The Larry Sanders Show (TV Series 1992–1998) Poster


Jeffrey Tambor: Hank Kingsley



  • Hank Kingsley : What about the time I chipped my tooth on the bathroom urinal? What the FUCK is so comical about that!

    Larry : It was a back tooth Hank.

    [under his breath] 

    Larry : I don't know how you did it.

  • Hank Kingsley : [giving a tour]  And if you stop by here, you can say hello to my good friend, Larry Sanders.


    Hank Kingsley : Hey now, Larry.

    Larry : Fuck off, Hank.

    Hank Kingsley : [getting back to tour]  And over here...

  • Bruno Kirby : I was in "The Godfather".

    Hank Kingsley : I don't think so.

    Bruno Kirby : I was in "The Godfather Part 2".

    Hank Kingsley : Oh see, I only saw part 3, the good one.

  • Hank Kingsley : Can I ask you a question, can I? How would...

    Larry : You're not going to go and come back, are you?

    Hank Kingsley : How would you feel if I started dating Beverley?

    Larry : I'd say it was your business, your life.

    Hank Kingsley : Well I'm not into interracial dating, it never works - sex is good but in the mornign cultural differences start to raise their ugly heads.

    Larry : I believe the cultural differences would occur with you and any woman Hank.

  • Hank Kingsley : I mean Larry is a wonderful guy, he's kind, funny, rich - my god he's the boss. I'd date him if I could.

  • [repeated line] 

    Hank Kingsley : I don't think so.

  • Hank Kingsley : [dictating "Hank's Thoughts" for a newsletter]  : If I had my druthers, there would be no more world hunger.

  • Hank Kingsley : [trying to pitch ideas for column to stop Larry story getting out]  Let me see, I'll run through these, see if anything works for you - I'm afraid of the dark, nah, didn't think so. This is hard - red wine gives me hives, I got a special thing for Asian ladies.

  • Hank Kingsley : Hey now!

    Larry : Now you see, I just told you to stop saying that.

  • Hank Kingsley : [on phone]  I know you've got to fill your column but if you fill it with crap you end up with what we call in the business a crap column.

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