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Season 2

Midnight Bells
Claire can't forget the beautiful stranger she let get away after three New Year's Eves spent together, on the fourth New Year's Eve she is alone and as the bells ring in the New Year she runs into the street seeking the man of her dreams.
Naked in the Moonlight
Camille inherits a fortune and a prized '57 Cadillac, when she takes it in to a mechanic, one of beguiling men she's ever seen, her past merges with the present emotionally and sexually in the unlikely surroundings of the his junkyard.
Alia is THE model of the moment. She's hot and on top, but all too aware that her youthful, gorgeous looks have been her only ticket in life and time is quickly fading that magic. Disenchanted with the seemingly empty and fleeting lifestyle of a super model, she enters a cab, strikes up a conversation with the cabby, Miguel, and discovers more honesty with this stranger than she had ever encountered in all her grueling hours on a runway. Intrigued by his brooding good looks, she turns the tables and the camera on him, hiring him for $1,000 to pose at her mercy... a ...
Sara is kidnapped on her way to closing the biggest deal of her career by a bank robber determined to make her his wife, Tom takes her on a romantic adventure that forever changes the way Sara perceives the importance of love in her life.
Burning Up
Lynn falls for and stalks a mysterious, handsome fireman. Obsessed to the point of starting a fire herself luckily she's rescued in time to realize there's a difference between fantasy and obsession.
Night of Abandon
Isabelle gives an offering to Lemanja, the sea goddess, and the next thing she knows, it's Carnival and all that she had ever dreamed of comes true in one blissful night of wild abandon with a beautiful Brazilian man.
Liar's Tale
Corey, a burnt out photojournalist sent to cover the L.A. sex scene, meets a high-class call girl who fascinates her. Suddenly she's participating in acts she'd only ever photograph before, Corey is forced to feel in a way she'd forgotten.
In the Blink of an Eye
Kathryn, a happily married woman until Rob, one of her husband's boxers, comes along. Handsome and virile, Rob pursues her, despite herself she is seduced by his passion until her husband discovers the affair and confronts them.
When Tess takes a job as a receptionist she discovers the company is actually a love hotline, unsure at first she quickly enjoys the fantasies and brings them home to her husband, bringing passion back into her dormant marriage.
Love at First Sight
Harry and Cecelia, on the run in a stolen car, pick up a hitchhiking virgin bride who threatens suicide if she is not made love to immediately, but she's to inherit a fortune, if she's a virgin when she marries. Harry marries Precious.
An Earthquake jolts Gina from her bed, right into a new life. From her humble existence into the grandeur of a stranger's Paris apartment, it is in this apartment that Gina will find the means to reinvent her tastes and her sensuality.
Alphabet Girl
From A to Z, the alphabet girl, a beautiful fashion model finds there's twenty-six ways to love.
Some Things Never Change
An independent head of a fashion company and a temperamental commercial director from her past clash until they come to terms with their individual conflicts when they find their love for each other never really died.

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