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  • In "Dark Knight", the re-do of the pilot for the series, Nick & Schanke discuss this: S: Why don't you drive a nice, clean city car? ... We all know you are "Joe Cool," but... N: Trunk space... The 1962 Cadillac has more trunk space than any car in the last 30 years. In what is now considered the "pilot", the TV movie "Nick Knight", the same dialog is played out but Nick answers: "The 1959 Cadillac had more trunk space than any other car made in the last 30 years." One supposes both Caddys had large trunks and the year discrepancy had to do with what "show car" the crew could find for the respective shows.

    Which leads us to "why does Nick need the large trunk space?" He uses the large trunk space as a place to hide from the sun in case he gets caught out and away from home during the day, which we see him doing in both versions after fighting with LaCroix till dawn, then running to his car as his skin smokes and he jumps into the trunk. Which leads to the hilarious scene where Schanke is told that the Caddy was found abandonded, drives it after its brakes have been cut by the "baddy", dodging cars and obstacles down a steep hill while Nick is stuck in the trunk, hearing the crashes and tires screaching as the car gets thoroughly trashed and crashed.

    We don't really see another mention of this "daytime trunk hiding" until Season 2 "Close Call" when Nick tells Schanke that he'll ride in the trunk due his sun allergy while Schanke drives him home. (Which includes a flashback to the "Dark Night" "trunk space" conversation.)

  • Nicholas de Brabant. After becoming a vampire, and when he has to move on to another identity, he kept the first name but changed his last name to fit into whatever society/ time period he next lived through.

    Some of the last names he used was Chevalier ("To Die For"), Forrester ("Close Call"), Thomas ("1966"), among others.

    To keep that part of his heritage alive, he used his ill-gotten gains from "Blood Money" and set up "The de Brabant Foundation" which contains his vast wealth and through which he and mortal bankers through the centuries have quietly funnelled the money to various charities... another way Nick has tried to atone for his sins.

  • This has been a major source of controversy among fans of the series. It was never clearly explained how Lacroix managed to regenerate, despite clearly being destroyed on screen with a burning stake being driven through his heart by Nick. Lacroix only gave a vague explanation to Nick, insisting that he was "...far too old and powerful to be killed by a burning stake!" This would imply that Lacroix has vampiric powers above and beyond those of Nick and other vampires in the series. He may have learned such powers from Divia or some other vampire prior to bringing Nick across, or, as Lacroix has implied, his advanced old age has granted him these abilities. For some, reason, Lacroix refused to teach both Nick and Jeanette the full depth of his vampiric knowledge. In any event, the writers chose not to address this point in any further detail during the series, leaving fans to speculate.


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