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Eddie shines in this sexy and stylish comedy...
Isaac585520 July 2006
One of Eddie Murphy's best performances in one of his least seen films was the 1992 winner BOOMERANG. This smart and sophisticated romantic comedy stars Eddie as Marcus Graham, a womanizing advertising executive who loves the thrill of the chase where women are concerned, but once he has completed the chase, he is ready to move on. His sexual exploits have made him the center of his circle of friends (Martin Lawrence, a paranoid racist, and David Alan Grier, an insecure milquetoast)who live vicariously through him and admire his style as the ultimate player. Everything changes for Marcus when he acquires a new boss named Jacqueline (Robin Givens), Marcus is enamored of Jacqueline, but is completely thrown by the fact that Jacqueline is a female version of himself, a player who avoids commitment and uses Marcus when it is convenient for her. Throw into the mix another co-worker of Marcus named Angela (Halle Berry) who is nuts about him, but he doesn't know she's alive. Everything works here and it is so refreshing to see a movie with a predominately black cast where the characters are people with brains and real jobs. Murphy exudes mass amounts of sex appeal in one of his best roles and Halle Berry, though allegedly playing a plain Jane, just couldn't come off that way if she tried. There are some wonderful comic bits contributed along the way by Grace Jones, Geoffrey Holder, Tisha Campbell, and the legendary Eartha Kitt, memorable as an aging cosmetics queen with the hots for Marcus. A winning and original take on the Battle of the Sexes that is entertaining from start to finish.
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A great comedy which seemed to be one of the last good ones with Murphy
PersianPlaya4088 August 2005
Reginald Hudlins Boomerang is probably Eddie Murphy last good film to date. In this story of a marketing executive who is also a player. Murphy is great in this role, funny and full of hilarious one-liners. The film is written well, very funny, direction is decent and acting is good for the most part. Although Givens is not the best female lead, Halle Berry was great in her role. Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock were absolutely hilarious, and David Alan Grier was good as well. The film is not to be taken to seriously, and although not at the caliber of Murphy favs of mine "coming to America" and " beverly hills cop", Boomerang is still a must-see for any Eddie Murphy fan. 8/10
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Something Strangé
amashlee19 January 2019
A few things seems weird about the IMDb reviews of this movie, to bring it down to a 5.4 ratings. 1. It's funny how a lot of reviewers remember walking out of the theaters, when they wrote their reviews 12...15...17 years after the movie was released. Like it was a personal vendetta against Eddie Murphy and the Hudlin brothers. 2. The movie, in 1992, was actually quite popular and didn't get panned by critics. So, it's funny to see so many 1 ratings, and people reviewing it as if it were the worst movie ever made. 3. I've always heard the rumors (and witnessed it myself) that IMDb reviewers don't seem to like popular black movies or TV shows. Seems like trolls, from entities other than those that make black productions, want to discourage potential viewers from seeing something other than their own creations.

My review: A very good rom-com with a great cast of old favorites and legends.
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One Of Eddie Murphy's Funniest Films
soranno3 November 2002
After a terrible 1991 loanout to Hollywood Pictures for the weak comedy "The Distinguished Gentleman", Eddie Murphy returned to Paramount the following year and gave one of his all time best and funniest performances in this romantic comedy with a twist. Murphy portrays Marcus Graham, a New York advertising executive who is known by many people throughout New York for being a notorious player, a man who will date a woman, get her into bed by the end of the first date, judge her by the lovemaking and then dump her. Marcus is quite happy with having this rather low lifestyle and way of treating women. He goes around proudly reporting the previous night's results each morning to his friends (David Alan Grier, Martin Lawrence). One day, an attractive young woman (Robin Givens) becomes the advertising company's new boss. Marcus naturally feels that she will be his next target for romantic using and gets more than he ever bargained for when she winds up being the first woman ever who can see through his tricks and try to get back at him for it (hence the title). Murphy is absolutely hilarious in his role as a player who gradually learns to get lessons in treating women right and Halle Berry has a early leading film part as another work colleague who eventually comes between the Murphy/Givens love affair. Several other popular character actors and actresses make appearances here too.
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Eddie's last good film before his four year slump
DunnDeeDaGreat24 October 2002
Boomerang was Murphy's last good film before he hit his slump. The film directed by Reginald Hudlin gave Murphy the chance to spit many one-liners and the chance for us to see two people who would be big ten years later Martin Lawerence and Halle Berry. If you've never seen this film check it out for some good laughs.
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Martin Lawrence is hilarious
baumer22 June 1999
This film may have it's problems, and apparently many people saw them first hand and stayed away from the film. And I have to admit that the first time I saw this film I wasn't too enthused with it. But after I saw it a second time I fell in love with it and I now own it on video and have seen it quite a few more. And the reason is simple.

First of all it is an excellent romance. Eddie really surprised me with his ability to write a story that actually had me touched. He is especially good as a player who gets played but actually falls in love. Murphy has shown a different side to him here and it is also one of his funnier films in quite some time. He is assisted in the comedy department here by two very funny guys, David Allan Grier and Martin Lawrence, the latter stealing every scene he is in.

Martin Lawrence has never been as funny as he was in this film. He was great in Bad Boys, but his supporting turn here as Gerard is a classic. There is a true camaraderie here between the three friends (Murphy, Lawrence and Grier) and their conversation and actions around one another has the easy flow that longtime friends exhibit. They play jokes on each other, they make fun of each other and they are supportive of one another. But Lawrence has all the funny lines. From burning his dinner when his friends come over, to his hilarious observations about racism (the game of pool is racist because the white ball knocks the **** out of all the coloured balls, including the black one) to defending his unfortunate lack of lovemaking in the last few years, his interpretation of Tyler is just perfect.

Boomerang is also blessed with a truly mellifluous soundtrack. With P.M. Dawn and Boyz To Men, among many of the stars, lending tracks to the film, it reminds me of the soundtrack to Last American Virgin in the sense that there are so many of today's superstars of music on the soundtrack. With Babyface producing, this is another winning production from him.

Boomerang solidifies Eddie Murphy's return to the king of comedy. He did rebound nicely after this film and it is good to see him going back to what he knows. A very, very funny film.

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Not sharp – but funny and quite sexy
bob the moo25 July 2002
Marcus is a player who woos and beds women with great ease – but never settles down with any. When a company merger sees him working for the glamorous Jacqueline, he finds himself being played but still falling for her. However a relationship with the more stable Angela beckons if he can change his ways – but will Jackie allow him to leave her?

Part of the Eddie Murphy come back after the years of Harlem Nights, Golden Child, Another 48 hours, BHC 2 and other weak films. This and the Distinguished Gentleman saw him try to come back with a fresh approach. Boomerang is a good film – it uses Murphy's playa persona and turns it on it's head to good effect. True some of it is plain silly and it is quite predictable but it is pretty enjoyable and quite sexy too!

Murphy is good simply because he is the butt of many of the jokes via his playa image – plus it's good to see him be outdone after so many big-headed films. Givens is very good as the man-eating boss but I found Berry to be too sweet to be believed – but though she was the better looking. Lawrence and Rock are well used in small roles but Kitt and Grace are pointless and stupid cameos. Witherspoon is very funny and I personally love to see Lela Rochon in anything (and those aren't her feet).

Overall it may not win any awards or being shockingly innovative but it's fun, sexy and has a good bagfull of laughs in there.
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SuprflySis14 January 2005
Obviously, based on some of the other comments I've read, this movie isn't quite understood by many. Well, myself, I loved it! To me, this movie was something a lot of sistas loved seeing. A playa get played. The humor isn't everyone's taste. But if you're into black comedy, this is one of the better ones. A classic! Eddie Murphy is handsome and debonair in this movie role. Martin Lawrence is hysterical. David Allen Grier plays a convincing straight man, with his dorky clothes and the uncomfortable way he deals with Halle Berry. Eddie's parents. All I can say is, no matter how many times I see it, I end up on the floor, side-splitting. The way the father says "Coooordinate" became slang for dressing well, in the early 90's. I still use it, from time to time, myself. Lastly, I can't help but appreciate the way this movie, for the first time, really brought to the big screen the fact that African Americans don't all work in restaurants, grocery stores and hair salons. Some of us are actually entrepreneurs, business executives and some large cooperations are black owned. I think that's my favorite thing about this film. I highly recommend it if you are an Eddie Murphy fan and can appreciate some raw black comedy.
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Eddie Murphy's Fantasy
view_and_review25 August 2018
Eddie Murphy had a wet dream then woke up and cranked out this movie.

He plays Marcus Graham a bachelor living every single man's fantasy. He's young, has a great job fully staffed with nothing but great looking women, he has a boss pad, has all of his hair, and oh yeah; there isn't a woman that he hasn't slept with. Marcus was something of folklore. He allowed a couple of mortals to bask in his presence and call him a friend: Gerard (David Alan Grier) and Tyler (Martin Lawrence). Presumably he permitted their company so he'd have worshippers though Marcus gave the impression that they were really his friends.

I guess, in an attempt to show some fallibility there was one vixen he had to try extra hard to bag in Jacqueline (Robin Givens). And because this is a hallucination Jacqueline couldn't wait to spread the news of Marcus's bedroom prowess.

As the dream continued Marcus was able to pull another top notch woman in Angela (Halle Berry) with his doggy reputation preceding him. He was a veritable stud, an irresistible force with the strongest pheromones of the animal kingdom. It's a wonder that dogs, cats and other beasts didn't flock to him like in Dr. Doolittle.

This was a romantic comedy after all so eventually Marcus had to fall in love with someone. And because this was all the figment of Eddie Murphy's imagination his love was reciprocated though he did nothing to deserve it.

Boomerang was actually going somewhere at the beginning and had a few funny parts then it became patently obvious that it was Eddie Murphy's imaginary world and I lost interest. This could've been so much better.
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Coxer9921 March 1999
A marketing executive quickly learns that what comes around, goes around when this Don Juan's new boss turns out to be a Don Juan-ita. Eddie Murphy gives the finest performance of his career as Marcus, a player who meets his match with Robin Givens, but finds love in Halle Berry. Murphy barely drops the F-bomb in the film and the character is well developed by Murphy himself, who had a hand in the writing credits for the film. A fun film that features a great supporting cast of David Allen Grier, Martin Lawrence and John Witherspoon.
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What does he have to do!
marcrhodes-7931023 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe that this gem of a movie is rated 5.4! This is about as complete of a love story as I've ever seen. There's the guy looking for perfection. You have the perfect woman, physically, who always gets the guy. You have the sweet girl who likes the guy. Of course at some point the guy gets the perfect woman only to find out she's not perfect. Then he gets the not-so-perfect sweet girl who he likes but doesn't love. So they break up and he realizes at the climax that she is everything he wants and that he does love her. Then at the end they end up together. If that's not a happily ever after, then what is? Mixed with excellent acting and comedy, this movie should at least be an 8.0. But I'm sure if you consider who the critics are, white males, you'll understand why a movie this good with an almost all black cast was given the shaft. Shame on these critics! Eddie Murphy can't win when the deck is stacked against his favor no matter what he does. Not to mention that it boasted a RECORD BREAKING, AWARD WINNING #1 song. Criticism truly is for those who can't do so they become critics.
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Robin Givens is the highlight of a very funny and sexy film.
brooksduane5411 August 2011
The Eddie Murphy romantic/sex comedy "Boomerang" is, quite simply, a thorough and total joy. Murphy portrays longtime womanizer Marcus Graham with his usual charm and poise. Halle Berry is absolutely appealing and absolutely warm as the girl who prompts Marcus to clean up his horny act. Martin Lawrence and David Alan Grier provide ingratiating and stylish buddy-support. Lela Rochon and Eartha Kitt are, respectively, magnificently kittenish and magnificently cougar-ish as women with whom Marcus scores. Yet the film's greatest asset, its leading lure is Robin Givens's portrayal of Marcus's boss/female counterpart Jacqueline Broyer. She is by turns sexy and stylish, sultry and commanding, seductive and polished. We immediately see why Marcus falls under her spell and, when she dumps him, not only do we not turn against her, we admire her independent spirit and her no-bullshit attitude. Really and truly, by and of itself "Boomerang" is a sexy, charming, absolutely joyous romantic/sex farce; with Robin Givens on board, however, it achieves genuine cinematic greatness.
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Underdeveloped Romance !
elshikh427 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
What this movie is about? The story of a liar who lives a lying world, then finds truth finally? A lover man who's torn between 2 different women? The friendship of 3 guys? Actually, the movie itself doesn't know, otherwise it could've been more coherent, enjoyable and complete.

OK, it's a story of a man who sells everything until he himself becomes a merchandise to be sold. And as a romance, supposedly romance, the movie pushes this lead to learn about himself as lost person without real love in his life. BUT this movie so lousily sinks itself in a lot of details, un-comic characters, and many conversations before hitting the right nerve.

It was too late for (Halle Berry) to discover that she loves (Eddie Murphy) or that he loves her; it seemed a desperate attempt for making a third act more than being the movie's main core for God's sake!

Not to mention, the matter of unattractive (Robin Givens) portraying a femme fatale. The dreadful presence of (Grace Jones) who got nothing to do with comedy. The dirty language, the dirty humor, then the sex and the nudity which aren't less dirty in my viewpoint (concerning this movie or else!). The long conversations scenes which with the tepid, nearly dead, direction so the truly dull pace--the whole thing looked close to pointless for most of the time. Many characters like; the mail-boy, the mad model, the French artistic director, the old-deceived neighbor, the friend's parents, or even the annoying employee of the clothes store.. all of them took more time on the screen than what the original story, any original story, did take or should've taken.

I pitied the charming and talented young (Berry). Although, she was a perfect princess of innocence, but this dull script, and those endless digressions, wasted her utterly. The movie didn't care of developing her as someone who would love the lead (she advised him how to seduce her boss by Jazz!), or give her space to appear right in the first place. I think that it should have been clear to her, so somehow us, how she got something for him from the very start, and how she had to take over the screen at least since the second half. Instead, they threw some real naive stuff to her; like the clueless first dialogue between her and (Murphy), and treated her like minor character, namely the heroine's sidekick, all along to suddenly remember her just before the end. Although the intense performance that she delivered at the scene of her emotional explosion was the best, most strong, anything of this movie, but still one of the worst movies that she was in!

After many hits in the field of action and comedy, why not (Eddie Murphy) takes on romance. It was a bold attempt. Yes, he's a good actor along with being big star, but the movie wasn't that good (the word is: broken up). I think it got something to do with (Murphy) himself as the story's writer, and maybe his fear that the movie could be just romance without comedy, to end up as jammed comedy with no real laughs that belated the romance if not suffocated it. I loved few of his moments here; on their top of course is the shot in which he finds the money for his "fatigue" besides the bed from his female version who's now treating him like a prostitute, notice how (Murphy) - silently - pulls the sheets on his chest, sad with weak feminine look in his eyes. With wicked little reactions like these, (Murphy) proves that he's one of few comedians who can make comedy brilliantly with or without talking.

Anyhow, it seemed like many incomplete movies in one, or boring stray comedy. I know that it could have been nice romantic comedy but what I've watched was an ideal example for underdeveloped one, or a movie with dysfunctional personality. I read opinions about (Boomerang) as "smart movie".. please, it's anything but smart!

P.S: At one scene, when the lead was being dumped, we see the lights go off at the top of one skyscraper. At later scene, when the lead hugs his friends, we see the lights go on at the same skyscraper??.. Naaa.. Don't bother, it's part of this movie's naivety!
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How can this many cool actors make such a crappy movie?
vwls9 January 2019
Boomerang is the worst. I mean really bad from top to bottom. The jokes don't land and the romantic components are thoroughly boring. So little happens, and you just never really care about the characters. Also the sex scenes are absolutely disgusting (why would Eddie think we want to watch HIS face during or pre- orgasm... not once, but TWICE! Gross).

Such a piece of trash is hard to produce with so many decent actors and comedians (and so much eye candy), but Eddie managed to do it quite handily despite the treasure trove of talent he had at his disposal. Thank goodness he stopped directing and writing. It's a real shame that he stopped doing standup - THAT he was great at (no one ever made me laugh as hard as he did when I saw him live in Oakland during the Raw tour). But he was never cut out to be the creative force behind films.

The only saving grace to this picture is Halle Berry's gorgeous face... and an honorable mention for the chance to watch Robin Givens and Grace Jones strut around looking absolutely stunning. Beyond that, this movie belongs on the garbage heap of other flops Murphy created... it never should have made it off the cutting room floor.
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Players get played too
Newsense3 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Man has this movie aged well. Boomerang was crass, raunchy, vulgar and funny as hell to boot. It was Eddie Murphy in top form just the way we like him.

Plot/story: Marcus Graham(Eddie Murphy) is a marketing executive with a player mentality who meets his match with a gorgeous boss by the name of Jacqueline(Robin Givens). Marcus eventually tries to cope after getting p-whipped and played by Jacqueline.

Opinion: Boomerang was funny as hell back then as it is funny now. The interactions between Eddie Murphy, David Alan Grier and Martin Lawrence characters are funny as hell. Grace Jones's character Strange' is a riot. I still lmao at the restaurant scene where Strange' loudly proclaims her favorite part of the female anatomy 20 times in front of everybody. Eartha Kitt's Lady Eloise is a hoot also. John Weatherspoon is just as funny as David Alan Grier's character's father. Boomerang works because it doesn't just rely on the comics being funny alone(like most comedies do). Its material is funny in its raunchiness and the chemistry between everybody works. I would strongly recommend this movie any day over the recent busts that Eddie Murphy has starred in. 5 stars.

Rest In Peace Eartha Kitt.
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bernardoarquivo5 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
By the time "Boomerang" was made, Murphy was completely out of his mind with fame and fortune. He thought he could do it all. He had written the story of "Coming to America", "Another 48 hours" and "Harlem Nights" (which he also directed), and even though these last two ones tanked miserably he probably thought he was Welles or Chaplin and continued writing, directing and producing his own stuff. On the side he was recording albums, acting in Michael Jackson' videos and whatnot.

"Boomerang" was officially directed by Reginald Hudlin but we know Eddie was obviously pulling the artistic strings. In his first major attempt at the romantic comedy genre, he wrote the screenplay, called his buddies, the best looking actresses in the business and starred in the movie.

The end result is exactly the same as "Harlem Nights": great production, wonderful cast, beautiful wardrobe, cool songs, OK direction, screenplay and dialogues... terrible.

The jokes - keep in mind at that time we had just gone through the 80's, a golden time for Eddie and his movies - go from mildly amusing to dumb, just bad and simply awful. Some of them are disgusting. Others are weird and wrong. There's a scene where it looks like Eddie is trying to be Spike Lee and shows him and his buddies ridiculing a snobbish white clerk.

The sex scenes are ghastly and the romance part is particularly embarrassing because we know Eddie wrote it. How insanely cocky and conceited do you have to be to write dialogues where women will talk about your charm, your beauty and your sexual prowess? Also, his dialogues with (the absolutely stunning and perfect) Halle Berry are beyond pathetic.

Eddie nearly destroyed his career trying to be an actor, writer and director. He was saved, four years later, by Jerry Lewis' "Nutty Professor". He never directed again. Years later he wrote "Norbit". Another flop. Eddie is a comedic genius. I've been his fan for 35 years. But he should know by now he can't write or direct.

On the positive side: best performance by Robin Givens ever. It's a shame she was never given a proper chance to act. She's excellent.
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Mediocre as Both a Comedy and a Romance,
lesleyharris3031 October 2014
Boomerang is a very poor movie with a storyline that never really goes anywhere or gets very interesting but a good comedic cast.I felt like they thought they were being a very different and unique romantic comedy,and while it isn't like any other one I've seen,thats not particularly a good thing.It goes on for way longer than it needs to and I didn't feel a lot of sympathy towards Eddie Murphys character,which is difficult because we follow him for the whole film and are expected to like and feel sorry for him.The best parts were the scenes between Eddie Murphy,David Alan Grier and Martin Lawrence,they seemed to enjoy each others company and clearly got to improvise their lines together,which was great because the scripted scenes are not very funny.It has some good moments,but Boomerang dosen't succeed very much as either a comedy or romance and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

An ambitious,womanizing ad executive meets his match when he gets involved with three different women.

Best Performance: Eddie Murphy Worst Performance: Eartha Kitt
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Eddie Murphy once again shines in a romantic role while still being funny in Boomerang
tavm24 February 2012
Having only heard and seen clips of this movie for the last 20 years, I finally watched Boomerang on Netflix Streaming just now. Once again, Eddie Murphy got together with his writers from "Saturday Night Live"-Barry W. Blaustein and David Sheffield-and made another romantic comedy that turned out to be a success like their previous one in Coming to America. And once again, they got a fine supporting cast accompanying them like Lela Rochon (having previously appeared in Murphy's Harlem Nights), Robin Givens, Martin Lawrence, David Alan Grier, Chris Rock, Grace Jones, Eartha Kitt and a newcomer named Halle Berry. Oh, and Tisha Campbell also appeared before her teaming with Lawrence in his upcomimg series "Martin". This time the director picked was Reginald Hudlin with his brother Warrington as co-producer after their success with their debut feature House Party. Like Coming to America, this was a nice change of pace for Murphy from his previous wise-ass characters but with both funny and touching scenes. Really, I had a good time watching this. So on that note, I highly recommend Boomerang. Oh, and the person who played a commercial editor looked familiar so I looked at the cast list and found out he was played by the one and only Melvin Van Peebles!
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characteristic of Murphy's low period
lee_eisenberg24 February 2007
As Eddie Murphy may win an Oscar tomorrow night, it's surprising that he once starred in movies like this (then again, things mostly haven't changed much, as "Norbit" is supposed to be pretty terrible). "Boomerang" has got to be one of the poorest excuses for a movie that I've ever seen. It's just another movie where Eddie Murphy plays a successful man looking for a way to bed a beautiful woman. Otherwise, almost nothing happens in it. It was so bad that I didn't even bother to watch the whole thing, and usually I'm very patient with movies (I even watched a stinker like "Town & Country" the whole way through). I don't care that this movie gave David Alan Grier, Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock early appearances, or that Grace Jones actually manages to elicit a few giggles. You will do FAR BETTER to just avoid this movie at all costs.
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Some humor, though mostly boring
truwarier30 August 2010
The scenes with the male actors (Murphy, Greer, Lawrence) have some humor. The jokes are OK, the actors are good, and they have very nice chemistry together.

The love scenes, which there are several of, are very lame. Adrian Lyne should have brought in to direct them.

The scenes of Murphy with the female characters are boring and repetitive. It becomes a struggle to get through them after awhile, which is a problem as they make up most of the movie.

Score and soundtrack are nice, very early-90s.

Some of the details are neat, such as the advertising spots.

Most importantly, Eddie Murphy is portrayed as a huge stud. And quite effectively so.
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The worst movie EVER
Altern8guy7 February 2000
This was the WORST movie I have ever sat through. We were supposed to laugh at how sexist Eddie Murphy and his sidekick found women to be nothing more than sex objects. Whatever formula they used for this did not work. On the contrary, it was incredibly offensive. I almost walked out of the theater!
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Scott_Mercer13 March 2007
One of only two movies I have ever walked out on. Not even close to the worst film I've ever seen, but definitely one of the worst films I've ever seen in a theater.

Honestly, I don't remember much about it, just that it annoyed me so much that I had to leave immediately. I certainly have nothing against Eddie Murphy. He's been in some of the funniest movies ever made. He's even made some good movies not too long ago, and was nominated for an Oscar just this year. The cast, as well, is made up of talented people. Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence, et. al. Should have been a good movie. But they blew it.

Stay away.
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Eddie Murphy's work is hit or miss. This is a HUGE miss!
cinephile-276902 June 2019
I must admit something before I write this: I did not finish this movie. At most, I saw a half hour of it. I may have only seen a quarter of it but it was enough to know the movie was trashy quality. That's why I did not finish it.

A plot summary seems unnecessary because I could not find a plot within the half hour I watched the movie. IMDB says the plot is this:

"A successful executive and womanizer finds his lifestyle choices have turned back on him when his new female boss turns out to be an even bigger deviant than he is."

It could have been about that, but I didn't see it in a half hour. If it takes that long to find a plot in a movie, I suppose none is really to be found. To quote Roger Ebert: "If nothing has happens in the first reel, nothing is going to happen."

What I did find in Boomerang was many unfunny sexual references. In one scene, Eddie Murphy's character is viewing a commercial for Kissable brand lipstick where cherries and bananas are licked sexually. The reaction part is mildly amusing, and may have been the highlight of the half hour.

Murphy also has sex with 2 different women in the half hour time span, which made me question how many encounters he would have in the latter 85 minutes.

One woman was Eartha Kitt, who played Ymza in The Emperor's New Groove, which made me realize Ymza and Mushu were getting it on...get THAT image out of your head!

After that scene, I took the movie out and watched Mean Girls for the first time instead. I loved that. Give THAT some thought.

Eddie Murphy has made good movies, such as: Shrek, Mulan, Coming To America, The Nutty Professor, and I moderately enjoy Norbit. All have better quality than Boomerang. At least they are all more plot-focused.

I hope by bashing the sex I don't come off as a prude. Sex and film can go hand in hand(movies like American Beauty and Last Tango In Paris come to mind, both of which I gave a 10/10 on here), but movies such as this use it very poorly.

If you want a well-written movie, Boomerang is a movie you don't want to come around to.
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Good looks aren't everything
Fiona G.16 April 2000
First of all, this movie has some nice visuals. Interieurs, light, even the clothes of the cast look like they were made for each other. The appeal is so perfect, it reminds you of a commercial, which unfortunately holds true to the rest of the film as well.

The actors so much try to look swell, sophisticated and suave that it seems they forgot they not only portray the clothes and fancy apartments, but actually characters that interact with each other. This keeps them flat and it is not easy to establish a relationship to them, which also lets most of the humoristic points of the story fail.

If you really are into watching movie-length commercials an evening with "9 1/2 weeks" might be more enjoyable.
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One Boomerang you don't want come back to you
Rocketeer_Raccoon25 May 2015
For a long time I've always knew and remembered about this film because it features the hit song "End Of The Road" by Boyz II Men but never really watched the film itself. Well, at one night I decided to dive into this movie to see what this Rom-Com film is like. Oh...well after watching the entire film I can honestly tell you now that this movie is actually bad, it's as bad as Steve Irwin getting a stingray barb up the life force. It just baffles me that such a classic song would be featured in a train wreck of a film like this.

The story is as boring as a soup opera and the film is severely lacking in the comedy side of things, the things that are supposed to be funny are just not. Sadly the funniest thing in the movie was this strange disturbing advert they show mid way through the film to promote the company. The worst character in the whole film is Strangé (Grace Jones), she dresses up like a freak and all she ever talked and shouted about was dirty sexual things and rudely calling out different people in an restaurant "gay" after Marcus (Eddie Murphy) declined her ridiculous offer of sex.

Bottom-line, Boomerang has too much romance, is plain boring due to the lack of comedy and the story just wasn't very interesting.

One last thing, why is the movie called Boomerang? There's no Australians, kangaroos and boomerangs in this. If the movie were a boomerang, I would throw it away into a bin.
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