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Well done
p36mohawk11 August 2002
Most b-movies feature gratuitous nudity featuring surgically-enhanced bimbos. You watch them once and forget about them. While "Poison's" plot was somewhat predictable, the characters were believable and the story did a great job of developing erotic tension between Bauer and Patricia Healy.

Bauer was what I'd expect a prison inmate to be like - mean and streetwise, but with some morals and not thoroughly bad. Healy, while attractive, was not some 20-year-old ingenue and was convincing as a amoral gold-digger. She didn't have that many nude scenes but they were well-placed and highly effective. Ed Herrmann was good as a man faced with life/death for the first time. When he finally has to fight he does so in the clumsy, bumbling manner that you would expect, he isn't suddenly transformed into Bruce Lee.

Like the 50s and early 60s b-movies, but with enough sex and violence to make it interesting without being excessive. Good movie!
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Good B movie.
angelaelena10 March 2002
Very good B movie. The actors were well-cast and believable in their roles. Of course, I'm a big Steven Bauer fan and he looked so good in this movie!! Edward Herrman is a very good and (I think) highly underrated actor. The plot was pretty predictable but it was entertaining - not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.
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Not so bad...
darth7615 June 2001
Arguably, this movie has nothing that you have not seen many times and in much better versions, with much better actors. But the script is descent, concrete and without major leaps or vacuums. It is a non-offensive company, if you have 2 times to kill. If you have not, however, you can bypass it without fear that you are loosing something important.
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