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14 Jan. 1996
Attack on Washington/Spiritual Exorcist/Wandering Souls/Whitley Strieber's Breakthrough/Update: Visions of Mary
"Attack on Washington" looks at a UFO encounter over the capitol on the United States. "Spiritual Exorcist" looks at the emerging New Age movement in Japan and talks to a Buddhist exorcist. "In the News" looks at Gaia-friendly architecture, an unsuccessful lawsuit against Area 51, and a crop circle in Winchester England. "Wandering Souls" talks to a woman who has seen ghostly shadows. "Whitley Strieber's Breakthrough" talks to the author about his abduction experiences. "Update: Visions of Mary" looks at Marian apparitions in Medjugorje.
21 Jan. 1996
Contact at Socorro/Shaman Healer/Reclaiming the Farm/Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind/Update: Gaia's Revenge
"Contact at Socorro" goes to New Mexico to talk to a police officer about his UFO encounter. "Shaman Healer" goes to Ecuador to look at the work of traditional shamans. "In the News" looks at Project Censored and HAARP, the controversy over the Panchen Lama, and a UFO Congress in England. "Reclaiming the Farm" talks to a psychic and a haunting in Omaha, Nebraska."Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind" talks to C.D.B. Bryan about his visit to a MIT conference on UFOs. "Update: Gaia's Revenge" considers lessons that can be learned from Eastern Island.
28 Jan. 1996
Without a Trace/Vision Quest/The Doomsday Machine/Update: UFO Investigation
"Without a Trace" looks at the UFO related disappearance of pilot Frederick Valentich in Australia. "In the News" looks at the psychic bond between humans and animals, a festival featuring body piercing in Thailand, and the danger to the Earth of people growing larger. "Vision Quest" looks at a hiker who was rescued after a man had a vision. "The Doomsday Machine" looks at the controversial HAARP project. "Update: UFO Investigation" looks at a UFO spotted in southern Africa.
4 Feb. 1996
Abducted/South Bend Mystery/Renovation Haunting/Update: Star is Born
"Abducted" talks to the family that was the basis for the best-selling Budd Hopkins book. "In the News" looks at mummies discovered in Peru, a store selling alien body replicas, and psychic research by the government. "South Bend Mystery" follows a psychic as she travels to Indiana to investigate a murder. "Renovation Haunting" visits a haunted home in Westminster, Maryland. "Update: Star is Born" looks at photos provided by the Hubble Space Telescope.
11 Feb. 1996
Echoes from the Battlefield/Psychic Espionage/Crash of '62/Candomble/Update: Black Forest
"Echoes from the Battlefield" talks to civil war reenactors who think they may be reincarnations. "Psychic Espionage" looks at government efforts to study remote viewing. "In the News" looks at a new radio receiver searching for extraterrestrials, cattle mutilations in California, and an effort to prove life after death with coded messages. "Crash of '62" looks at a UFO crash in Nevada. "Candomble" looks at the Brazilian religion. "Update: Black Forest" following a psychic as he visits the haunting.
18 Feb. 1996
A Search for the Truth/Murder on the Interstate/Voices from Beyond/The Sci-Fi Prophet/Update: Contact in Israel
"A Search for the Truth" investigates the death of a pilot who died while in pursuit of a UFO. "Murder on the Interstate" follows a psychic investigation into the death of a truck driver. "In the News" looks at UFOs in advertising, the hunting of rare animals for traditional medicine, and crop circles in Australia. "Voices from Beyond" investigates electronic voice phenomena. "The Sci-Fi Prophet" talks to science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. "Update: Contact in Israel" looks at alien visitations in Israel.
10 Mar. 1996
Murder for Hire/Healing the Causes of Violence/Boomtown Revisited/Ancient Visitors/Update: Martian Canals
"Murder for Hire" talks to a psychic who foresaw the death of her friend. "Healing the Causes of Violence" looks at a group of Buddhist monks who are working to rehabilitate juvenile offenders in California. "In the News" looks at the message conveyed to abductees, a prehistoric horse discovered in the Himalayas, and the psychic search for a missing plane in Russia. "Boomtown Revisited" returns to Georgetown, Colorado, with Peter James. "Ancient Visitors" examines ancient astronauts in Peru. "Update: Martian Canals" looks at controversial images suggesting canals on ...
17 Mar. 1996
Trapped in Time/Miracle Child/Messengers of Destiny/Sacred Sites/Update: Bigfoot
"Trapped in Time" looks at a Feng Shui effort to fix a haunting in Northern California. "Miracle Child" looks at the case of a young girl cured through the power of prayer. "In the News" looks at a UFO over Edwards Air Force Base, studies on sugar and behavior, and the display of the Shroud of Turin. "Messengers of Destiny" visits a UFO hot-spot in Brazil. "Sacred Sites" examines Native American sacred sites. "Update: Bigfoot" talks to a Bigfoot tracker and listens to his audio recordings.
14 Apr. 1996
Edwards Encounter/My Two Lives/Paranormal Politics/Spirit Message/Update: Face on Mars
"Edwards Encounter" investigates a UFO encounter over Edwards Air Force Base in California. "My Two Lives" talks to a doctor who had a near death experience after a plane crash. "In the News" looks at an analysis of alien abduction phenomena, a unusual microbe that can survive high radiation, and a boy cured with the help of prayer. "Paranormal Politics" looks at paranormal belief in the founding fathers and other political figures. "Spirit Message" looks at a haunting connected to a Ouija board. "Update: Face on Mars" examines an astronomer who claims to have ...
21 Apr. 1996
Messages from Beyond/Cluster UFO/Psychic Warrior/Update: NDE
"Messages from Beyond" follows a ghost investigation to a haunted house in New Jersey. "Cluster UFO" looks at a series of UFO sightings in South Korea. "In the News" looks at the government's Roswell Report, the holistic healing practices of C. Norman Shealy, and the threat of global warming. "Psychic Warrior" looks at the U.S. military's efforts to develop remote viewing. "Update: NDE" examines near death experiences in blind people.
28 Apr. 1996
Her Name Was Cathy/The New Area 51/The Great Gadsden/Master Healer/Update: Lost Civilizations
"Her Name Was Cathy" follows a psychic who is assisting a murder investigation in California. "The New Area 51" examines whether the U.S. military has opened a new secret base in Colorado. "In the News" looks at an astronomer who argues that aliens created the universe, a scientist trying to reunite a killer whale with its own kind, and Feng Shui practice in Hong Kong. "The Great Gadsden" visits a haunted hotel in Douglas, Arizona. "Master Healer" looks at a healer in Iran. "Update: Lost Civilizations" examines whether Atlantis was in Antarctica.
Gallows Ghost/Re-Wiring the Brain/Incident at Exeter/Healing Wisdom/Update: UFO's Japan
"Gallows Ghost" looks at whether a former prison in Ottawa is haunted by an executed inmate. "Re-Wiring the Brain" talks to a woman who did not recover from amnesia and experienced personality changes. "In the News" looks at the debate over the alien autopsy film, talks to a translator of ancient Hopi prophecy, and how the Spanish government is releasing its UFO files. "Incident at Exeter" looks at the governments questionable response to a UFO sighting in New Hampshire. "Healing Wisdom" looks at the healing wisdom of Edgar Cayce. "Update: UFO's Japan" looks at UFO ...
Ruwa Re-Examined/Healing Hands/Fire from Heaven/Simulated OBE/Update: Ghost Investigation
"Ruwa Re-Examined" looks at a mass UFO sighting at a school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. "Healing Hands" talks to a medical practitioner who has come to believe in the power of healing energy. "In the News" looks at a recent UFO flap in Idaho, an effort to collect comic dust by NASA, and a reincarnation in Seattle. "Fire from Heaven" talks to a priest who has been investigating the paranormal. "Simulated OBE" examines scientific explanations for out-of-body experiences. "Update: Ghost Investigation" looks at a investigation of a voyeuristic spirit.
Hunt House Haunting/Solar Obliteration/The Message/Love Ties/Update: Altered States
'Solar Obliteration' - (Heartland Ghost title episode) A man claims he has discovered a way to videotape UFO's in broad daylight. At first, film crew is skeptical -but later find that they have recorded something strange.
Deliberate Deception/A Psychic's Vision/Mausson's Mission/Highway 666/Update: Silent Intruder
"Deliberate Deception" talks to a retired military cameraman who claims that the military has proof of UFOs. "A Psychic's Vision" looks at a psychic in England who has a gift for healing. "In the News" looks at how Bigfoot has been declared a protected species, a UFO landing in Socorro, and images from the Hubble Space Telescope. "Mausson's Mission" talks to a Mexican journalist who has been investigating UFOs. "Highway 666" looks at a road declared the Devil's highway. "Update: Silent Intruder" talks to a witness to a UFO sighting over Hunter Army Air Field.
4 Oct. 1996
Purging the Spirits/My Brother's Keeper/The Brazilian ET Case/Millennium Watch: A Millennium Primer
"Purging the Spirits" revisits a family troubled by ghosts with an investigative team and psychic Peter James. "In the News" looks at possible artificial structures on the moon, the paranormal on the World Wide Web, and the video release of a popular UFO film. "My Brother's Keeper" followings a psychic investigation of a missing person's case in Florida. "The Brazilian ET Case" looks at UFO sighting with strange alien beings in Eastern Brazil. "Millennium Watch: A Millennium Primer" begins a series of reports on the coming end of the millennium.
11 Oct. 1996
The Iron Woman/The Way of the Explorer/A Time to Remember/Update: Crop Circles
"The Iron Woman" looks at the U.S.S. Cabot and its many ghosts. "The Way of the Explorer" talks to former astronaut Edgar Mitchell about his trip to the moon and his interest in ESP. "In the News" looks at a scrap of metal that may be from the crash in Roswell and an ESP experiment conducted at UNLV. "A Time to Remember" talks to a man who believe he is a reincarnation of a Jewish person who died in the Holocaust. "Update: Crop Circles" looks at crop circles in the United States.
18 Oct. 1996
Mantell Re-Examined/Hands of Remembrance/Olivas Haunting/Omen in the Sky/Update: Life on Mars
"Mantell Re-Examined" revisits the UFO encounter that took the life of pilot Thomas Mantell. "Hands of Remembrance" talks to an artist who claims to be a reincarnation of someone who died in the Holocaust. "In the News" looks at a briefing document on UFOs, a website about the millennium, and galaxies discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope. "Olivas Haunting" visits a ranch in California that may be haunted by a woman in black. "Omen in the Sky" talks to a man who is developing a technique to predict earthquakes. "Update: Life on Mars" discusses the discovery of life...
8 Nov. 1996
Silent Vulcans/The Conversion of Nick Pope/The Haunted Jerome Grand/Reprogramming the Brain/Update: Curse of H-3
"Silent Vulcans" examines the sightings of large triangular-shaped UFOs in England. "The Conversion of Nick Pope" talks to a Ministry of Defense member Nick Pope about UFOs. "In the News" looks at UFOs in art, a computer simulation of life on earth, and testing on metal discovered in Roswell. "The Haunted Jerome Grand" visits a ghost town in Arizona that is haunted with real ghosts. "Reprogramming the Brain" looks at how bio-feedback has been helping people with brain disorders. "Update: Curse of H-3" revisits a cursed road in Hawaii.
6 Dec. 1996
Autopsy: Exposing a Fake/Red Lion Haunting/Shadow of Evil/Threat from Space/Update: Missing Soul Boy
"Autopsy: Exposing a Fake" examines the alien autopsy film and concludes that it is fake. "Red Lion Haunting" looks at a haunted pub in Avebury, England. "In the News" looks at a survey of cattle mutilations in Colorado, a Bigfoot homepage in the world wide web, and an analysis of Canadian UFO sightings. "Shadow of Evil" looks at the case of a man investigating the death of his mother with the help of a psychic. "Threat from Space" looks at the danger posed by meteors. "Update: Missing Soul Boy" revisits the disappearance of Panchen Lama.

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