Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) Poster

Michele Abrams: Jennifer



  • Buffy : [Trying to come up with an issues-related theme for their school dance]  The environment.

    Nicole : The homelesses?

    Kimberly : [to Nicole]  Oh, please.

    Jennifer : Are there any good sicknesses that aren't too depressing?

    Buffy : Guys. The environment. I'm telling you, it's totally key. The earth is in terrible shape, we could all die, and besides, Sting's doing it.

  • Kimberly : Buffy? What's your sitch? You're acting like the thing from another tax bracket. It's too weird.

    Buffy : Listen, a lot's been going on you guys, okay? And I really wanted to talk to you guys about it. See, um, a couple of weeks ago, I met this guy-...

    Kimberly : Oh my god, you're having an affair?

    Nicole : Cool!

    Jennifer : Does Jeffrey know?

    Buffy : It's not about that. He's, like, old. He's fifty.

    Kimberly , Nicole , Jennifer : Ewwwww!

    Jennifer : Gross!

    Buffy : Haven't you guys noticed what's been going on here? The strange things? Have you noticed people disappearing, turning up dead?

    Nicole : What are you talking about?

    Kimberly : Weird? You mean like hanging around with that homeless Poke?

    Buffy : Pike.

    Nicole : [gasp]  Eww, you're having an affair with him?

    Jennifer : He doesn't look fifty.

    Buffy : Guys, I think reality stepped out of here about five minutes ago.

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