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Good show that was never watched
am2star11 August 2005
I found this show after hearing about it from Michael O'Keefe during an interview. It had a name that most people probably avoided, since they might have thought that it was some European import.

In fact, this show was about people reaching middle age, and the realization that they are no longer kids, and that their dreams might not get fulfilled. Of course, the fact that the series didn't last long is more an example of what the series was about: People maturing. In the youth obsessed media, people are becoming "undesirable" earlier and earlier. Where our role-models were in their thirties and forties, now when we hit middle age, all of the "stars" are youthful twenty year olds. We are has-beens before we were ever-was. That is what this show was about. And, it was slyly humorous about the situation.

One of the memorable writing involved the episode "Pig in a Python." Two of the characters are discussing how the baby-boomer generation changed American society. You could witness it like seeing a snake eat a mouse. You no longer saw the mouse, but you could see the effect moving down the body of the snake. "But, with us, it is more like a pig in a python." I hope that someday this reaches DVD.
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cancelled after one season.
mvd01124425 December 2006
Middle Ages was a terrific series, I cannot believe that they only had it for one season. The drivel that they have on TV is so pathetic, this series at least had a story behind it that people could relate with, not just talking about sex, jumping in bed with anything that moves, and the cast was very believable. Sometimes, you wonder who decides what stays on and what goes. You get so that you do not want to watch broadcast TV at all, with it being produced so poorly. I was watching Silverado and spotted James Gammon that brought this series to mind, played Dave with a wife that left him to go out drinking to forget her age and feel younger. And he ended up getting her to come home, so at least it ended on a positive note. I wish that our words meant something when we do complain but it goes on deaf ears most of the time.
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