Kinmont as a very tough cookie (Lamas and Kinmont together once again), Alex Cord, in a very entertaining manner, chews the scenery, a rockin' score by Louis Febre, a CIA command center that has it all from martial arts training to a gun range to an upscale restaurant - all in one room, and, last but...actually least - OJ Simpson. What other movie could claim these things? OJ puts in a mush-mouthed and flat performance, and was seemingly bored. Maybe he had other things on his mind? He does mention how he'd love to "beat the information out of her", referring to Alexa. I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

Away from The Juice, this movie actually has some surprise punchfighting. Mahler is so evil, he stages deathfights at his mansion for his, and his guests' amusement. One of the fighters' trunks say the word "kickboxing" on them. Guess who wins the match? The movie has the fun clichés we all love and enjoy, and a climax at an airport you could never do today. That's why people keep coming back to movies like this. They represent a different time, and it wasn't even all that long ago. The world is much more politically correct now, which is a shame. So keep watching 80's and 90's action movies.

If you're a fan of the PM style, you will like CIA Code Name: Alexa.

for more insanity, please visit:
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The "good guys" taking hostages?
unbrokenmetal1 February 2003
CIA special agent Graver (Lorenzo Lamas) wants the killer Alexa (Kathleen Kinmont) to become a double agent and support him in his fight against the villain Mahler (veteran actor Alex Cord). Alexa only joins the fight against the bad guy after her daughter is taken hostage (by Graver, respectively the "good guys"!). Strange methods that agents working for the government are using these days - or is it just that movies don't carry conviction anymore? Anyhow, this average action movie has a few (violent) memorable moments after all, I vote 4/10.
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C(rappy) I(diot) A(ction flick)
Frank Markland23 June 2006
Lorenzo Lamas stars as some type of CIA agent, who captures some exotic beauty named Alexa, kidnaps her daughter and forces her to fight her former employers. O.J Simpson is also on board to provide a dash of acting credibility for the not so talented ensemble. I must admit i'm not a fan of Lorenzo Lamas, or his movies. He stinks. However when compared to O.J Simpson and Lamas' comatose wife Kinmont, Lamas seems like ah, Jean-Claude Van Damme. I only saw CIA because of the renewed interest around the O.J Simpson trial, you see because if your parents had cable and the extra channels, you couldn't escape this movie. in 1994 you could go to an Amish community and some moron would have this playing in their portable TV. The movie itself is a collection of lame action sequences and would be intrigue although the shock value of O.J Simpson jumping after fireballs and exchanging would be one liners do provide some unintentional humor. Also where was Bobby Knight and Kobe Bryant to make this a complete camp classic?

* out of 4-(Bad)
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Guilty Pleasure
DigitalRevenantX710 April 2011
PLOT OUTLINE: A gang of thieves break into a government building & steal a valuable computer chip. The group is killed, but not before the leader swallows the chip. His body is stolen by a group of terrorists working for arms dealer Victor Mahler. One of the terrorists, a woman named Alexa, is captured by the CIA. Mark Graver, a CIA agent, decides to try & turn Alexa against her boss.

This low budget actioner was one of the first films made by PM Entertainment, one of the major players in the DTV action genre during the 1990s. The film became a cult hit on cable television due to the fact that one of its stars, O. J. Simpson, was put on trial for the murder of his wife & her lover. This success turned PM into a successful B-film studio, enabling them to make dozens of similar films during the decade.

The trial has given the film a reputation it does not deserve. In fact, C. I. A. – Codename: Alexa is something of a poster boy for those who decry action films as being nothing but violent garbage. The film's script is poorly written; the action scenes consist of people standing out in the open firing at each other; the dialogue is cheesy & stupid & the plot, despite given a title like "C. I. A.", fails to feature the agency prominently.

That said, the film does prove to be something of a guilty pleasure. The action scenes, despite having the characters standing out in the open while shooting their weapons, do have an undeniable energy (the cinematographer for the film, PM honcho Richard Pepin, would later go on to direct a number of sci-fi / action hybrids).

The stars are a mixed bunch. Kathleen Kinmont & Lorenzo Lamas make a good pairing (they would later marry), Pamela Dixon gives the impression that she hates the film, judging by the contempt she gives it, while O. J. Simpson gives the usual idiotic surliness that he gave his other film roles.
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Solid '90s action
Leofwine_draca28 July 2015
C.I.A. CODE NAME: ALEXA is a solid '90s action B-movie, with great action and pretty much poor everything else. It's a film in which wooden acting is the order of the day, and the storyline is nothing new, but at the same time it has tons of action ranging from bloody shoot-outs to hard-hitting fight scenes in which every hit or kick is accompanied by extra-loud sound effects.

Director Joseph Merhi certainly knows how to shoot a fight scene and the plentiful action is what keeps you watching here. The B-movie cast is also a fun one, although you can't get much more wooden than Lorenzo Lamas's lead. As the villain-turned-heroine, Kathleen Kinmont is much better, and more fun, while the viewer's treated to O.J. Simpson playing the usual dedicated cop type. Cult actor Alex Cord is the bad guy, and watch out for a young Michael Bailey Smith (THE HILLS HAVE EYES remake) playing an absolutely hulking henchman whom Lamas goes up against in one stand-out violent showdown.
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Unoriginal and ordinary
Destroyer Wod11 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Really this movie has nothing to go for itself beside maybe Kinmont's good look. The story itself is OK, although it borrow a lot from Nikita. But its poorly executed in every aspect except Lorenzo Lamas play of the good yet "i must do my job" CIA agent. He again borrow a lot from Michael of Nikita, yet i could buy the role. Kinmont can't fight at all... every fist fight she is in is painful to watch and you have the impression any 5'8 150 pounds man could take her down. Her firearm shooting is a bit better but still...

Lamas is known to be a good martial artist, yet in his he barely use it, he fight the "henchmen" at the end, but its very lame and unimpressive despise the henchmen muscular look. He then kick the butt of a couple dudes but those are just mindless goons so it has not much weight in the balance. His acting tough is decent as i mentioned above.

OJ Simpson as the black cop is pretty caricature but OK, i didn't had any problem with him. And i will just talk of his role in the movie.

The bad guy is OK, but not spectacular, he can't fight at all so you forget a last boss type of fight.

No really CIA : Codename Alexa just end up as being one very ordinary gun shooting with some fist fight action movie of the 90s, with nothing original or especially good to offer. Really a forgettable movie. I have not seen so far part 2, i will look at it by curiosity but it surprise me this got a sequel really.
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Lorenzo Lame Ass and OJ did it
vitogarvin12 April 2008
This is really really bad. Lamas shows just how a second rate actor does his job. But what makes it worth watching is the scene where OJ angrily grabs a fellow cop by the throat as if to kill them while the jukebox plays a song with the lyric "I got the evidence on you!". (Makes me want to hear the rest of the lyrics - attributed to David Gregoli and Leslie Oren but i couldn't find it on iTunes). Talk about seeing into the future...Too funny for words. The rest of the movie is forgettable. The score and songs are more interesting than the script. Ditto the sequel. Which begs the question of why they would do a sequel at all. My understanding was that foreign sales drives a lot of these B movies. Doesn't say much for the world's viewing habits.
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Guilty Pleasures
bcrumpacker29 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER ALERT In this generic and forgettable action movie, Lorenzo Lamas does his usual tough guy/pretty boy act, and his future real life ex Kathleen Kinmont is ass kicking hot chick Alexa. OJ Simpson is a detective, coasting by on his since vanished genial public persona. Translation: cable TV filler. There isn't enough skin to qualify this as a Guilty Pleasure.

The script has some gaping holes. Best/Worst Moment: In one jarring scene, OJ's partner expresses his aversion to the morgue. OJ responds that some of the bodies are pretty hot, or words to that effect. This vague necrophilia reference is offensive enough; but in light of the murders committed shortly after this movie was released, it is truly appalling, and therefore entertaining in an unintentional, horrible way. I was so startled that I laughed until champagne came out of my nose. Now THAT'S a Guilty Pleasure. BC
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