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Season 2

22 Aug. 1993
Do You Remember the Time?
Desperate to come up with a new topic for his radio show, Martin solicits ideas from his friends, and Gina suggests that he tell the story of how they met and fell in love. But Gina, Martin, Pam, and Tommy each have different versions of what happened the night Martin and Gina met.
29 Aug. 1993
Really, Gina's Not My Lover
Martin tries to impress his old schoolmates at his high school reunion, but things go wrong when Gina arrives looking terrible after a day at the dentist.
5 Sep. 1993
Got to Be There
When Gina goes on a business trip, Martin suspects she will be unfaithful and drives 500 miles to stop her.
12 Sep. 1993
Beat It
When Martin invites his friends over to watch a championship boxing match, a fight starts between Cole and Tommy over a woman.
19 Sep. 1993
Baby, It's You
Gina invites her friends to a baby shower for a pregnant friend. But Gina's late for the party and the mother-to-be goes into labor after the other guests depart, leaving Martin to deliver the baby.
26 Sep. 1993
Workin' Day & Night
When Gina objects to Martin working day and night with little sleep, Martin's boss convinces him that Gina is dominating Martin.
3 Oct. 1993
When Gina accidentally throws Martin's basketball tickets in the garbage, she agrees to work for Sheneneh in exchange for Sheneneh's good tickets.
10 Oct. 1993
You've Got a Friend
Martin is jealous when Gina goes shopping with a male friend.
17 Oct. 1993
To Kill a Talking Bird
When Martin's Mama leaves him her pet bird to care for, Gina accidentally kills it.
24 Oct. 1993
Fat Like Dat
After Gina makes fun of Martin's weight, he attends her exercise classes and becomes obsessed with a healthy lifestyle.
7 Nov. 1993
Hollywood Swinging: Part 1
Martin quits his job to go to Hollywood to make his television debut on a popular talk show.
14 Nov. 1993
Hollywood Swinging: Part 2
Martin goes to Hollywood to appear on a TV talk show. R&B music group JODECI special-guest-stars, and lookalikes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Burt Reynolds, and Mel Gibson appear.
21 Nov. 1993
Thanks for Nothing
When Martin's unruly relatives unexpectedly come to Thanksgiving dinner, they get into a fight with Gina's refined parents.
12 Dec. 1993
Whoomp! There It Ain't
Martin and Gina bet that they can live without sex for two weeks to prove that their relationship is based on love.
19 Dec. 1993
Holiday Blues
Martin gets bus tickets to Philadelphia so Gina and he can be with her parents for Christmas, but a blizzard leaves them stranded in a bus terminal.
9 Jan. 1994
No Justice, No Peace
When Martin gets a traffic ticket, he goes to court to plead his case even though he knows he is wrong.
16 Jan. 1994
Suspicious Minds
When Martin's expensive new CD player disappears, he suspects that one of his friends stole it.
6 Feb. 1994
Love is in Your Face: Part 1
Martin thinks Gina is trying to trick him into marriage when she tells him she is moving to New York City due to a job promotion. First of a two-part episode.
13 Feb. 1994
Love is in Your Face: Part 2
When a lonely Martin learns that Gina will be in Detroit for the weekend, he plans a romantic evening with her. Second of a two-part episode.
20 Feb. 1994
Arms Are for Hugging
Martin and Gina go on a mountain retreat for troubled couples. Richard Gant and Michael Jai White guest star.
27 Feb. 1994
Guard Your Grill
After Thomas flirts with Gina, Martin challenges him to a boxing match. Written by series star Martin Lawrence.
13 Mar. 1994
Yours, Mine and Ours
When Martin and Gina decide to share their money and open a joint checking account, they disagree on how the money should be spent.
27 Mar. 1994
I Don't Have the Heart
Martin and Pam become friends when Pam gets engaged to a very wealthy man who buys expensive gifts for Martin.
17 Apr. 1994
Crunchy Drawers
Martin has a nightmare that he is sexually attracted to Pam.
1 May 1994
No Love Lost
Martin and Gina are so busy arguing that they miss Pam's engagement party for them.
8 May 1994
The Hoedown in Motown
When Stan sells the radio station, the new owner changes the format. Martin must play country western music to keep his job.
15 May 1994
Martin's on the Move
After Martin is unable to pay his rent because he is unemployed, he is evicted from his apartment and leaves Detroit to find a new career.

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