Alien³ (1992) Poster


Pete Postlethwaite: David



  • [all the prisoners call Aaron "85"] 

    Ripley : What's this "eighty-five" thing?

    David : A couple of us sneaked a look at his personnel file the day he arrived. It's his IQ.

  • David : I have a problem with this.

    Jude : Which part?

    David : The part where we're running around down here in the dark with that fucking thing chasing us.

  • [Searching for the Alien] 

    David : Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!

  • [Ripley and David are fetching Quinitricetyline for coating the prison tunnels] 

    David : I saw a drum of this stuff fall into a beach head bunker once. The blast put a tug in dry dock for seventeen weeks. Great stuff!

  • Dillon : [the inmates gather at assembly hall after the alien has escaped]  All right. The fucking thing is loose. It's out there. The rescue team is on its way with guns and shit. Right now there isn't any place that's real safe. But we stay here, in the assembly hall. This place never had any fucking air conditioning. If it comes in it's gotta be through one of these doors. Now we post a guard to let us know if it's coming. In the meantime, you lay low, be ready and stay right... in case your time comes.

    David : Don't you start bullshitting, Dillon. We're gonna be trapped in here like rats.

    Dillon : You got a weapon? You got a blade? Then you take it out and you fucking use it!

  • David : There's definitely something in here with us!

  • David : I have a problem with this.

    Jude : What part?

    David : The part where we're running around in the dark fucking maze with that thing chasing us.

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