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7 Jan. 1995
Indian Agent
Sully is appointed Indian agent to the Cheyenne and approaches it in an idealistic fashion. When the food intended for the tribe is diverted and illegal alcohol is plentiful, Sully becomes angry. He vows to discover the truth with the help of Dr. Quinn and her family.
14 Jan. 1995
The End of the World
A newspaper report of a comet's imminent collision with Earth causes hysteria in town over the end of the world.
28 Jan. 1995
Pike's Peace
Sam Lindsay, an older independent woman, decides to end her medical treatment and take off into the wilderness. Dr. Quinn accompanies her and learns from the journey. Myra Bing goes into labor and Colleen finds what she is capable of.
4 Feb. 1995
Cooper vs. Quinn: Part 1
Colleen and Brian's biological father Ethan returns to town with a new wife, intending to take the children away from Dr. Quinn. The children don't want to go but a court hearing seems to work against Sully and Dr. Mike, who they consider their parents.
4 Feb. 1995
Cooper vs. Quinn: Part 2
Colleen and Brian run away to keep their father from taking them away from Dr. Mike and Sully. After they are found it's discovered Colleen has developed pneumonia. Dr. Mike realizes she has to let them go to save them.
11 Feb. 1995
What Is Love?
The town puts on a production of "Romeo and Juliet". Brian tries to learn what love is so he can write a paper for school.
18 Feb. 1995
Things My Father Never Taught Me
Dr. Mike convinces Robert E to take a job fixing a train boiler, then finds out it is a dangerous job.
25 Feb. 1995
Baby Outlaws
A teenage Belle Star robs the saloon with the Younger brothers and is shot. Dr. Mike takes her home in an effort to show her a real home life, attempting to turn her from her life of crime.
11 Mar. 1995
Bone of Contention
Ah abrasive Dr. John Porter arrives in town after hearing of the discovery of dinosaur bones. After learning they were found in a sacred Indian burial ground, he proceeds to spoil grave sites under the protection of the US Army. Cloud Dancing and the Cheyenne retaliate by taking the remains of the white settlers.
8 Apr. 1995
Permanence of Change
When Dr. Mike becomes the substitute school teacher, the town gets upset when she teaches the children about evolution.
29 Apr. 1995
Washita: Part 1
Dr. Mike and Sully convince Chief Black Kettle that he should move his starving people to a new reservation. Dr. Mike and Sully are both working on wedding presents for each other.
29 Apr. 1995
Washita: Part 2
When Dr. Mike and Sully hear there is trouble for the Cheyenne at their new home, they travel there with Cloud Dancing only to find the whole tribe was massacred. Dr. Mike is devastated after the massacre because she felt she should have stopped it.
6 May 1995
Sully's Recovery
While on his way to resign as Indian Agent, Sully discovers Loren badly injured in the wilderness and must battle his own despair in order to save him. Meanwhile, Dr. Mike is worried about Brian who is consumed with his efforts to build a flying machine.
13 May 1995
Ready or Not
Dr. Mike and Sully go to Rev Johnson for a honest discussion regarding their upcoming marriage.After originally agreeing they have no conflicts, the couple begin reliving their past difficulties via prior show clips since they first met.
20 May 1995
For Better or Worse: Part 1
The town of Colorado Springs is preparing for an event of a lifetime, the marriage of Sully and Dr. Mike. Unexpected guests include Dr. Mike's mother Elizabeth Quinn and two of her sisters Rebecca and Marjorie. They have brought with them enough Boston finery to pull off a splendid society wedding. Meanwhile General Custer has put out a bounty on Cloud Dancing which could interfere with the wedding.
20 May 1995
For Better or Worse: Part 2
Bolstered by the long-awaited arrival of the railroad, the citizens of Colorado Springs busily prepare for the biggest social event in the town's history, the wedding of Dr. Mike and Sully. The first train carries some surprise visitors, Dr. Mike's mother, Elizabeth, and sisters Marjorie and Rebecca, who have unexpectedly traveled all the way from Boston for the occasion. However, their elaborate wedding plans threaten to ride roughshod over the townsfolk's more homespun arrangements. Sully, meanwhile, is crestfallen to learn that Gen. Custer has placed a bounty on ...
23 Sep. 1995
A New Life
Dr. Mike and Sully return from their honeymoon and begin unpacking at their new homestead. A Boston banker comes to town and stirs up controversy among the townspeople as the inevitability of progress ensues.
30 Sep. 1995
Traveling All-Stars
Loren convinces the town to pay a baseball team to visit for an exhibition game against the town's team. The two teams will share the ticket sales, but problems arise when it's discovered Loren didn't read the fine print.
7 Oct. 1995
Mothers and Daughters
As Dr. Mike becomes increasingly absorbed in her romantic life with Sully, Colleen, feeling rebellious, joins her school friends in dangerous and questionable escapades. When Brian also begins to feel ignored, Mike and Sully realize how important it is to balance their new life.
14 Oct. 1995
Brother's Keeper
Brian's dog Pup gets bitten by a rabid raccoon. Then Matthew's fiancée gives the dog water. She also gets bitten.
28 Oct. 1995
Halloween III
Elderly Abner Foley comes to town looking for alternative treatment and a very friendly dog adopts Jake Slicker. The rest of the town looks forward to the costume party but first Brian must face a very big fear.
4 Nov. 1995
Dorothy's Book
Dorothy gets her book about the town published, but the townsfolk read her depiction of them differently than she intended.
11 Nov. 1995
Promises, Promises
Sully's best friend asks him to come to Nevada to help him. Loren suffers a stroke and Dr. Mike believes that he can recover if he works at it, but Loren's negative attitude prevents any progress.
18 Nov. 1995
The Expedition: Part 1
Dr. Mike intends to climb up Pike's Peak as part of a birthday celebration to the derision of the men. Grace, Dorothy, and Myra decide to join her. Jake and Preston plan a casino with the doctor away.
18 Nov. 1995
The Expedition: Part 2
Dr. Mike injures herself after the other women have turned back on their quest to climb Pike's Peak. Sully steps in for his wife on the council to thwart Jake and Preston's casino plans. Grace, Myra, and Dorothy change their minds and head back up the mountain.
25 Nov. 1995
One Touch of Nature
As the community prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving, Dr. Mike and Sully become anxious with their inability to conceive. As the couple try to get used to the idea of not having a baby, Jake becomes depressed about being alone.
9 Dec. 1995
Hell on Wheels
Rushing to the railroad camp to battle an epidemic, Dr. Mike & Sully are shocked to find Matthew, heartbroken over the recent death of his fiancée, running the saloon there.
16 Dec. 1995
Fifi's First Christmas
Dr. Mike and her family receive an unexpected gift from Boston, a small poodle unsuited to life on the frontier. Brian has his first crush on Sara, Preston is embarrassed by a painful kidney stone, and the Reverend plans a living nativity.

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