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Hugo Weaving: Martin



  • Doctor : You've been blind all your life.

    Martin : I know.

    Doctor : What were you doing driving a car?

    Martin : I forgot.

  • Andy : Why would your mother lie to you?

    Martin : To punish me, for being blind.

    Andy : Does it really matter if she lied to you about some garden?

    Martin : Yes... it was my world.

  • [to a departing Martin] 

    Andy : You killed Ugly.

    [Martin lifts cat out of garbage bin] 

    Andy : I think you broke his neck.

    Martin : He's not dead.

    Andy : Oh shit! Sorry Ugly!

  • Martin : Why don't you tell me where we are?

    Celia : It's a surprise. You'll love it. You'll wish you'd brought your camera with you. Then you could have taken a photograph and shown it to your little friend - the one who describes things to you.

    Martin : You leave Andy out of this!

  • [Martin reads from the referral letter he has written for Celia] 

    Martin : "Celia was in my employment for three and a half years. She proved herself to be an efficient housekeeper and a lively and provocative conversationalist. I heartily recommend her services."

    Celia : You didn't mention my breasts.

    Martin : Celia has exceptional breasts. Would you like me to add that?

  • [confronts Martin after leaving restaurant] 

    Andy : You may be blind, but you still have to pay for what you ate.

    Martin : I ate nothing. My meal never arrived.

  • Martin : [to Andy]  You must never lie to me.

  • Andy : Is she your sweetheart, Martin?

    Martin : Hell no! Sweetheart? Celia has no heart.

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