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Sickening stupidity -- My love.
justin.5 February 2000
Although, as the other comment (yes, there is only one) for this movie says, it is horridly bad, I find it very entertaining. As one of the things I have accidentally taped from TV from letting the VCR record too long, I watch it now and then. Someone put some amount of effort into making this, why not enjoy the result?
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Haven't seen this in YEARS!
brad_2843 July 2006
This was one of my favorite movies when I was a little kid. I was starting to think I'd imagined the whole movie. My parents don't remember it, and I'd never ask my friends if they ever saw it. Now that I look back I realize just how silly the whole thing was. I guess when I was little I didn't really care about the plot or the acting. All I cared about was watching that T-Rex and his buddies. The evil dinosaur always scared the heck outta me, and I always had nightmares about him. It made me sad to learn that the guy who was Rex died a while ago. All kids watch today is this cartoon crap on cartoon network. What happened to shows like this?
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Underrated, and misunderstood.
zhevkov15 June 2004
This movie isn't about a sophisticated attempt to tunnel into the past

using a sample memory storage device to extrapolate possible scenarios.

No. This movie is about KIDS.

It's a plausible daydream-fantasy for a child interested in dinosaurs

(Geller, Ross Jr. ?), cartoons (oh, small crowd there) and any kind of

technobabble (see StarTrek) - it teaches hardship in life and the value

of friendships, much as those popular (*sickly*) children shows. It

teaches the American Dream. Give your kids a chance with this one -

they'll probably love it; just as i did when i was 7 or 8.
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Terribly cheesy and I love it!
stealthgecko8916 August 2009
I watched this movie when I was a kid, and of course I loved it back then. I Recently saw it again about 15 years later and I wasn't expecting it to boggle or blow my mind like it did when I was young, but I was looking forward to some nostalgia. It didn't disappoint. I admit that the comedy, the costumes, settings and acting is by today's standards atrocious, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Now in a world where every kids movie has to be based around growing up and finding your true love in middle school, this takes me back when it was cool to be interested in something that could actually be educational on a certain level.
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Not so bad
cheongsam_kimono12 October 2005
I remember watching this movie when I was in the third grade. I woke up early and was watching the Disney Channel, and the movie came on. Automatically, I was hooked onto it. I haven't seen this movie in such a long time, but at that time is was something that put a smile on my face. To say that is' a silly, stupid movie that deserves no praise is pretty harsh. Yes it wasn't the best movie ever made, and yeah, it didn't have the best actors in the world. But this is in no doubt the set up for those "sucked into games" fanfiction. This shows how those kids would respond if they got sucked into their favorite cartoon, just like how fanfiction authors write about how they would interact with the characters, change the story lines and travel the world after being pulled into their favorite cartoon, movie, or game. I think this movie put that fantasyworld of ours into motion, and for that it deserves a lot more respect.

I can't say much more at the moment. I'll only conclude that it was a funny, sweet and cute movie, and I'd love to watch it again.
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really good movie
mgmf6260410 June 2006
I remember watching this when I was about 3. I watched it almost everyday. It was and still is a very good movie. I lost it when I moved but if I can find it again I would definitely buy it. It is a really good movie for kids, it holds everything from comedy to scary (for little kids). This is a really great movie. As many times as I watched Adventures in Dinosaur City, I had always thought that everybody watched it. When I started asking around though, nobody I had asked had every watched it. It was almost like my brothers and I were the only ones who knew what it was. Watch this movie! And I'll repeat, this is a really, really, really good movie.
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the best movie disney channel has ever aired
sweetiegirlkb13 October 2002
The first time i saw this movie I was 4 years old and ever since i saw it i loved it. I liked this movie because it is about 3 kids who go into their favorite cartoon and i wish i could do the same thing. Tops is my favorite character he is really cool!! I wish I was Jamie she was really cool and helped her friends alot. Every time its on the disney channel i watch it. THUNDER'N!!!!! Dinosaur city rules.
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Excellent movie
moonlady300026 May 2007
I've only ever seen this movie once when I was very young. But I enjoyed it thoroughly and it has stuck with me for years. It is, unfortunately, exceedingly hard to find. Until I could remember enough of the name to look it up on IMDb I thought I had dreamed it up - particularly because it's the type of story a child might think up on their own if they're interested in the subject. If you can find a copy of it it's definitely worth the time to watch it. Despite the horrible special effects (given the time period it was made in I think they're excusable) I think that kids of this day and age would definitely get a kick out of it.
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Perfect family movie
VampireLuver1229 October 2006
I first saw this movie when I was 4yrs old and I fell in love with it! Even now almost 10yrs later I still enjoy watching this. It's a perfect family movie filled with everything from comedy, romance, horror-(kids), and plenty of action! We still have this movie on tape and I love to watch it with my brother and sister. They enjoy this as much as I do. Adventures in Dinosaur City is my #1 choice for a family movie. If you haven't seen this movie you should defiantly watch it. It is and always will be one of my favorite movies. The characters are awesome and the plot is different from any I've ever seen. This movie is unique and one that I defiantly give 2 thumbs up!
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A good 90's kid's show
Temporal_Knight21410 February 2013
I watched this as a kid and for the longest time could not remember the name of this movie only the plot. Finally I found the name and after another year I finally found a copy. This movie is extremely dated by this point and rather campy but it is still a lot of fun. There are numerous references to other movies throughout and rather humorous attempts at dinosaur related jokes and retorts at the beginning of the movie. Those painful jokes thankfully die off once the actual action gets started and the kids develop some character beyond being obsessed with their show. Almost everyone gets some time to grow and while the effects are a little sorry, it can be forgiven considering when it was made. There are a few sexual ententes on the extended edition but anyone under the age of 14 is unlikely to notice just like with some Disney movies.

This movie is extremely hard to find and I doubt it ever came out on DVD but if you see it somewhere and want to harken back to your childhood you could do a hell of a lot worse!
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You're pulling' my tale!
otisknuckleberry3 August 2006
Hands down, the greatest movie to come out of the 1990s. From the special effects and puppetry to the acting and plot, Adventures in Dinosaur City has something for everybody. Even the soundtrack is amazing and really sets the mood. As soon as you see the awesome intro, you will be HOOKED. I guess one could say its like the Shawshank Redemption, but with dinosaurs instead of a prison.

Oh wait, who am I kidding? This movie is terrible! - But Still! If you have the chance to watch it, do not pass it up! It will have you on the ground laughing (whether it be with the movie or at the movie). There are so many little errors you pick up on every time you watch it. I've seen it about 7 times (trust me, thats A LOT for this movie) and I am still seeing new things!
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So Bad..Its Hilarious.
mrkbrq219 October 2006
If you and your friends find as much humor and enjoyment from horrible acting, jokes, props, and overall film making as me and my friends, you need to rent this.

From simply reading the tag line and seeing how not funny it is, you should assume more not funny, poor quality, great, hilarious content through out. Its a tale of some of kids who defy every law of physics and reality and fly back in time through a modern day big screen TV to a world of dinosaurs who eventually become their friends. Not to mention a hilariously serious scene where T-Rex becomes a father figure for one of the kids. Yeah...

It should be in the comedy section but you'll find it with kid movies if you find it at all. So call your friends over, sit back, relax, get ready to laugh, and enjoy. You will be quoting the laughably horrific one liners in this movie for weeks. "Whats with all the ruckus?!"
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the movie was awesome
whs29 December 2001
This is definitely a cult classic, a must see for people of all ages. The adventures of the two kids shows them that television shows are not real and that violence does hurt, not just yourself but those you care about. A funny story with deep characters and a plot that reveals the characters' deep and complex psyches. A family movie that all should watch and enjoy
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Fun to be bad!
KWiNK20 September 2003
This may be all you need to know in order to decide whether you want to see this.

The movie is bad. Really, really bad. And sometimes it seems to be aware of that and make fun of how bad it is. It aligns cliche after cliche and even manages to grow worse as it goes along with some moments that are bad enough to be hilariously funny.

If you can laugh about really poor quality in script writing and production values, you might enjoy it. Otherwise prepare for some serious brain damage.

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Nauseatingly atrocious
jenner8 November 1998
Adventures in Dinosaur City, though a creative idea, was a nauseatingly atrocious attempt at filmmaking. Being sucked into a TV and into a new world is interesting. Three teens obsessively enthralled with half-animated dinosaurs is not. Don't waste the time or the brain power to see this sure loser. I wouldn't even let my kids watch it.
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Silly, juvenile-focused movie...
dwpollar8 August 2004
1st watched 8/7/2004 - 3 out of 10(Dir-Brett Thompson): Silly, juvenile-focused movie about three kids being zapped into their favorite cartoon with their parents experiment. The script left much to be desired in this Hanna-Barbara like rip-off of some Saturday morning 'live-action with people in dinosaur costumes kids show' with some goofy cavemen hanging around. Nothing really to admire about this and nothing much to be said either. I'm just amazed I found this at a Blockbuster video store as bad as it was and the way the stores are ridding themselves of old VHS movies. I guess they couldn't even sell it, so back on the rental rack it went.
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Sickingly Stupid
andykleinendorst28 November 2001
This movie was in one word. Terrible. First of all the people who invented that thingie that puts you in the TV, are slightly insane! Secondly, the three teens are so obsessed with the show, it's scary! The movie was stupid, and no effort or thought was put into it!
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Adventures in Dinosaur City (1992)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain27 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A trio of bizarrely animated obsessed young folk are zapped into their favorite cartoon. Now the cartoon's real and full of terrible costumes. The vocal cast apply as many cartoon sounding voices as possible, making this an irritating film to concentrate on. It's also full of strange editing and weird moments for narrative twists. The main villain reveals his true identity in a quick cutaway from the protagonists journey. After being hooded for the whole film, we cut to him sitting at a desk with no hood. There isn't much of a city to speak of, and when you see the obviously rubber triceratops doing some martial arts, you start to wonder what the hell is going on. Nowhere near as cool as dinosaur films should be.
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Please tell me this was a really weird dream...
La Gremlin29 November 2001
I have a ton of movies to review today so I have to keep this brief.

I've avoided this movie for years; if you haven't noticed, the character on the cover of the video look a great deal like the ones from "Theodore Rex" aka, the Beast. But the Disney Channel was showing it late one night and I got to see it for free. Call it morbid fascination.

"Dinosaur City" isn't as bad as "Rex", with a rating of three as opposed to one. I suppose I was more lenient towards this mess as I was half-asleep during most of it. You can get the exact same effect this movie gave me by dropping acid and watching a few episodes of "Land of the Lost".
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