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MPAA Rated PG-13 for brooding, dark violence

Sex & Nudity

  • At one point Catwoman "bathes" by licking herself as a real cat would, in an erotic manner. Penguin sits by watching, obviously enjoying what he is seeing.
  • While wreaking havoc in an store, a security guard says to the other, commenting on Catwoman, "I don't know whether to open fire or fall in love," to which Catwoman's responds "You poor guys, always confusing your pistols with your privates."
  • Right before The Penguin meets Catwoman, the Organ Grinder suggestively says, "Oswald... there's some BODY here to see you."
  • Bruce and Selina dance suggestively. Bruce asks if they should "take off our costumes". She mentions "there's a comfy King over in bedding".
  • Catwoman says to a thug advancing towards her facetiously, "Be gentle. It's my first time".
  • Penguin sees Catwoman lying on a bed and says, "Just the pussy I've been looking for." She says it is chilly in his room and he approaches her menacingly stating, "I'll warm you." She stops him however.
  • Selina says to her pet cat, "Hello Ms. Kitty, any sexcapades of the nightlife you refuse to share? Not that I'd ever pry."
  • At one point in the film, Bruce and Selina begin kissing passionately with her lying on top of him.
  • Max Schreck becomes very threatening to Selina, even appearing at one moment to intend to force himself on her, though only to scare her.
  • Max Schreck says one of the advantages of being mayor is "unlimited poon-tang."
  • Penguin reminds himself that being mayor means "reaching out to people, stroking people, GROPING people."
  • Penguin asks Catwoman if one of the things they have in common is "naked, sexual charisma."
  • Selina says to Alfred, "Can you just make up a sonnet or dirty limerick or something?" Alfred replies by saying, "One has just sprung to mind."
  • Catwoman straddles Batman after he has taken a hard fall. She looks over him saying, "You're catnip to a girl like me." She then leans forward and licks him across the mouth. The entire scene is somewhat sensual.
  • When Catwoman spurns his advances, Penguin says to her, "I ought to have you spayed, you sent out all the signals!"
  • Bruce asks Selina if she has any hard feelings between them. She replies by saying "semi-hard" and Bruce looks downwards quickly.
  • Selina recounts a time in which she went to school without wearing underpants and a boy found out.
  • Catwoman says, "I just admire a man who's strong and not afraid to show it to someone half his size."
  • Some various sex related content references and gestures.
  • The Penguin talks to another character whilst looking at a woman and says that he'd 'like to fill her void' and 'teach her my French flipper trick'

Violence & Gore

  • A man attempts to sexually assault a woman but is interrupted by Catwoman and has his face lacerated and his eyes gouged with her claws.
  • There is a theme of violence against women in the movie, with Batman being forced to defend himself against the female antagonist (Catwoman)
  • At one point in the movie Catwoman can be heard gagging and choking before freeing herself and crashing through a glass roof
  • We see a second-degree burn on Selina's arm (later after Bruce/Batman has napalmed it).
  • Penguin tears open a man's nose with his teeth. The man screams and blood is shown squirting towards the screen. The man's blood is also shown on the Penguin's mouth in chin for the rest of the scene.
  • Penguin shoots a large goon in the stomach at close range. Blood is seen spattered on the goon's stomach before Penguin kicks his corpse into a pool. He is later shown lying dead at the bottom of the pool.
  • Batman pulls a sword out of one of Penguin's thug's mouth and then beats him over the head with the handle.
  • Penguin throws a batarang at a woman's head. The impact is not shown. The woman is later shown with a bruise on her forehead.
  • Many characters are shot with no blood.
  • A character is thrown to what we're lead to believe is her death.
  • A character falls to her death and lands atop the controls of a giant Christmas tree.
  • A character bites another character's nose with bloody results.
  • While slowly dying, a character coughs up what appears to be very dark blood. He is then seen floating face down in water.
  • A character falls from a resolution building. (mild blood.)
  • A character is violently electrocuted and we see the grisly aftermath.
  • A characters dressed as clowns are shot with puck-like projectiles.
  • A character is set on fire.
  • A character has time bomb shoved down his pants. He then explodes off-screen.
  • A character shows another character a mildly graphic severed hand.
  • A character is slashed on the face, with blood, but he does not die.
  • A woman's fingers are bloodily gnawed on by a cat. One bite its quite violent.


  • After Selina creates her Catwoman outfit, she stands in front of a neon sign which reads "Hell Here"
  • Catwoman says "shit" in one moment of the film.
  • Catwoman calls Batman a "bastard."
  • Penguin says, "I play this city like a harp from hell." This is heard numerous times in one scene.
  • The end credit song uses the word "bitch" in one of its lyrics
  • Penguin refers to Catwoman as "pussy" and a "broad" on several occasions.
  • "Bitch" is used.
  • Penguin says "Shit" and "Crap" towards the end

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Mr. and Mrs. Cobblepot drink martinis.
  • The Penguin and Catwoman drink champagne.
  • Mr. Cobblepot smokes a cigarette using a holder.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • At the beginning of the film there is a scene that a baby's pram is thrown into a river with a baby inside (child penguin), this scene may be very disturbing for young kids.
  • During their meeting, Catwoman grabs one of Penguin's pet birds from its cage and puts it in her mouth, and Penguin responds by holding an umbrella sword to the neck of one of Catwoman's cats.
  • An out of control Batmobile almost strikes an old woman crossing the street. Although brief, the scene could be intense for some viewers.
  • Early in the movie Penguin pulls out a severed hand from a Christmas stocking.
  • At one point in the movie a woman is forced off a roof by a group of bats and falls to her death by landing on the Christmas tree lighting button.
  • Selina's descent into madness following her emotional breakdown in her apartment can be very disturbing for some viewers.
  • The ending can be very depressing for some viewers.
  • To date, probably the most emotionally dark and depressing film of the entire "Batman" series.
  • Penguin kills the family cat off screen while still a child having been locked in a portable cage during infancy by his parents.
  • Once the children are saved,Batman leaves a note to The Penguin saying the children are unable to attend and The penguin starts to scream and throw a huge rage
  • We hear screams coming from another room and the sounds of a baby crying (the sounds of Oswald being born). Moments (but months) later, we see a cage with something (the Penguin) inside it. A family cat moves close to the cage and is grabbed inside and we hear sounds of the cat fighting and then nothing, indicating that the Penguin has killed the cat.
  • The Penguin bites another characters nose, blood sprays from it and leaks down the man's face as well as the Penguins.
  • A woman is held hostage and threatened with a high voltage stun gun.
  • Max pushes Selina out the window where she falls several stories to her presumed death. She lies on the street for a moment and then begins twitching, which ends with her eyes rolling up into her head, just revealing the whites of her eyes.
  • The Penguin's plan is to steal all of the first born sons of Gotham City and carry them into the sewers and exterminate them,a scene shows them abducting the first born sons of Gotham by putting them in cages. This may be scary to younger kids until Batman stops the kidnapping.
  • Batman's uncovering of a corpse may be considered a "jump scare" for some. The atmosphere and look of the film is designed to scare. The Penguin appears to be quite frightening. He has numerous violent outbursts. Character has her fingers gnawed by cats.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Selina is thrown from a building's window and is shown with a spot of blood on her head shortly after the fall.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Catwoman succumbs to her darkness and refuses to be saved by Batman despite his efforts to save her.

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