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Silent No More

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Season 26

29 Sep. 2017
A love triangle leads to years of stalking, property destruction, threats, and murder.
6 Oct. 2017
Mystery on the Mississippi
When a mother of four dies unexpectedly on Valentine's Day, her death is attributed to natural causes, but a detective suspects that someone murdered the woman.
13 Oct. 2017
At the Bottom of the Pool
When a model and up-and-coming YouTube celebrity turns up dead, police question her husband in the hope he can shed some light on the situation.
20 Oct. 2017
One Moment
As a murder victim's sisters dedicate themselves to finding the killer, an unsuspected source turns the case upside down.
27 Oct. 2017
The Halloween Party
A community comes together to search for a young woman who goes missing from a Halloween party.
3 Nov. 2017
Secrets in Silver Lakes
A young father's murder at work leads investigators to deep secrets about sex, friendship, religion and family.
10 Nov. 2017
The Prophet's Daughter and Black Friday
Author Rachel Jeffs talks about life as the daughter of the self-proclaimed prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Warren Jeffs; officials investigate when a woman is found murdered in Fort Worth, Texas.
17 Nov. 2017
Unthinkable: The Menendez Murders
A comprehensive look at the 1989 murders of Jose and Kitty Menendez by their sons, Lyle and Erik; featuring interviews with key players in the case, including Lyle Menendez.
1 Dec. 2017
An anonymous letter leads authorities, investigating the poisoning death of a chiropractor, to an unlikely suspect.
8 Dec. 2017
The Favorite Son
A small-business owner and his bride are murdered shortly after their wedding; police suspect a family feud is the cause.
12 Jan. 2018
The Woman & Dirty John
A look at the case of con man John Meehan, including interviews with his wife and her daughter, his ex-wife, Law enforcement offers, and the Los Angeles Times reporter who shined a spotlight on the story.
19 Jan. 2018
A couple's anniversary celebration ends in murder, during what appears to have been a home invasion, but investigators believe the suspect might be connected to the victim.
26 Jan. 2018
Out There in the Dark
The mysterious death of a young mother in Ohio and the ensuing investigation that spans years and multiple states.
2 Feb. 2018
The Farm
A murder, outside Pleasantville, Iowa, divides a family and forces one man to take the investigation into his own hands.
2 Mar. 2018
Secrets on the Emerald Coast
When a young mother disappears after leaving her infant in the care of her local pastor and his wife, Florida detectives search for her for five years, uncovering a web of secrets and lies.
16 Mar. 2018
Deep in the Woods
When a young Army medic, based at Ft. Bragg, N.C., goes missing, police can't solve the case despite having a suspect, until an unorthodox private investigator steps in to help.
23 Mar. 2018
The Night of the New Moon
A former Marine, who once was the hero for a woman in an abusive marriage, is back on "Dateline." Included: whether his desire to help has gone to far.
30 Mar. 2018
A Crack in Everything
A woman's death is initially ruled a suicide, but when a new investigation begins, police begin to suspect murder.
1 Apr. 2018
Fire & Faith
When dozens of homeowners find themselves on a Napa Valley hilltop surrounded by fire, two teams of daring chopper pilots risk their lives, in a mission to rescue them.
Simply Diabolical
This is a recap and follow-up to an earlier episode (Dateline 25.20) dealing with the case of Michelle Hadley who was arrested for sending her ex-husband Ian Diaz and his new wife Angela threatening emails. The case took a twist when the police found evidence that pointed to someone else as the culprit. In this latest episode, it's revealed that the culprit pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

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