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Season 4

Billy Bar
Billy Bar and Daphna, the perfect couple or so it seems but a Mardi Gras weekend makes them see their marriage is falling apart, but then a saving miracle graces their lives and sheds a little light on the places they'd never dared travel
Divorce, Divorce
Lily and Nick are in the middle of a nasty divorce when fate throws them together for one night. Just one night away from the everyday of their lives and this once happy couple learns to reinvent a love that they had written off as lost.
Cowboy, Cowboy
When a divorcing woman returns to her small town home where she meets a cowboy she realizes is the wild boy she loved in high school though they didn't connect then now they see they are truly meant for each other.
Caged Bird
While jailed and in solitary confinement Dakota meets a guard, Charlie, she tries everything to seduce him but Charlie is different from the other men she's known, he teaches her that sometimes being in prison has nothing to do with bars.
The Ex
After Daisy makes love to her new boyfriend Michael they find themselves hostages of her ex, who's been watching and recording and even planted a bomb, hoping to win Daisy back not realizing there's a thin line between love and crazy.
The Teacher
A married woman has a passionate affair with her tennis teacher only to find out her husband hired him to unlock her inhibitions through tender loving instruction to help their cooling relationship.
Swimming Naked
A lifeguard, who likes to swim naked at night, and an Olympic hopeful find an honest attraction after he catches her one night at her nightly swim.
When Tory questions her safe existence on the eve of her engagement so she decides to try skydiving. Facing her fear she had she realizes she's been afraid to really live her life, now she has to make some very important decisions.
A talented young dancer becomes trapped in a love triangle with a renowned choreographer haunted by the death of his first love and her ghost angel as he tries to re-create her in his work and the dancer tries to win his heart.
Dime a Dance
Winnie, Darcy and Nan, dancers at the last of the dime-a-dance joint, each fall for the new bandleader Michael's charms as he fills a special void in their lives.
Anne, a lonely and successful business woman is drawn to a man who can't resist taking care of her neglected antique car with loving attention to detail and she finds herself willing to put business on hold is he'll treat her the same.
A lonely single mother's passions flare when she meets a handsome drifter late one night at the Laundromat. After a night together they go their separate ways as strangers but realizes that passion is what makes a soul survive.
As She Wishes
An exotic desert island holds a man marooned alone until one day a beautiful woman washes ashore. Nights on the beach kindle a relationship like neither has known before. They explore forbidden areas of desire, guilt and savage need.

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