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Paws/In the Line of Fur
Paws: Annabelle's goldfish eats too much and becomes dangerous. Basicly a spoof on the movie Jaws. In the line of Fur: Eek is assigned to protect Socks, the white house cat.
The Good, the Bad and the Squishy/Shark Doggy Dog
The good, the bad and the Squishy: Eek and Sharky have to defend a town against a gang of bandit (squishy) bears. Shark Doggy Dog: Sharky nearly chokes on a sock, creating a strange sound. Strangely enough, this gives Sharky a record deal.
Honey, I Shrunk the Cat/Chariots of Fur
Honey, I shrunk the Cat: Eek and Sharky are shrunk down to a microscopic size in order to extract a raisin from the president's head. Chariots of Fur: Elmo tricks Eek into running a marathon for him, to raise money for yet another silly operation for Timmy.
Fatal Eektraction/Eek's Sneek Peek
Fatal Eektraction: Eek's new neighbor, Alice wants to get rid of Annabelle so she can take her place as Eek's girlfriend. Eek's SnEek PEek: Eek takes the viewers on a tour behind the scenes of the show. This tour includes voice acting and storyboard, to name a few examples.
The Eeksorcist/The Eex Files
The Eekcorsist: You can tell from the title that this is going to be a spoof on the Excorsist, which it is. The Eex files: While on their way to Uncle Vic, Eek falls out of an airplane and onto a flying saucer. Eventually he ends up at Area 51 and meets with Amelia Earhart. It seems she's captured an alien against his will. Eek vows to free the alien and escape the research facility.
Paw Sores/A Sharkdog Day Afternoon
Paw sores: Sharky drops a piano on Eek's head. Eek starts dreaming he has to save the universe from the evil Dark Lawyer. A shark dog day afternoon: A killer robot from the future is send back in time to eliminate Sharky. Lucky for him, a female shark dog is also send back in time to protect him.
Eekstremely Dull/Lord of the Fleas
Eekstremely Dull: An extremely BORING squirrel family are Eek's new neighbors. He's invited to come over and get acquainted with everyone. It's more torture then pleasure for our purple friend. Lord of the Fleas: Eek is looking after Elmo's penguins when he and Sharky become trapped in a shopping center.
Rebel Without the Claws/This Eek's Your Life
Rebel without the claws: Annabelle doesn't have enough sun tan lotion, so Eek and Sharky go help her get more. This Eek's your life: Sharky has numerous flashbacks. In those flashbacks, Sharky's family and friends honors him.
Try Hard/Eeksy Rider
Try hard: Eek accidentally destroys Sharky's ice sculpture of the female wrestler Platinum. Sharky has had enough and calls in a gang of hit men to take care of Eek once and for all... Eeksy rider: Wendy Elizabeth's bicycle bell breaks and she is very upset about it. Eek does whatever he can to get her a new bell.
Birth of a Notion/The Thunder Years
Birth of a notion: It's Bill's 'Burpday' and Scooter is very excited about it. In honor of this day, Babs orders the two men to build a shopping mall. When the Thunderlizards enter the scene, they are caught by the mall's security system. The Thunder years: The Thunderlizards have to hide inside a cave for some time. As they wait on a rescue, they think back to their childhood days.
T-Rex and Sympathy/Postcards from the X-Zone
T-Rex and sympathy: The Thunderlizards get help from an 'old friend' called Mr. T-Rex. Postcards from the X-zone: The Thunderlizards have little luck in finding Bill and Scooter. Squatt and Kutter try to persuade Doc into going to the annual Fossil Day Festival and parade. Meanwhile, the Thuggasaurs are plotting yet another evil scheme.
The Hurting Show/Planet of the Crepes
The Hurting show: Scooter invents the 'Talk show' and arranges a meeting for Bill with all the animals that have hurt him, to talk things out. Ofcourse this plan is bound to fail... Planet of the Crepes: This whole episode is basically a spoof on Planet of the Apes.
Cromagnon Farce/Boo Thunder
Cromagnon Farce: The Thunderlizards test Dr. Steggy's new photon laser cannon, but the Thuggasaurs take control over it and plan to use it on Jurassic City. Boo Thunder: Scooter invents 'Hollowweed' and instructs Bill to go Tick and Treating, dressed as a jungle slug. Meanwhile, the Thunderlizards are entangled with a fierce battle against the Thuggasaurs' latest invention.

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