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Sex & Nudity

  • Rated PG for Animal Violence and Mild Language.
  • Dad talks "foreplay", when Beethoven gets in bed with the dad later in the movie and dad doesn't realize it!
  • At one point in the movie, the parents night stand is shown and there is a candy wrapper with SEX written on it.

Violence & Gore

  • The worst scene in Beethoven is toward the end of the movie when a little dog bites the evil veterinarian in the groin for about 5 painful minutes
  • An evil veterinarian stages an incident to make it look like the dog attacked him. He puts fake blood on himself and the dog's nose.
  • George Newton goes on the roof of a building and see's three men about to kill Beethoven and he jumps through the roof window and tackles one of the men to the ground and punches the other and the evil scientist is about to shoot him but Beethoven jumps up and bites the man and he fires the gun. And while Alice was calling the heat she hears the shot and runs toward the building screaming his name and then ted gets in the go seat of the car and drives it into the building. By now George and Beethoven were tired and about to lose but the car comes straight through the building and rams a table of needles into the evil scientists chest. And for the other two goons the rest of the dogs that were inside the building are chasing the goons all around town and they finally manage to lose the dogs by jumping the fences at a scrap yard but on the other side of the fence awaits four blood thirsty dobbermans. We later see them leaving in ambulances in bandages bloody and shocked.


  • There is some mild language, including "hell" and "damn". The "damns" are easy to miss, but near the end a very clear "What the hell is going on.." is uttered.
  • In front of his wife and children, a man says that if he doesn't get a particular job, he will kill himself. His wife reminds him not to talk that way in front of the kids.
  • Two times the name of God is used in vain: "For God's sake" and "Oh my God"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is smoking while robbing a pet store.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • PG for mild thematic material and violence, and for some language.
  • There may be some moments that small children may find intense (especially towards the end), but overall this is a family film
  • A bunch of dogs are taken from a pet shop at the beginning of the movie. They are treated badly by the kidnappers.
  • An approximately 6-year-old child falls into a pool and nearly drowns. The scene is slightly dragged out and might be scary for kids to watch.
  • The dog, Beethoven, knocks over a table, making two characters fall over. His leash gets tangled around their chairs, and then the dog takes off running, dragging the two people behind him.
  • There is a scene where Beethoven is lying on a married couple's bed, completely covered in mud and slime. When the dad walks in and yells at him, Beethoven stands up on the bed and shakes himself hard, getting mud and slime all over the dad, who is screaming.
  • A 10-year-old boy crashes a car through a building, with his two sisters in the back seat. (They are unharmed.) The car knocks over a table full of needles, and the needles literally pierce the "bad guy" in the movie, right in the stomach. He falls to the ground and closes his eyes, but it is seen later that he survives.
  • Four "junkyard" dobermans attack two more bad guys. The actual attack isn't seen, but we do see the two guys in bandages later.
  • A man puts fake blood all over his arm, then slaps Beethoven to provoke him. Beethoven gets upset and jumps on top of the man, but he does not hurt him. However, when the dog's family finds them and sees the fake blood, it appears that Beethoven seriously attacked the man. The dog is ordered to be destroyed. This was discussed in a few scenes prior, as well.
  • A little girl calls her father a "dog killer".


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The last act may upset little children or animal lovers, especially the scene where George has to take Beethoven to the vet to be put down.
  • It is revealed that the villains plan on killing a large group of dogs and then burn the bodies (this may upset small children).

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