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Season 4

11 Sep. 1995
The Terrible Trio
Three rich youths who commit armed robbery for fun are pursued by Batman as their irresponsible hobby escalates into potentially worse deeds.
12 Sep. 1995
While the Dynamic Duo race to stop Ra's Al Ghul from performing a kidnapping, the wild west story of how he was once opposed by the disfigured bounty hunter, Jonah Hex, is told.
13 Sep. 1995
Catwoman is trying to go straight, but is recruited by The Ventriloquist as a jewel thief.
14 Sep. 1995
A Bullet for Bullock
Det. Bullock reluctantly asks for Batman's assistance when he is convinced someone is trying to kill him.
15 Sep. 1995
The Lion and the Unicorn
Red Claw kidnaps an old colleague of Alfred's from the British Secret Service, to gain access to a hidden missile silo.

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