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Vastly Underrated Suspense Film
Redfoot968117 April 2002
With a maze of plot twists and surprises, "Shattered" is one heck of a guesser.

The plot follows Dan Merrick (Tom Berenger) after a horrifying car accident. He suffers from amnesia, and must piece his life together post-accident. As he learns more and more about his past, his life spins out of control, leaving the most horrifying revelation for the end.

"Shattered" is carefully constructed and directed by Wolfgang Peterson. His cast really brings this one together, with great performances by Berenger and Bob Hoskins. It is simply impossible to guess the events in this film as you are watching it, and it is best to go into it knowing as little as possible.

"Shattered" is an excellent effort and film that has been wrongly ignored over the years since its release. This is a great rental for a cold and rainy Saturday night.

Grade: A
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One of the best of the neo-noir flicks
krorie1 April 2006
Dan Merrick (Tom Berenger) and his wife Judith (Greta Scacchi) are involved in a car wreck that leaves Judith with only a scratch but Dan in critical condition that involves restructuring his face to look as much as possible like the old face. Dan has one other serious problem, the shock has left him with amnesia. He tries to put his life back together with the help of his wife but nothing seems real. In trying to piece together his former existence, he tracks down all types of hunches and leads that take him nowhere. Then one day he comes across a strange bill for $7,000 from a pet shop. When he investigates further he discovers that the pet shop owner, Gus Klein (Bob Hoskins), moonlights as a private eye. Gus tells him all kinds of strange happenings including a story about his wife's lover. He also learns that his business partner's wife Jenny Scott (Joanne Whalley) is much closer to him than he wants her to be. As Gus and Dan search for clues, they find more than either one bargained for. The ending is a grabber. The viewer won't be disappointed.

Director Wolfgang Petersen of "Das Boot" fame directs with a flair for action and suspense. There is a wild car chase toward the end of the movie that really delivers the goods. Though Petersen's film (which he wrote based on a novel) may not exactly be film noir, it shares several elements in common with that genre including two femme fatales. There is also symbolic use of natural forces such as the pounding of the waves against the shore to enhance portions of the script, which may or may not have been inspired by the 1942 film noir picture "Street of Chance."

All the acting is above average, but the standout performance is by Bob Hoskins as the PI who loves animals. There are also bits of humor from a pet shop employee, Sadie (Jedda Jones), over the phone when called asking for Gus.
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One of my favorite mystery films
captainlou31 January 2001
This is a film which I have recommended on many a Friday night when all the new releases are already gone and others are looking for a good mystery/suspense title. I have seen it 3-4 times which is rare for me, especially for a mystery. It is fine entertainment with an excellent story. Not the highest production value, but it's unique story makes up for it. Highly recommended, especially on a weekend night when there just aren't any NEW mystery/suspense releases on the shelf.
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An Underrated Gem If There Ever Was One
bayardhiler21 April 2013
Late one night, I found myself working late in my college apartment, studying or trying to study for Spanish and it just so happened that I also had the TV on (which I wasn't really paying much attention to) when I just happened to look up and see that a new movie was starting called "Shattered". Seeing that it was directed by Wolfgang Petersen, I became a little curious but didn't really plan on watching it. Well, that thought went out the window when the movie opened with a bang. Husband and wife Dan and Judith are involved in a devastating car crash. But despite all odds, both survive; however the husband (played by Tom Berenger) is in critical condition and is left with no memory of who he is or what happened. His seemly loving wife (Greta Scacchi) does everything she can to help him readjust after getting out of the hospital but, alas, something just doesn't seem right. He slowly begins to realize that everything may not have been as rosy as his wife would have him believe and things get even more interesting when he learns that he paid for services by a street wise private detective named Gus (played by Bob Hoskins).

"Shattered" is one of those unassuming movies that, going in, you're not expecting to find anything too shocking or surprising and that's where you'd be wrong. I've seen a lot of thrillers and mysteries, so much so that eight out ten times, I can probably tell you what the ending will be. However, I got to tell you, the twist at the end of this movie is so well done and so shocking that I didn't see it coming for a million miles, and believe me, that's saying something. The movie also does a good job drawing you, the viewer, deeper and deeper into the movie without even realizing it with the direction of Petersen, the story, and the actors; Tom Berenger does an excellent job in his role, as does Greta Scacchi. However, my favorite actor out of this is probably Bob Hoskins, since he's able to provide a little bit of comedy and heart to his role. If you're one who's looking for a lost gem of a film or is just looking for a good surprise at the end, then I highly, highly recommend "Shattered". You won't regret it!
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Shattered Past / Clever Twist!
Jim Sgambaty20 July 2011
Pretty clever mystery that will leave you gasping when the shocking twist is revealed. Tightly woven together, Wolfgang Peterson delivers a smart story about Dan Merrick, a San Francisco businessman who can't remember his past after surviving a horrific car crash. While recovering at his lovely secluded home, Dan discovers his adoring wife Judith, played by Greta Scacchi, is cheating with another man. Dan sets forth to discover that all is not what is seems to be. Bob Hoskins as Gus, the pet shop owner / part time private eye, gives a wonderful performance as well as Joanne Whalley, who knows much more than she ever wanted to know about Dan. Slick scoring by Alan Silvestri, knock out sets, and direction make this mystery / thriller a winner!
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The final revelation IS shattering...
gridoon6 July 2001
Petersen's skillful direction and a cleverly constructed script combine to make this a thoroughly entertaining and absorbing thriller. On the first viewing, you're likely to dismiss the shocking and unpredictable ending as "far-fetched" and "unbelievable" (at least that's what I did), but see it again and you'll realize that the story DOES stand up to scrutiny; there are no scenes that cheat the viewer here. Bob Hoskins steals the show as the likable private detective. And overall, this a movie worth seeing. (**1/2)
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Amnesia, Flashbacks & A Shocking Discovery
seymourblack-120 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Shattered" is an old-school psychological thriller in which an intricate puzzle is cleverly created concerning a man who's been seriously injured in a car crash. As the story progresses, numerous clues to the puzzle are provided but it's always unclear which ones are reliable and which are intentionally misleading. Similarly, the natures of the various characters who provide these clues are also uncertain.

Dan Merrick (Tom Berenger) and his wife Judith (Greta Scacchi) are driving home from a New Year's Eve party when their car suddenly leaves the road and plunges down a steep embankment. Judith is thrown clear and only incurs superficial injuries. Dan, on the other hand, is trapped in the wreckage and subsequently spends a considerable amount of time in a coma before undergoing extensive plastic surgery on his disfigured face.

As a consequence of the accident, Dan suffers from selective amnesia and flashbacks in which he sees shattered glass, huge waves and a gun. He's also unable to remember any information about his personal life and during his recuperation; Judith dedicates herself to his care and tries to help him by sharing recollections about their life together and showing him photographs.

Dan's a wealthy property developer and is surprised when his business partner Jeb Scott (Corbin Bernsen) mentions that before the accident, Dan and Judith's marriage was on the rocks. Jeb's wife Jenny (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer) tells him that he and she were lovers and he also discovers photographs of Judith in bed with another man.

Dan finds a receipt for a payment he'd previously made to a pet shop and on visiting the premises discovers that the proprietor, Gus Klein (Bob Hoskins) is also a part-time private detective who he'd paid to follow Judith. Klein had discovered that she was having an affair with a man called Jack Stanton (Scott Getlin) and so when Dan hears that Judith has received a telephone call from Stanton, and decides to follow her, the events that follow ultimately lead to a shocking discovery.

"Shattered" is a stylish movie in which deception, murder and treachery feature strongly and numerous unexpected plot developments keep the action intriguing and tense. The fact that the audience discovers the clues at the same time as Dan creates a great deal of empathy for his predicament and a clear understanding of the confusion and frustration that he experiences.

This movie is graced by consistently solid performances but Tom Berenger and Bob Hoskins stand out. Berenger does well in conveying his character's confusion and helplessness and Hoskins is a powerful and entertaining presence in every scene in which he appears.
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Have to see this one, you'll be surprised
jpc479 August 1999
This movie has got to be the best surprise I've ever gotten from a last second pick at the video store. The first time I saw this movie was in college, we watched it one night and it continued to be shown in our apartment almost non-stop for the next 4 days. People could not get enough of it.

I won't go into the plot, etc. but will tell you it offers many twists and turns and will keep you interested and surprised at the end.

You cannot go wrong renting this movie!
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Decent But Dated Escapist Flick with Quite a Twist at the End
classicalsteve20 September 2008
The feel of this film rings of a late 1970's early 1980's action-drama TV show, like "Hart to Hart", "Charlie's Angels", or even "Dallas", particularly because of the location shots and the music. The scenes alternate between million-dollar mansions, ritzy hotels, billion-dollar corporations, and rural locales. And the lush strings always emerge when the characters are driving through some mountainous areas. I kept thinking that Jaclyn Smith would turn up at any moment.

The opening premise is quite a stretch: Tom Berenger as Dan Merrick survives after having plunged about 6000 feet off the road in his car. It's a miracle that his legs didn't end up in the glove compartment. Despite being more or less still intact, Merrick's face has been crushed into hamburger, and he can't remember who he is or what happened to him after he awakens from a coma. His wife Judith (Greta Scacchi) is only a little scratched up after the ordeal. She nurses him back to health and tries to help put the puzzle pieces back into his "shattered" memory.

He finds out he's a rich commercial real estate developer with a house with its own zip code. His office at the TransAmerica building in San Francisco is bigger than the average person's apartment. And he has a beautiful secretary who must have just finished a stint as a cover model for Vogue. And his colleague is the kind of guy who uses the old "two shooter" gesture while saying "We'll do lunch." That would be a nightmare!

But other pieces do not come together so easily, like why, before the accident, did he hire a private investigator (Bob Hoskins) who fronts as a pet store owner? And why did this guy's invoice end up at the development company? At one point, he thought he had bought $7000 worth of pets! (With that kind of money he could have gotten the equivalent of Magnum PI.)

The film becomes a kind of noir mystery in which Merrick tries to put the pieces of his life back into perspective all the while trying to figure who he can trust. Although some of the writing and circumstances were a little hard to swallow, the movie sort of gets better as it goes along. And a great performance by Berenger holds the story together more or less. At every moment, despite its short-comings, you want to find out what happens next. And a dynamite ending that is worth the wait and the price of admission, $5 for the DVD at Fry's.
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Hitchcockian web woven with ludicrous plot.
movieman91 October 1999
Wolfgang Petersen has done some good thrillers in the past and has deep respect for classical directors such as Hitchcock, so what better opportunity than to create his own thriller the way the Master of Suspense would have if he were alive. He assembles a good cast, among them Tom Berenger, Bob Hoskins (in an enjoyable role), and Greta Scacchi, and creates a story a la Vertigo. What could go wrong? With movies like this, one glitch in the plot could topple the whole film off the bell tower (pardon the Vertigo pun), and this one does just that. A man trying to remember what occurred in his personal life after surviving a tragic car wreck can be enthralling, and at many times this picture is indeed mind-numbing, but three-quarters into the story, you feel as if you have been cheated. Plausibility is a real concern in this thriller, but that's not to say there are not good elements within this confusion. Wolfgang Petersen shows a real expertise for framing his ludicrous story, and I believe Hitch would have been pleased with how Petersen motivates the camera here. Berenger does an okay job as the suffering crash victim, but it is Hoskins that really impresses as the pet store owner/private investigator who helps Berenger discover who he really was. "Shattered" is a nicely lensed film with a good dose of suspense surrounding it, but for a pay-off, I believe Hitchcock could have shown the filmmakers a thing or two about playing it straight with a good ending. Rating: Two stars and a half.
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a major complaint
m_rappaport-15 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really like this movie a lot. For a few years, it looked like Greta Scacchi was really going to become a major sex symbol. I wonder what happened.

I do have one big complaint -- not about the movie itself but about the IMDb page. As of today, if you look under quotes, the very first quote completely gives away the secret of the movie. I hope something can be done about that. I'm not really giving a spoiler, just pointing one out that's already there.

Tom Berenger and Bob Hoskins are excellent. Corbin Bernsen is OK in a Corbin Bernsen sort of way. Good story, great twist. I'd recommend it to anymore, but please, get rid of that spoiler.
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Interesting But Implausible
ccthemovieman-120 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The very good first hour hooked me into watching the whole movie, something I doubt I would do a second time.

That first hour was interesting and led to a very suspenseful but totally implausible ending. There were just too many holes in the theory that a man suffering from amnesia could be surgically made to look exactly like the man he killed. Then, he also would actually believe that he was that person!

Huh? Yeah, I know. It sounds goofy, and it is pretty hard to swallow. Anyway, the leads are interesting with Tom Berenger as "Dan Merrick," Greta Scacchi showing off her form as "Judith Merrick," and Bob Hoskins is the likable private detective "Gus Klein." Actually, Berenger was not fun to hear speak in the last 35 minutes, using the Lord's name in vain 11 times in that short stretch.
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Neo-Noir ala Petersen
Elswet28 April 2007
Wolfgang Petersen (Poseidon & the Neverending Story)'s Neo Noir starring Tom Berenger, Bob Hoskins, and Greta Scacchi about a West Coast developer who has amnesia after a car accident and begins to suspect his wife of treachery.

This begins in a pretty mundane way. It runs like any one of thousands of films of the early 1990's, and there doesn't appear to be anything special about it until you get a little bit of the way into it. Roughly one third through, you begin to see the subtle idiosyncrasies of this work, and soon, you are wholly absorbed.

This features some great intrigues, a nice well paced plot, and a really twisty ending. Dialog delivery isn't as bad as you might expect, and the story itself steals the show. Camera angles are a bit odd at times, but nothing like some of those 1970's flicks!

All in all, though it was done as recently as 1991, it is horribly dated but I was still completely entertained by this film, and while it's not Friday-Saturday night quality, it makes for a great Saturday or Sunday afternoon diversion.

It rates a 7.6/10 from...

the Fiend :.
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Nothing special, but still fun to watch
Idocamstuf7 May 2003
"Shattered" was the less successful of the two amnesia films released in 1991, the other being "Regarding Henry". This one has Tom Berenger as an architect who looses his memory after a car crash. Once he gets back into the swing of things, he begins to realize that not everything was right before the accident. He believes that his wife may have been trying to kill him, and attempts to find out if this is true. Its mostly predictable, and Bob Hoskins' character(which I assume was intended to be comic relief) is a distraction, but this is still a very watchable movie, but if you don't see it you are not missing much. 6 out of 10.
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Silly Yet Deliriously Entertaining Thriller
burbank9044160105 January 2002
Shattered is a Hitchcock meets Sunset Beach style thriller which plays its silly premise and story straight and comes up trumps.The audience are wisely kept in the dark of the story, so we learn about everything at the same time as our protaganist, played with a nice ambiguity by Tom Berenger.All the twists and turns finally pay-off in probably my favourite twist of all time.Really.Completely unguessable and ridiculous yet wholly satisfying, it helps to make Shattered into a thrilling Saturday Night Movie.Take it as it is and you won't be disappointed
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User rating disappointed me
sankhan9923 July 2013
Rating is always been debatable starting from censor certificate to IMDb. In my opinion this title in review is highly under-rated. This is completely an edge of seat suspense thriller. Story is full of twists and very entertaining. I am in no position to discuss direction as director is considered authority in his field.

Many people will criticize that story in unrealistic and this thing is not possible in real world then I say to them if you want reality look around you. If you want some thing beyond reality then go to cinema.

Few words on film, Its highly entertaining. Every scene and every dialogue matters. It will keep you guessing and its my challenge that how intelligent you are or you have read and seen many mystery thriller, still you won't be able to guess the end correctly. If you don't believe me, then try it yourself. You will not be disappointed.

I've given it 8 because of God father otherwise only for mystery genre this movie deserves 9.5
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Implausibilities destroy this one
preppy-328 September 2007
Dan Merrick (Tom Berenger) and wife Judith (Greta Scacchi) are in a car accident. She escapes without a scratch but he's totally disfigured and has total amnesia. His wife has his face reconstructed, but he still has no clues about his former life. Then he discovers his marriage may have not been so happy and hires Gus Klein (Bob Hoskins) to investigate.

This film is very good for the first 2/3rds. It's well directed, moves quickly, has a great scene that makes good use of the song "Nights in White Satin" and is never dull. The acting isn't bad--Berenger was never a great actor but he pulls this role off; Scacchi is very good (until the end) and Hoskins is just great and brings a welcome note of humor to the film. Corbin Bensen and Joanne Whalley-Kilmer are wasted however. This all works fine--until the final plot twist. At first it seems like a real cool twist...but then you think about it. It's so ridiculously implausible that it derails the entire movie. I had more than a few questions about it but the movie leaves then hanging. There is NO way this would have worked. As one character says, "I knew it was crazy". Indeed. Still the film is good until that part and worth watching for the first two sections. For that alone I give this an 8.
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Unbelievable Twists
cengelm10 December 2000
During the 70s Wolfgang Petersen directed a lot of thrillers for the popular German TATORT-TV-series(ca. 90 minutes long episodes, e.g. Tatort - Reifezeugnis). Most of them were suspenseful and credible. Seeing SHATTERED you wouldn't believe it's the same director. I mean, twists can be nice and add to the entertainment value, but what we get here is really incredible. Most people seemed to have enjoyed this one, though. Switch your disbelief off!
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Modern film noir.
cmyklefty13 January 2002
Tom Berenger plays Dan Merrick who has amnesia and suspect wife (Greta Scacchi) is trying to kill him. He hires a pet store owner / detective Gus Klein (Bob Hoskins). Shattered is directed by Wolfgang Peterson who also did Outbreak and Air Force One. A kind of film that Hitchcock would directed if he was alive. It is a trilling ride from start to finish. You would not get bored watching this.
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Totally unbelievable but entertaining
halfcolombian27 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
For those who hasn't seen the movie I'm just going to say that it's entertaining and worth seeing. Its direction and acting is good in spite of its unlikely story.



I Remember first time I saw this movie I thought it was fantastic. Then when I saw it the second time it struck me how unbelievable the story was. Is a man only a face and a memory? Even if it was possible to make such a perfect, identic face would that be enough to fool as good as all your acquaintances? His body, voice, height, weight, temperament, everything would have to be identical too. Well if he was that identical to her husband in every aspect I'm surprised she had an affair with him in the first place. :) This maybe sounds like I hate the movie but I think it's a very entertaining movie and I like the fact that they experiment with movies, this is a very fun and smart story and how boring it would be if all movies were realistic. Then we wouldn't see great fantasy-stories like this. (6.5 out of 10 although I would rate it higher first time I saw it. )
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Big Fat Hunh?!
vvanpo28 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Of course I won't use any spoilers by giving away the ending of this movie. All you need to know about judging this flick happens at the very beginning. (An aside: can ban commentators if they give away the BEGINNING of "Memento"?)

A car crashes through a railing and starts falling down a cliff face. A real tall cliff face. Cut inside the tumbling car. A man grunts and groans after each carom like he was Homer Simpson. Another cut: a woman is also falling down the cliff, presumably having been thrown from the car, grunting and groaning!

Next scene is the hospital. The man, husband Dan Merrick (Tom Berenger), looks like ground chuck, and suffers from the rare and convenient Deus ex Machina amnesia. The woman, wife Judith Merrick (Greta Scacchi), barely mussed a hair on her pretty little head.

My friends, the way the crash was presented there was no way anyone was going to survive it or even come out in three pieces. Yet their surviving conditions are the legs on which the rest of the plot twists, turns and circumambulates. I lost it right there. This soap is infested with cliches. I got a good unintentional chuckle from the hotel scene where Dan bribes the manager. It's the kind of scene "Police Squad!" spoofed many times.

Berenger twitches his way in the role of the husband. While Scacchi performs some major heaving of breasts.

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Medium-level at best for me
caa8211 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this on a snowy Friday afternoon. It was on AMC at a time when I wouldn't have been watching, except for the combination of bad weather at the end of a really busy week where I'd have knocked-off a little early anyway.

Missed this movie completely when issued, and never encountered it since. I've always liked Berenger and Scacchi, and would have been sure to see it if I'd heard of it. Apparently, from low box office figures, it didn't stay around long in early release.

However, I don't share the enthusiasm for this flick that a number of others here do. I agree with Ebert's view, from another site, that it was "inconceivably implausible." These kinds of "noir" stories usually stretch credibility at some point, but not to the unending extent this one did. I was interrupted a couple of times, so I don't know whether I missed some point as to whether the lead was a true doppelganger for the corpse found towards the end, or whether some sort of reconstructive surgery had been covered or implied in one of the brief parts I missed ---- but it really wouldn't matter anyway.

Corbin Bernsen had so little to do (thought he might be a red herring in the beginning), and I guess Berenger needed a partner so it wouldn't look like his business had lapsed during his recovery.

The ending, which for me was more corny than shocking, was a little too pat. I suppose there had to be another accident to "resolve" things, but why do these situations always have people driving like a bat-out-of-hell on slick, two-lane, curvy roadways, at the edge of cliffs with guardrails which seem to be made of balsa wood?

But my greatest complaint is that the two leads - neither of whose normal acting styles could be termed "animated" in their previous efforts - looked like they might be on an excess of downers throughout the filming. Berenger often has played the "aw shucks" good guy, and even roles where he's beaten the hell out of every bad guy in sight, with a lower-key, understated style. Usually it's effective, but for me it wasn't here.
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Dale-3110 November 1998
There are so many twist, turns, shocks and surprises in this film, I can't keep up. There are moments of sheer suspense with great performances and great direction of Wolfgang Peterson. A truly solid thriller recommended for anyone.
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Oh My God! This Is Insane!
sol-kay26 April 2004
****SPOILERS**** Even thought the movie "Shattered" has been compared to Alfred Hitchcock directed and Agata Christi written suspense movies "Shattered" goes a lot farther and is far more daring then anything that Agata Christi or Alfred Hitchcock ever wrote or directed. The reason it seems that so many people are turned off by the movie is that it not only went the full nine yards to tell it's mystery/suspense story with an out of the blue surprise ending but it goes the entire length of the football field telling it.

Tom Berenger is made to sleepwalk through his role as Dan Merrick because he's not only been left in the dark, like the movie audience, after his near fatal car crash that not only smashed his face and body but took away his memory of everything in his life up until that accident.

Dan surviving a New Years car accident with his wife Judith, Greta Scacchi, that almost killed him tries to put his life back together after leaving the hospital but feels that there are things about what happened to him before the accident that his wife is keeping from him.

Things just don't seem right and Dan is confused about himself and the people that he knew before he lost his memory and senses that his wife is keeping the truth from him for reasons known only to herself. With the possible exception of his wife's friend Jenny, Joanne Whalley, who seems to know the truth about Dan just about everyone is kept in the dark until the very end of the movie.

Even though "Shattered" stretches creditability to it's limits it does pack quite a wallop when it hits you and the movie itself does have a very good story up to the startling point of impact in it's heart thumping final sequence.

Dan struggling to find out the truth about himself one day finds in his home a proof-roll of photo-print positives of his wife and another man having an affair which greatly upsets him. Checking in his day book at his office where he works as an architect he come across a note that he wrote about a week before his accident listing a $7,000.00 payment to a Mr.Gus Kline, Bob Hoskins. Looking deeper into this transaction and checking out who Gus Kline is Dan finds out that Mr. Kline runs a pet store in the city, San Francisco.Dan is left to wonder what kind of pet could have cost him $7,000.00! An elephant?

At the pet store Gus immediately recognizes Dan and calls him aside to tell him that he's also a private investigator who he hired just before his accident and it was him who took the photos of his wife having an affair with the man on those prints and tells Dan that the man's name is Jack Stanton, Scott Getlin.

After that the movie "Shattered" goes into something like the "Twilight Zone" where the story about Dan and his wife Judith and the mysterious Jack Stanton goes into overdrive and later turns out-right deadly. The movie builds up to it's incredible and shocking conclusion inside a deserted ship at the local marina where the secret, that was hidden from the audience as well as both Dan and Gus, surfaced.

Very good but somewhat far-fetched story that despite its ending, which wasn't bad at all, you have to admire for the lengths it went to captivate and surprise it's audience. Tom Berenger looked confused throughout the movie where at the same time you could sense by his acting the bits and pieces coming into place about his life before the accident. It was the jolt at the marina that shocked him back to the real world, the world before his mind went blank, like a lighting bolt out of the blue.
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MissyBaby14 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have no complaints about "Shattered." None.

My first viewing happened by accident while staying at a hotel in Indiana with my parents. However, we came in half way through the movie so I didn't have a clue as the what was going on. A couple of years later, I became VERY interested in Tom Berenger and just HAD to see everything he'd ever done.

I waited and waited for "Shattered" to come out of DVD so I could get it from Netflix, and then one day, there it was. I immediately got it, and then while I was in Florida, I found it to buy on DVD, needless to say I waisted no time in grabbing it before it was gone.

************Spoliers might be ahead.********************** "Shattered" is the twisted tale of Dan Merrik (Tom Berenger), a handsome, successful business man, with a beautiful wife, Judith (Greta Scacchi).

The story begins as Dan and Judith have a horrifying car crash on New Years Eve. Dan's face is left totally unrecognizable while Judith is left with barely a scratch. "She didn't even sprain her ankle." says a character I'll get to later on. The reconstruction surgery begins and Dan is back to his old self in no time.

One afternoon, Dan discovers a roll of film, hidden in his office. When unrolling it he sees Judith and a man, he presumes for a moment it's him, making love. The pictures have been taken through a window. As Dan unrolls the film further, the man's face slowly comes into view, and guess's not him.

Later that night he and Judith attend dinner at Dan's business partner and his wife's home. Jeb (Corbin Bernson) and Jenny Scott (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer (at that time she was still a Kilmer)). (Jenny said the quote above.) There Dan asks the big question once alone with Jeb. "Was my marriage in trouble?" After getting startling comments out of both Jeb and Jenny, Dan hires a detective, Gus Klein (Bob Hoskins). Dan came across Gus's name when he was going through his old day planner, trying to put the pieces of his life together.

Together they come up with shocking news about Dan, Judith, and a third party, which has mysteriously reappeared.

With twists and turns at every angle, "Shattered" will keep you on your toes. From the opening shot, you know this movie will be a good one. The acting is superb and the story's all around terrific. Be fore warned...when Dan discovers the truth about everything...hang on tight. You might go into a little bit of a shock. I did.

I highly recommend this movie. In fact I watched it this morning, and will probably watch it again tomorrow morning...well, later this morning, it's 12:39 here. OK....PLEASE catch Shattered. Get the popcorn, the coke, grab a blanket, turn the lights down low, put on your's gonna be a bumpy ride, start to finish.


Missy ;)
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