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Never, Ever Judge A Movie By The IMDb Rating
twomainiacs22 April 2014
I am an average Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller/Creature Feature movie buff. I am 62 and have seen them all including the Asian Creature Features to the Nordic Horrors. I will give anyone their right to an opinion....but.....the rating system on many of the movies on this sight have been skewed by someone having a bad day.

Very few Horror make it to the Oscars. So what...those of us who are fanatics of these films have an odd sense of appreciation for the unbelievable.

The Unborn is a good movie....I like Brooke Adams....I like mad scientists...I like freaky things that squish in the night...I like house wives that are slightly nuts....I like husbands who don't have a clue....I like Lisa Kudrow (did you see her????) Those of you who want to sit back and watch a really good Sci-Fi/Horror will have fun with this one. So skip the ratings and watch the movie. (And don't forget the popcorn.)
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Super creepy movie!
Movie Nuttball21 July 2004
The Unborn is a very, very different film. James Karen & Brooke Adams are in the film and they performed quite well. this film is builds up solidly and it keeps you going. Though I think you must be a horror fan to watch this because of the scenes and the plot. There is one brief sex scene with no nudity that could have been left out and to some people this scene may disappoint someone like Me that's into the film and thinks that stuff ruins a good film but that's it when it comes to that. There is a scene where Adams' character goes nuts and kills a cat but you can tell its not real. The music is very different but very good. The Unborn in My opinion is a really creepy film that's superbly unpredictable and that's quite strange! I recommend all horror fans to this movie!
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Intelligent & well acted
pearceduncan7 July 2002
The Unborn is a pretty good low-budget horror movie exploiting the fears associated with pregnancy. It's very well acted by the always-good Brooke Adams and b-movie stalwart James Karen, although the supporting cast is pretty average for a b-grader. The music, by Gary Numan of all people, is good too. Henry Dominic's script is quite intelligent for this sort of thing, although there is a hint of misogyny about it. Rodman Fender's direction is merely adequate, and there are some unnecessary cheap scares. If you're a fan of Adams, whose movie career is nowhere near as illustrious as it should be, check it out; she's great, as always.
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Oh no! Evil Geneticist?
gavin69423 October 2012
A couple (Brooke Adams and Jeff Hayenga) who cannot have children joins an in-vitro fertilization program. While she is with child, she finds strange occurrences happening within her body.

Always nice to see James Karen ("Return of the Living Dead") in another genre film. Also, bit parts from both Lisa Kudrow (pre-"Friends") and the perpetual D-lister Kathy Griffin. Add to that Roger Corman as producer, and you have a few choice names...

The concept of the villain being an evil geneticist connected to the Human Genome Project... not sure if that is brilliant, silly or inadvertent fear-mongering. Looking back twenty years, we now know the Human Genome Project was completely safe and taught us many valuable things (and I did not know it used any human subjects). Maybe in 1991 they did not understand it?

The film seems to be strongly influenced by "Rosemary's Baby", as it follows a pregnant mother with who-knows-what growing inside her. Of course, this film is not about satanists... at least, not that I know of.
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Bizarre, Grotesque and Dark
claudio_carvalho7 January 2006
The unfertile Virginia (Brooke Adams) and her husband, Brad Marshall (Jeff Hayenga), decide to join an experimental in-vitro fertilization program developed by Dr. Richard Meyerling (James Karen). The trial succeeds, but along the pregnancy, Virginia finds that something weird is happening with the fetus.

"The Unborn" is a very reasonable low-budget horror movie. Bizarre in some moments, grotesque in others, and dark as a whole, this movie has a very strong and disturbing scene, when a pregnant woman stabs herself in the belly. Therefore, it is certainly not recommended to pregnant women watch this film. I do not agree with the comparison with the masterpiece "Rosemary's Baby", since the stories are totally different, having in common only the pregnancy of something weird. I found this movie a good entertainment. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "O Bebê Maldito" ("The Damned Baby")
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Super fetuses from hell
macabro3579 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
One of Roger Corman's later demented efforts, this one's an abortion clinic's nightmare. Corman probably laughed all the way to the bank when he produced this one.

Brooke Adams plays an infertile woman who goes to a fertility specialist (James Karen) in order to conceive. What she doesn't know is that Karen is a DNA researcher who's been using the women who come to his clinic in order to create a new race of superbabies by altering the husband's sperm. The medication that he gives them causes some strange side effects such as hallucinations and a rash that breaks out on the side of their necks.

Over the top scenes include:

Adam's fetus stabbing a pen into the eye of her stupid husband. This happens right when Brooke is breast feeding her fetus. It looks like a deformed little thing from hell. He deserved it because he knew Karen's clinic wasn't straight-up legit to begin with.

Adams then shoots Karen in his lab and then starts shooting all the fetuses growing in the labs glass spheres. As Karen lays there dying from the gunshot wound, a couple of the dead fetuses fall bloody, onto his face. Jesus... (laughs)

It's too bad a talented actress like Brook Adams has sunk so far as to do something like this. Only a few short years before, she was starring in films with the likes of Richard Gere, Sean Connery and Christopher Walken. What a shame.

Also notable for having Lisa Kudrow as Karen's receptionist. She's looks quite different from what she does, today.

The whole thing's worth a look, but just one, imo. There's also a bizarre last scene involving Brooke and her fetus. You gotta see it to believe it. (laughs)

6 out of 10
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Doesn't quite live up to its brilliant Gary Numan sound-track
Pelrad7 April 1999
This is a disturbing horror film - not for all tastes and definitely not for the faint of heart! It is about a doctor who is creating superhuman foetuses without the mothers' knowledge. Unfortunately, there are extreme side-effects. "The Unborn" is much more poignantly frightening than "Rosemary's Baby" primarily because of the brilliant, sharply spooky musical score by the "Godfather of Electronica" - Gary Numan - and the very graphic, shocking, and adrenaline-releasing final moments of the film; however, poor production standards and not the greatest acting (has somewhat of a B-Movie flavour) prevent the film from becoming one of the better films of its kind (like the aforementioned). DO NOT WATCH THIS ALONE IN THE DARK! (6 out of 10)
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Don't hurt me, baby ...
Coventry13 December 2009
Slightly irrelevant and pointless, but nevertheless interesting little footnote to start off this user comment with: this movie contains a sex sequence that could have come straight out a Kama-Sutra encyclopedia. The couple makes love in a rocking chair and – believe it or not – but it's fairly elegant and passionately filmed, which is the last thing I expected to see in an obscure early 90's B-movie so kudos!

"The Unborn" revolves on the ever ongoing quest to create the perfect human being. Therefore, some sleaze doctors in an artificial insemination clinic are saddling up unsuspecting but desperately craving mothers with altered DNA that eventually grows out into evil mutant monster fetuses that communicate from within the womb. Argh, freaky! The patients, including the writer of children's books Virginia Marshall, soon begin to have strange side-effects, like a burning rash in their necks. Virginia, who has been rational and even somewhat skeptical about the whole in-vitro fertilization method since the beginning, quickly understands that this thing growing inside of her is something evil and uncontrollable and she becomes obsessed with the idea losing her baby. Of course, nobody – especially not her husband - believes her mad raving speeches about doctors trying to create a master race. Completely unexpected, "The Unborn" was a pleasant horror surprise! The film has an original and potentially very terrifying basic premise – particularly if you're a young parent yourself – and the execution is fair to very decent as well. The script contains a handful of highly imaginative little details, like for example the malignant doctor corresponding with his evil embryos through hidden messages in the specially prepared relax tapes. There are some unsettling special effects and make-up art for the horror fanatics to enjoy as well. Of course, it's fairly easy to show shocking images in a film dealing with pregnant women and unborn babies. Just one brief image of a mother with a bloodied belly and a pair of scissors in her hands looks genuinely disturbing. The monstrous fetus looks quite cheesy, but it's nevertheless a nice attempt and, besides, it's not everyday you watch a fetus attack someone with a needle.
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The Uninspired, you mean
efitness1 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I was surprised to see the overall positive reviews this film received. Especially given that I was primed to have my horrified impressions confirmed. I chose 'The Unborn' as my Halloween night scary movie to watch with a friend. It was scary alright, but not in a good way.

Brooke Adams (my favorite under-appreciated actress who was so wonderful in 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers') stars as an infertile writer eager to conceive of a child with her husband. This in spite of the fact that he sports an atrocious 'Halloween Hobo' beard.

At a spartan 'Coma' like clinic, Adams and hubby are directed by a young and brunette Lisa Kudrow to a meeting with fatherly physician James Karen where they are told that they can have a child through a special in-vitro method he has devised.

Faster than you can say 'Rosemary's Baby,' Adams is suffering all manner of unfortunate pregnancy symptoms, all leading her to conclude that she is the victim of some horrible plot. Indeed she is.

'The Unborn' is a Roger Corman production and screams inexpensive and ineptitude from every frame. First of all, the film has the look of one of those 'Mystery Science Theater' bombs. Made in the 90's, it looks like the 70's. The 'music' score is that kind of repetitive electronica noise found in every low-grade sci-fi film from the 80's.

The plot is provocative but submarined by predictability, moronic dialog and the necessity for characters to veer from intelligent to idiotic at whim.

It's pretty much 'Alien' meets 'Rosemary's Baby' meets 'The Devil Within' meets 'The Brood' meets 'The Bad Seed.' Corman was never one for originality.


My friend and I found the film worthwhile chiefly for providing the public with an opportunity to see annoying comic Kathy Griffin get beaten to death with a hammer. Just awful otherwise…but that Brooke Adams is really great.
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Disappointing, dull and almost unwatchable
slayrrr66621 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"The Unborn" is a huge misstep of a horror film.


Having trouble with conceiving children, Virginia Marshall, (Brooke Adams) and her husband Brad, (Jeff Heyenga) decide to visit Dr. Richard Meyerling, (James Karen) a fertility specialist with a high success rate. After undergoing a procedure, she finds out that she is pregnant with their child, and the two begin preparing their out in anticipation of the arrival of the baby. When she starts to experience a series of mood swings and odd behavior, which Dr. Meyerling attributes to a normal pregnancy but she still believes is connected to the chemicals that had been injected into her during her treatment with the doctor. Finally discovering that the baby's change was indeed through the doctor, she sets off to get rid of the baby and get her life back.

The Good News: There really isn't a whole lot here to like. One of the few pleasures is it's great premise and set-up. Having something such as a fertility clinic and the shady goings-on within is a wonderful idea. Then by having their creations affecting one of their patients in the worst way possible is simply marvelous and makes for great potential. The last ten minutes are it's best, with the realization about what has happened and the determination to avenge it coming up with some really good minor action sequences in a secret laboratory filled with a quite creepy surprise and a really decent car-crash at the end. Other than that, there really isn't a whole lot here that was enjoyable.

The Bad News: It gets points for it's clever set-up, but the fact still remains that this was a painful film to sit through. Most of this is due to the fact that there isn't much in the way of anything at all happening. Most of the time in the beginning is spent on the ways they're preparing for the baby, which is a realistic touch but just slows the film down to a crawl. To feature so many different scenes is quite excruciating and just needless. There's no need to have so many, it's obvious what is going on, just get moving. More time should've been spent with the last part of the movie, which is quite good and it's only redeeming feature, and a feature-length adaptation of that kind of scares would've certainly been far more fun to sit through. As realistic as they are, it's just not that exciting at all and really hurts it. Another big factor is that there's a plot twist revealed just before which is so obviously coming that it doesn't really register as it should and comes off as clichéd. It's even ripped off from another movie, in the same type of scene, camera-angle for camera-angle. To have ripped off the idea wouldn't have been so bad, but to be as blatant as it is with it's stealing is really not that good and does it no favors. This was just a really disappointing and dull film.

The Final Verdict: While it does have a pretty interesting set-up and premise, unfortunately this thing falters as there's a real lack of any real horror and it's just a long, drawn-out affair. If it appeals to you, give it a shot, but don't be surprised if there isn't much in it.

Rated R: Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity and a long, mild clothed sex scene
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Better than average low budget horror outing.
Hey_Sweden12 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Brooke Adams ("Invasion of the Body Snatchers" '78) and Jeff Hayenga ("The Prince of Pennsylvania") play Virginia and Brad Marshall, a children's book author and lawyer unable to have a child. On the recommendation of a friend, they visit the fertility clinic of a Dr. Meyerling (the late, great character actor James Karen, "The Return of the Living Dead"). He claims a 100% success rate, and later Virginia *does* become pregnant. But, as it turns out, the shady Dr. Meyerling is in the business of genetic alteration, and the fetus inside Virginia is turning into something fairly monstrous...

This 1990s update of Larry Cohens' "It's Alive" will certainly hit home for some viewers, if they're expecting a child or want to start a family. The film is disturbing to an extent, elevating it above being merely a "cheap gore film". And make no mistake, it IS gory at times, but the premise, story, and characters still carry enough weight on their own. The "monster baby" effect isn't bad considering that this wasn't a big-budgeted affair. Adding atmosphere is a soundtrack co-composed by Gary Numan, the pop star who'd had a hit with the song "Cars". What will be particularly disconcerting for many viewers is the fact that Virginia visits an abortionist at one point, desperate to remove this unholy presence from her body.

The performances range from acceptable to good to genuinely impressive. Karen is a delight as the mad scientist who hides dubious intent behind a genial, seemingly kind exterior. Familiar faces among the supporting cast include K. Callan ('Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman') as Virginia's mother, veteran B movie bad guy Rick Dean ("Cheyenne Warrior") as the scruffy abortionist, and future stars Lisa Kudrow and Kathy Griffin in early film roles. Adams is sympathetic in a tour-de-force performance, especially in her big meltdown scene.

Entertaining material, given effectively straight-faced treatment from producer / director Rodman Flender ("Conan O'Brien Can't Stop", "Idle Hands"), with not much in the way of humour.

Followed by a sequel three years later.

Seven out of 10.
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"It's Gotta Be Stopped, Now!"... "Life's Full Of Surprises!"...
azathothpwiggins22 November 2018
THE UNBORN is the story of Virginia Marshall (Brooke Adams- SHOCK WAVES, THE DEAD ZONE, SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK) and her many, fruitless attempts to get pregnant. She and her husband go to see Dr. Meyerling (James Karen- POLTERGEIST, THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), who offers an answer to Virginia's problem. Soon thereafter, Virginia undergoes the Dr.'s procedure, and it appears to have done the trick. Then, Virginia's friend, who also happens to be a Meyerling client, experiences a case of EHCS (Eeevil Homicidal Child Syndrome), and another patient contacts Virginia w/ disturbing information, causing her to suspect that something nefarious is going on. She also notices a change in her own behavior. The next thing we know, she goes haywire, kills her cat, and wrecks her house! This scene is quite a knee-slapper! The best part of the movie comes when Virginia appears on a live, morning talk show, only to go totally berserk! Now, THAT'S entertainment! In no time, Virginia's on the run, and her birthing class teacher (Kathy Griffin) is getting her brains knocked out w/ a hammer! Of course, nothing can prepare you for the "abortion aftermath / dumpster / killer baby sequence"! Yecch! The freakish, fetal finale is a real brain-popper as well! Preposterous, yet somehow watchable, and permeated by an oddly flat musical score by Gary Numan, this movie adds extra cheddar to its overly dour, early 1990's horror vibe...
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mpaige9026 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It's a good thing I didn't watch this while i was pregnant.I definitely would have cried my eyes out and/or vomit. It was Kind of gruesome mainly disturbing. I personally thought the baby was adorable in its own twisted little way.However as a mom I cringed when Beth stabbed herself in the stomach and when Virgina aborted the child during her 3rd trimester with rusty utensils no less.Also,as an animal lover i almost cried when she scratched the cat to a bloody pulp.However,As creepy and sinister as the baby was I was rooting for it to live.And as twisted as the movie was I am extremely intrigued to see the sequel...... ......... ....... ......... ......... ....... ...... .....
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Good acting can't save this one
preppy-327 May 2006
A childless couple (Brooke Adams, Jeff Hayenga) go to a doctor (James Karen) to try to conceive. It works but Adams slowly becomes aware that there's something seriously wrong with the baby...

Pretty interesting idea is thoroughly done in by a lousy script--the basic idea is OK but becomes screamingly predictable towards the end. I saw every "twist" coming. The direction is poor--he seems to have no idea how to shoot a basic scene. The production values are--to be nice--lousy. Very shabby. And, the gore scenes are too unpleasant (I almost turned it off when a pregnant woman started stabbing herself in the stomach) with lousy special effects. The film completely derails at the end when it becomes quite clear they had no idea HOW to end this film.

Some good acting makes it somewhat bearable. Adams, Hayenga and Karen are all good at their roles and kept me watching but that was about it. This film barely got released in 1991 and still remains unknown--it's easy to see why. I give it a 4.
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"We don't need Mother's anymore." Surprisingly decent.
poolandrews26 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Unborn tells the tale of a married couple named Virginia (Brooke Adames) & Bradley Marshall (Jeff Hayenga) who have tried for the last five years to conceive, Virginia has had two miscarriages since then & is desperate to have a child. They visit Dr. Richard Meyerling (James Karen) for help after he is recommended by some of their friends, Dr. Meyerling says he will be able to help them have a child. Dr. Meyerling operates on Virginia & it is soon confirmed that the surgery has been a success & Virginia is pregnant. At first everything seems perfect & the Marshall's couldn't be happier, but their picture perfect lives don't last for long as Virginia's pregnancy develops problems, she becomes moody & acts totally out of character & she receives a worrying phone call from Beth (Jane Cameron), another woman who has undergone Dr. Meyerling's procedure, who claims that Meyerling is in fact using his patients for his own sinister ends & is in fact a disgraced genetic researcher. Virginia begins to question just what is growing inside of her...

Produced & directed by Rodman Flender I actually thought The Unborn was a decent horror/thriller (it's DEFINITELY NOT a sci-fi film as the IMDb would have you believe) that pleasantly surprised me. The script by Henry Dominic tries to be different & it must take some credit for that at least. The Unborn goes for psychological horror rather than cheap scares & bad special effects, it's got quite a clever story that works & plays on basic human fears. It moves along at a fair pace although it's not exactly an action packed film by any means. The climax was good & seemed a fitting way to round things off & the warnings about messing around with genetics seem even more relevant today than it must have been back then, maybe Flender knew something the rest of us didn't. On the down side it lacks some exploitation elements & is at heart a dialogue driven film mostly focusing on one person so it can get a bit dull at times. Also, I have to mention it, what on Erath was that grinning black skateboarding dwarf all about eh?!

Director Flender does an OK job, The Unborn is far from the most stylish or visually interesting film ever made but it's good enough. The atmosphere is good & there's a fair bit of tension as what Virginia has inside of her & Dr. Meyerling's sinister plans aren't fully revealed until the last possible moment. Disappointingly the blood & gore is almost non existent which in a way lets the film down because in retrospect nothing really memorable happens, The Unborn relies on good storytelling which is fine but in a week I doubt I'll remember too much about it.

Technically the film is OK, I'd imagine that The Unborn had a pretty low budget but it's well made even if it's a little bland & forgettable. The baby creature is actually a decent special effect & has fairly realistic facial movement. The acting is good & this was one of the first acting jobs credited to Friends (1994 - 2004) star Lisa Kudrow, I have to be honest I don't like Friends & I don't even know who she was in this so I can't tell you how she did.

The Unborn is a good horror/thriller that deserves to be more widely known & seen, it's far better than a lot of low budget crap that litter video shop shelves. If your a horror fan & are looking for something a bit different, something slightly more intelligent & thought provoking than usual then I think you could do a lot worse than The Unborn. Followed by a dumbed down sequel The Unborn II (1994) which I watched straight after this, check my review out if you want..
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Great Music
zvonkiy26 March 2019
I have the videotape and the DVD. The videotape rightly credits the music to Gary Numan but for some reason the DVD says 'Original music by Susan Justin" .
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The Unexceptional.
BA_Harrison20 April 2019
Infertile writer Virginia Marshall (Brooke Adams) and her husband Brad (Jeff Hayenga) visit a fertility clinic run by Dr. Richard Meyerling (James Karen), who guarantees that his IV procedure will enable them to have a baby. The technique works as promised but, as her pregnancy progresses, Virginia begins to believe that Mayerling has done something terrible to her unborn baby...

I'll cut to the chase: this film isn't great, but it does feature an aggressive animatronic newborn baby grabbing a knitting needle and stabbing its father in the eye, and for that reason alone I'm glad I watched it. Did I mention that the baby was illegally aborted and retrieved by its mother from a dumpster, 'cos that happens too! Oh, and we get a pretty hot sex scene involving a rocking chair, and there's a tiny role for a pre-fame Lisa Kudrow.

My problem with The Unborn is that the majority of scenes leading up to the arrival of the killer sproglet - Virginia's pregnancy - aren't all that engrossing (I wouldn't say it feels like nine months, but it certainly drags, with pointless guff involving a pair of lesbian pre-natal class teachers and more padding about Virginia appearing on a TV chat show). Director Rodman Flender rehashes stuff seen in many an earlier horror movie (Rosemary's Baby, I Don't Want to Be Born, It's Alive) and the film offers very few genuine surprises for seasoned horror fans.
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Some decent elements in this icky horror, but overall it's a failure
Leofwine_draca24 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A somewhat lame attempt to jump on the "evil baby" bandwagon, a sub-genre which includes such diverse titles ranging from the absolute classic (ROSEMARY'S BABY), to the fairly hopeless (I DON'T WANT TO BE BORN), to the inevitable obscure, foreign-made rip-offs (BABY BLOOD and DAMNED IN VENICE). THE UNBORN is a horror film containing lots of slow-burning dread and fear and a few moments of graphic horror to make up for the slow pacing and routine plot that the rest of the production offers. Characters are poorly-defined and set up to fall and the climax is let down by some really cheesy special effects of a killer baby which looks like nothing more than a rubbery doll. The script is over-wordy and the film let down by the central casting of Brooke Adams (INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS) who overplays it by overacting during the sequence in which she throws a tantrum and wrecks her house and proves to be unlikeable at other times, meaning that you never really care for her character. Brad Blaisdell, who plays her husband, is wooden and dull throughout, so his eventual death is not so much shocking as a much-needed case of "just desserts".

The only actor of note in the proceedings is RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD's James Karen, but even he is wasted in the small role of the sinister scientist who causes all the aggro in the first place. His slimy death, in which his dying body is pelted by all manner of strange and unnatural slime and goo, is pretty amusing though. Trivia fans can spot a pre-FRIENDS Lisa Kudrow appearing in a one-scene cameo as a secretary. Gore fans will be disappointed that the blood is in short supply; aside from a nasty moment in which a lesbian massacres her lover there's only a knitting-needle-in-the-eye sequence to get excited about. THE UNBORN does deserve kudos for being brave enough to include one sick scene in which a woman stabs herself in her own pregnant stomach repeatedly but otherwise is a bit of a missed opportunity, following a well-worn and predictable route to a rather lame and tired conclusion. It's difficult to get worked up about any of the characters or their activities in this movie and as a whole it leaves a distasteful taste in the mouth come the downbeat, oh-so-surprising twist conclusion. None of the science-fiction elements are adequately explored or the reasons or results for their appearance explained, leaving them looking like nothing more than tacked-on shots to give the plot some kind of solid ground.
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Decent, But Could Have Been Great
TheExpatriate70028 April 2011
At times, The Unborn comes across as two separate films that got spliced together. On one hand, there is a genuinely disturbing psychological thriller / satire with great performances, while on the other there is a cheap B-level gore film.

Adams and her husband have been unable to conceive a child, so they go to James Karen's fertility clinic. Boasting a 100% success rate, he quickly fixes Adams's problem. Unfortunately, the child she conceives has some issues of its own.

At many points, the actors, particularly Adams, appear to be acting in an entirely different movie. Her meltdown scene, had it been in a straight drama rather than a low budget horror movie, would have earned her an Academy Award nomination. The film itself has a number of satirical touches on maternity culture, and could have been an interesting feminist piece in different hands.

Unfortunately, it turns into an uninspired gore film. I like gory horror movies, but it steals from It's Alive and Rosemary's Baby so blatantly it's not even funny. The special effects budget is so low that the film comes across as funny rather than scary.
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Creepy Baby Movie.
drhackenstine26 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A couple who cannot have children decide to go to a clinic for a little help conceiving a baby. Before long, the mother starts having eerie symptoms hinting that something is not right with the fetus, and soon after she discovers that she is the victim of a heinous genetic engineering experiment involving the creation of super-human babies. A somewhat drowsy approach to the killer baby genre, the first hour moves along well with a descent story about an unstable woman who thinks a monster is growing inside of her, but may just be going insane. The last bit relies on cheesy shocks and takes some of it's cues from It's Alive. The killer baby is quite fake looking, and nothing really seems to happen in the big finale. The final scene, however, is good. Brooke Adams carries the movie, and James Karen is good in his role as the evil doctor, even though he is given little to do. Lisa Kudrow appears in one of her early pre-Friends B-movie roles, and Kathy Griffin co-starred in this before she broke through with her stand-up "comedy" act. She gets whacked with a hammer, in a horribly staged fight scene. Two Stars.
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what the future may become
unicornmist745 February 2007
i watched this film many years ago and have searched for it ever since in my opinion although very raw it is very educational as to what the future can hold i enjoyed the movie and to this this day rate it very high sorry to all those that disagree but a movie should always be judged each to there own and in my opinion its great give it a go with all the cloning and test tube babies that are happening today who are we to judge this film, this may be a dramatised event of what is to become but there you go. All the horrors of today are so far fetched even i laugh but this one gets me thinking and it scares me as a mother what if i was desperate,after watching this movie i would think twice sorry but i love the movie make your own mind up don't watch the movie making- just aknowledge the story and ask yourself this how far would you go for a child?
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A Few Effective Moments but Overall Not Worth Watching
Michael_Elliott12 August 2012
The Unborn (1991)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

A couple (Brooke Adams, Jeff Hayenga) unable to have children of their own go to a doctor (James Karen) who is experimenting with fertilization. The experiment works and the woman finds herself pregnant but soon she begins losing her mind fearing that the baby is pretty much eating through her. THE UNBORN is a pretty bad movie from start to finish but I can admit that there are a few effective things in it as well as several good performances. I thought the actors were about the best thing going for the movie and this includes Adams who is extremely good and believable as the mother who soon realizes that all of her fears are coming true. I thought she did a very good job at showing the fear in the character. Hayenga is also good in his bit and of course Karen is always worth watching no matter what he's in. I think the biggest problem with the film is the screenplay. I think the film gets off to a very bad start because we're supposed to like this couple but I must admit that I didn't care for them a bit. This really hurt the Adams' character because I really didn't like her and I certainly never cared about her. I think the film is borrowing from ROSEMARY'S BABY but instead of Satan we've got evil DNA working. I thought there were a few effective scenes including some of the murders, which were quite dark and chilling. I'd also say that director Rodman Flender at least builds up a dark atmosphere. With that said, even at 80-minutes this thing drags pretty badly and in the end it's best to just watch the Polanski classic or even IT'S ALIVE instead. Of course, if you do decide to watch this you'll get to see both Lisa Kudrow and Kathy Griffin years before fame.
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Disturbing and dark...for a little while.....
StolenAway25 July 2006
This film is alright if you've got some time to kill. This film did have real potential; a woman who can't have a baby goes to a doctor for in-vitro fertilization, but unfortunately the doctor is a madman who happens to be breeding a race of super-humans, and of course, it's all down hill from there.

The build-up is simply amazing. Brooke Adams does an amazing job of a woman who is giving birth to something that she knows isn't normal. The way she portrays a character who is slowly going over the bend is brilliant. The film has an eerie and dark build-up to it (the cat scene in particular), it's a shame that the climax doesn't live up to the build-up.

To be honest, the final scenes are just terrible. It throws it's the disturbing feel out of the window and just descends into really a really really bad b-movie. The effects are really bad - which normally isn't a problem, but these are seriously bad. This should be better for 1991.

But, one thing does save the entire movie - gore! The film is extremely gory, and since the film is gore-fest from start to finish, then you can excuse the bad final scenes. Although it's a let-down, it's a fun movie to watch with friends if you have some time to kill.
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