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Season 3

11 Sep. 1995
Black Buddha: Part 1
A plane crash brings tragedy to Nick Knight's precinct and a new vampire to town
18 Sep. 1995
Black Buddha: Part 2
Nick continues his search for the bomber as explosions plague the city.
25 Sep. 1995
Outside the Lines
When a grisly murder occurs, it complicates an undercover cop's investigation. Detective Bruce Spencer believes he knows who the murderer is, but since he has no proof, Nick is suspicious. It also doesn't help that Bruce and Tracy go way back and in Tracy's eyes he can do no wrong. When Nick witnesses Bruce's brutal behavior, he knows that nothing is as it seems, and he'd better find the murderer before he strikes again.
7 Oct. 1995
Black Wing
A court battle over Native American land leads to murder on both sides of the case.
14 Oct. 1995
Blind Faith
A blind woman's guide dog becomes a vampire, mutilating a serial rapist.
21 Oct. 1995
My Boyfriend Is a Vampire
Murder in exchange for ratings is the agenda for a popular TV talk show.
28 Oct. 1995
Hearts of Darkness
A vampire bite on a dead stabbing victim leads to a bizarre investigation of a woman with multiple personalities
4 Nov. 1995
Trophy Girl
Tracy is abducted by a vicious murderer who dismembers his victims.
11 Nov. 1995
Let No Man Tear Asunder
A simple surgical procedure places Natalie in danger when she is selected as the next "donor" for a group of doctors dealing in the black market for human organs.
18 Nov. 1995
Night in Question
Pronounced dead from a gunshot wound, Nick is revived but suffers acute amnesia.
25 Nov. 1995
Sons of Belial
Nick falls victim to an evil so powerful, even Lacroix is helpless against the demon.
A psychotherapist uses hypnosis and mind control to program his patient for murder.
31 Dec. 1995
A virus designed to fight HIV in mortals infects the vampire community, threatening Nick and Lacroix's very survival.
Dead of Night
A murder at a haunted house puts Nick face to face with the ghost of a former lover.
18 Jan. 1996
Games Vampires Play
Nick is drawn into the intoxicating world of virtual reality.
5 Feb. 1996
Human Factor
Janette returns to Toronto suspected of murder
12 Feb. 1996
Avenging Angel
A battered woman is brutally murdered inside a women's shelter.
14 Feb. 1996
Fallen Idol
A wrestler fears losing his nephew's admiration when a rival competitor is found dead.
27 Apr. 1996
Jane Doe
Nick helps Reese deal with his obsession over capturing a murderer from the past.
3 May 1996
Nick and Tracy track down a murderer who is the reincarnation of a seductress vampire Nick knew long ago.
11 May 1996
Ashes to Ashes
Lacroix's vampire daughter comes to Toronto seeking revenge against her father by killing all those associated with him
17 May 1996
Last Knight
In this final episode, Nick makes the agonizing choice between life as he knows it or true love.

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