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Funniest compilation I've seen.....
Ferris-1222 March 1999
Wisecracks has got to the funniest compilation of female comics I've ever seen.These gals had me in stitches.I can't remember her name, but the one who describes,the outcome of displaying your body-language, had me in tears.People in the cinema,were looking at me in disgust,as I gaffawed at her antics.Good to see earlier material from Ellen Degeneres too.She was a great stand-up before tv.Accolades to the Canadian film team who compiled this eclectic range of very funny ladies. If you want a laugh.....get this one on video,it may be hard to get, but definitely worth it !!
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a good idea, not fully realized
Michael Neumann16 January 2011
Laughter has to be one of the more effective weapons in the battle of the sexes, so it shouldn't be surprising to find so many women sharing their unique (and sometimes harsh) perspective on the stand-up comedy circuit. Instead of getting mad, these girls get funny, and this modest documentary offers a sampling of greatest hits (often below the belt) from the new generation (circa 1992) of female comedians.

But what should have been a foolproof subject for a documentary film is hurt by the routine organization of material, shortchanging some lively footage of the comics on stage plying their trade in favor of too much backstage analysis. The hit-or-miss humor speaks volumes by itself (there obviously aren't too many dead spots in a compilation film), but the best jokes ironically have nothing to do with tampons or idiot boyfriends.
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