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pancake_repairman18 March 2003
I think there's a deeper level of comedy in this movie than the simple dumb jokes and pranks. Things like Junior's deadpan delivery of "these people are dicks" after meeting his new neighbours, his facial expressions and fist clenching whenever someone p***es him off, and his deadpan fake laughter when he gets his revenge. You never really know whether these kind of things are meant to convey the kid's evilness and be taken seriously within the context of the movie, or are just supposed to be completely ridiculous, which just makes them all the more hilarious, moreso than the more obvious actual jokes.
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If the movie doesn't make you sick, junior's voice will
lmntathffan3 August 2005
Seriously! You've just got to see this movie to understand everything that is wrong with it. It came out during the time period where everybody was trying to make family movies that everyone could enjoy (The little rascals; Mr. Nanny, etc.) yet it lacked any charisma or enthusiasm. Every single character in the movie is driven by rage, with the exception of Trixie's mother, who shows only aggravation and weariness, possibly at the tired cliché's this movie enjoys.

To put it simply, the biggest flaw in the film was not the acting, nor the filming, but most notably the writing. The lines we receive are reminiscent of Disney classics, although this film lacks the whole-heartedness IL' Walt managed to pull off. Junior's Dad, (John Ritter) makes you mad without even doing anything, simply because he allows Junior to run around unsupervised, and only gives him a stern warning when he tapes a 200-pound behemoth to a chalk board.

Also, Junior's grandfather is particularly excruciating. For those of you who saw the first one, found it nauseating, and thus, did not see the second one, "Big Ben Healy" as he is referred to in this movie, is still a total douche. He basically barges into John Ritter's house uninvited, settles himself in Junior's room, even though he says that he hates Junior, and basically does nothing to accelerate the film's speed, or to support the film in any way. Rather, he ticks off the audience by being a lazy free loader.

Finally, we are introduced to a wide variety of new characters, such as the smug, obnoxious, Trixie, who carries dynamite in her backpack, which she first lights, then hands, to Junior, who simply stares wide eyed at. Also, Gilbert Gottfried returns in this film, this time playing the obnoxious principal at Junior's new elementary school. If Gilbert Gottfried ain't enough to get the point across, I will put it simply: This film reeks!

2/10 stars, because the actor's convictions shine through the film, even though the script sucks.
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Dennis the Menace's sociopath younger brother
mariondowning-427-46934429 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Quite a stupid film condoning sociopath behavior. A little brat goes around being bratty , urinating in drinks that other people will pay for just because the people selling it made fun of him, putting a choking hazard in his grandfather's mouth, getting rid of women his father wanted to date, getting rid of the token bad babysitter by filming her and her boyfriend and putting on a public show of it, etc etc.

And adults who make excuses for his bad behavior, so his bad behavior continues...but alas the poor boy is surrounded by an unusual number of people who are there to use his father so his behavior is justified by the film makers...and an actress who is a repeat offender who you know will end up with his father because she and he have clumsiness, "niceness" and the same hair in common (plus she is the actor's real wife and needed another job).

Give this a miss if you have more than two brain cells that function and keep your kids away from it- it has curse words in it and behavior that other kids may copy if they are not able to think for themselves.
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Skippy-6116 April 2000
Okay, I saw this movie when I was like 8 for the first time and I loved it. Now i'm 15 and I still love it! What's so awful about about it? It's about this 8-year old kid named Junior Healy, he's bad. After leaving his hometown with his foster father Ben Healy they move to Mortville. Junior has a little problem at school, this little girl is making his life a living hell. His father meets the school nurse Annie who is basically a fox. But she shows no interest. Then he meets rich woman Lawanda Dumore, who is also a fox but is a scary witch and hates Junior. Junior then finds out that the girl who is tormenting him is Annie's daughter. So he tries to fix them up. Along the way him and the girl, Trixie, become friends. Now theyre trying to get there parents together and get rid of Lawanda. I love this movie! I give it ***½ out of *****!!
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while not an especially good movie, there are hundreds of worse movies
MartinHafer8 December 2005
Although I would never give this movie a great review, I can't understand why the movie has been rated so poorly on IMDb. If I took a little time, I'm sure I could list hundreds of movies that are FAR worse. Instead, this movie should be seen as a silly little time-passer...with one incredibly gross and unnecessary scene. Some, particularly kids and people who have a high tolerance for John Ritter, may actually like the movie. This CAN'T be said of horrible films like THEY SAVED HITLER'S BRAIN, ALPHAVILLE or CRACKING UP--3 infinitely worse movies that just popped into my head. PROBLEM CHILD 2 did NOT cause me to feel bored or nauseous--while this is NOT a glowing review, it certainly seems to me a good reason not to list this among the worst films ever made.
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Childhood classic
mjr8-114 July 2009
This is a childhood favorite of mine. No I wasn't a problem child, but got enjoyment out of watching these kids run rampant. I just don't understand why it has gotten such a bad rating. Its not Oscar material, but it doesn't deserve a 3.3 either. I guess to each is own. There are some classic lines and stunts that are burned into my brain, make me laugh just thinking of it now. Granted I haven't seen this movie in 8 years, I still give it a 7 because it holds a special place in my movie watching experience as a kid with my sister. Line 9 Line 10 I don't understand why I have to make this 10 lines but I am wasting some space this was supposed to be a
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This made the bottom 100?
muppetlass8714 December 2003
This may not be the best movie ever made, but I wouldn't consider it one of the worst.It's actually one of my favorites. It's a fun movie that's not meant to be taken seriously, and it has a happy ending.

9/10 stars- a nice way to kill two hours. If you want a bad movie, watch the 3rd Problem Child.
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I like this film
hakyhiqz1 February 2006
I think this is good, but the first one is best. This one had no need to be a 2nd movie they could have been fine with just Problem child i think, but it was funny. The first one had meaning and feeling, to know what orphans go through and how they're treated, this one i don't feel very much, except an evil woman who is taking away the only person that ever loved him and he only married Lawanda because he thought she loved children and he found out she doesn't so he married Annie because she understands what he's going through and she will cope with him and plus Junior and Trixie were friends. Junior finds a friend someone who can actually relate to him, so i think it's a nice message that you can always find somebody who can relate to you and make you feel special. I find it's funny and good and doesn't deserve a vote of 3.1
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Even De Niro in Cape Fear would be disappointed.
fullonrobotchubby8 December 2006
The only good either of the Problem Child films caused was bringing together Amy Yasbeck and the late John Ritter. Aside from that, the flicks are as demonic as their hero. In this basically unnecessary sequel, freshly separated Ben (Ritter) and his little hellraiser Junior (Michael Oliver, who never needs screen-time ever again) move to a new town infested with willing bachelorettes. Ben eventually picks Lawanda (played by the most underused original SNL-er Laraine Newman), whose Blanche DuBois tendencies don't suit Junior in the least. To add on to Junior's torture, it seems this town already has a little firestarter in younger girl form with Trixie, who coincidentally has a sweet, single mother played by Yasbeck, the same actress who played Junior's first horrible mother-through-adoption. You can see where the plot goes from here. Searching for my favorite scene is like pulling teeth, so I guess I'll go with the "cherry bomb in the toilet" gag that makes Back to the Future's James Tolkan one of the many grown-up victims (that guy's always playing school authority figures). Jack Warden and Gilbert Gottfried return as their parts from the first film, but sadly, there is no appearance from the Bow-tie Klansma- er, I mean Killer (Michael Richards) that made Problem Child all the more fun. On a serious note, I'm sure these films, whether abusive parents saw them or no, did wonders for the red-headed children of America. Let us also salute these proud American flicks for their terrific promoting of adoption. Oh, and dog poop jokes - gotta have dog poop jokes.... Shmucks.
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Overall entertaining mindless sequel with memorable sequences.
insomniac_rod3 January 2007
Watch it for what it is; an entertaining sequel about a problem child who meets his perfect sidekick.

The movie continues the misadventures of Junior Healy and how his stepfather, Ben Healy deals with him and his horrible attitude. But this time Junior is not alone; because his new cute female friend Trixie comes to his aid in order to stop Ben to marry Lawanda Dumore, a total witch. Join Junior, Trixie, Ben, 'Big Ben', and of course, Mr. Peabody in this entertaining and sometimes kitschy comedy.

I had a good time watching this one when I was a kid and nowadays, I take it for what it is; an entertaining sequel with the typical American comedy characters from family movies.

John Ritter as always is great. The man was an idol. Jack Warren also delivers a fine performance; R.I.P. Excellent actor.

The problem children are also great and display a great chemistry between them.

Mr. Peabody always delivers great laughs; the man can make you laugh only with his gestures.

I will never forget the huge crap that the dog takes, the vomit on the roller-coaster, the infamous food fight, and some other hilarious scenes. Well, this is a mindless entertaining movie for children.
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It's obnoxiousness two times around. (1/2 * out of * * * *)
AngryMovieNerd16 October 2005
Junior Healy (Michael Oliver) is back with his "dad," Ben (John Ritter), and this time they move to a small town known as Mortville, which, to them, looks like a decent place to live in. Young women leave their husbands/boyfriends and line up in front of Ben's doorstep, all falling victim to Junior's menacing ways. As Junior tries to adjust to his new school, he meets his match in the form of Trixie (Ivyann Shawann), a bratty little girl, who shares Junior's knacks for trouble-making. Ben falls in love with the school nurse (Amy Yasbeck), who turns out to be Trixie's mother.

I wasn't a big fan of Problem Child (1990), nor am I interested in its sequel, Problem Child 2 (1991). There is no excuse for the kids in these movies to wreak havoc on adults. There used to be a time when kids weren't supposed to attack adults in movies. Now, apparently, everybody laughs when a kid plays with a grill and blows another guy away. And some of the kid's attempts to getting back at adults isn't funny- -it's crude, sometimes disgusting, and even life-threatening.

And, yes, we do see Junior's trouble-making ways-- he seems to know a lot about setting the barbecue to explode. He also scares off the women willing to go out with Ben, tapes the teenage school bully to a chalkboard, and he even videotapes--and broadcasts--his babysitter and her boyfriend having sex. Even a scene where a man drinks a cup of urine is deemed funny.

And what is so funny about Junior playing with the controls of a roller coaster ride while the passengers and even their parents from below end up vomiting all over the place? All of this belongs in another movie, NOT a kids' movie.

But kids will probably find this stuff funny. They will no doubt see this movie which is being marketed as a "family comedy"(in spite of the MPAA's PG-13 rating), and root for Junior Healy. But I didn't. I did not see him as an innocent child, but as a destructive, vengeful monster. Adults will groan in despair.

Larraine Newman has an over-the-top role as LaWanda Dumore, who wants to marry Ben and knows of Junior's evil ways. She wants to get rid of Junior by sending him to boarding school. She is a bitch on heels. Her sole purpose in this movie is to create a villain in the tradition of Cruela De Vil.

The only person who manages to steal the show is Jack Warden who also returns as Ben's father.

The Problem Child series is an embarrassment to the late John Ritter and Michael Oliver. One may even ask why Oliver's parents would allow their child to play to such a nasty and vile character. And Ivyann Shawann is so annoying as Trixie, you have the feeling that she was only cast to give Junior a cohort in his trouble-making ways. I also didn't buy the preachy subplot about a big, large rock that might be able to make dreams come true.

This movie may have been funny when you were a kid, but as an adult or parent, you'll probably be sometimes shocked at what is being depicted on the screen.

It's obnoxiousness two times around.
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Funny movie!
Movie Nuttball1 April 2003
The Problem child movies are very funny!John Ritter,Amy Yasbeck,and Jack Warden are all good in the films!The film has some of the more hilarious scenes ever and if you like comedy film with bratty kids then check this out!
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The sequel nobody wanted!
wishkah727 November 2000
This time devilish Junior meets a little girl (Ivyann Shawann) who is a lot worst than he ever could be! This Problem Child movie is a lot more worse than it's predessesor! It's full of vomit, urine, and fart jokes that it's so ribald and bawdy that it shouldn't even be watched by anyone at any age!

In fact this movie's filmstrip should be burned! No matter how much your kids beg to see this or the other Problem Child movies, please do the right thing and convince them how bad the Problem Child movies are and make up any excuse for them not to see it! Oh, yeah and did anyone know that Ivyann Shawann is now striving to be a country music singer? And ever wonder whatever happened to Michael Oliver?

All three Problem Child movies are must-misses and are not recommended! (Though I've never cared to see part three!) Even the critics disliked this movie! I think this movie should go where it belongs, the junkyard!
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For God So Hated the World That He Sent Down This Film...
CalvinValjean13 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Be sure to check out my video review of this movie here:

Everyone has their choice for "worst movie they've ever seen." Some like to pick on Gigli or Battlefield Earth. Some pick on classics like Plan 9 From Outer Space. Ever since I was 14 I have been very vocal in saying that to me, it is Problem Child 2, and 9 years later, I feel the exact same way. It's not "one of the worst," it's not just an expression. It is THE ACTUAL worst movie I have ever seen.

How much farting, pooping, peeing, and puking can you put in a single movie? I don't need to see a dog take a dump that goes up to my waist! Why is it that I'm so hard on this filth? I have nothing against bathroom or gross-out humor. Heck, I like the American Pie movies. Having such an excess of it within 90 minutes is a bad idea, but the true tipping point is to do it with kids! Having little kids call each other sexual names (IMDb won't even let me post that word on here, yet here it is coming out of the mouths of 8 year olds. Think of the irony in that!) and urinate and puke on each other just makes the whole thing feel dirtier. Worst line in the movie: "I guess I should fart in more people's offices."

What other film has: urination into lemonade, dynamite sticks exploding toilets, a little boy filming his babysitter having sex and projecting it on the side of the house, and a little girl joking about scratching testicles?

However, my absolute favorite moment has to be when the same little girl is on a carnival ride, says: "I'm gonna puke," opens her mouth, and fake looking puke shoots straight out of her open mouth in a perfect 90 degree angle! The puking scene in Scary Movie 2 looked more real than that.

I suppose the only redeeming element in the movie is Gilbert Gottfried. You get the impression that he didn't even have a script, but was just being his usual self. Too bad he has to act stupid while pizza gets thrown on him.

You know what? Thinking about the movie this much has just made me have to go to the bathroom. Goodbye!
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rant about this film
welchjaxon31 August 2015
My gosh, If there is any childhood memory i hate the most it's watching this movie. As soon as this stupid film crawled it's way back into my mind i knew i had to say something about it somewhere so it can stop swimming around in my head. I will say that this is the first movie i can remember that's so sad it made me puke. The things the kid does in the film go way passed the funny slap stick it was trying to be and swirls into a cartoon physics defying mess. The vomit scene is discussing. the jokes are rude and crude. It's lousy bad and and goes as one of the worst films i've ever seen. Now i'm going to end this review and smash my head on the counter till this stupid films case is out of my head.
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Problem Child 2
ChrisOfficial8 July 2013
Another hilarious comeback in the Problem Child series. Impressive acting by Michael Oliver who played Junior. John Ritter and the entire cast did impressive as well.

Problem Child 2 is a funny childhood/ family classic and the first Problem Child was funny too. Yes, again The Problem Child series is one the funniest yet best family comedy films of all time. It's a recommendation for all families who love comedy family films. Problem Child and Problem Child 2 is must watch. Seeing Michael Oliver on screen in both of these films will always bring laughs for a lifetime LMAO. He is beyond crazy and funny!

Problem Child 2 another awesome flick in the problem child series!
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A great movie for a rainy day...
thomas16524 May 2009
and nothing else.

One of my friends bought the Problem Child Tantrum Pack (contains the first two "Problem Child"s in one disc), and we decided to watch the sequel because it was "funnier".

There were many funny moments in the movie (the vomit scene, that's all I need to say.), Nippy the dog after eating CHOW DOWN, and numerous others. The movie is nothing but toilet humor, but it's hilarious. Other than the funny moments, though, this movie has little to offer.

John Ritter annoys the crap out of me, because it sounds like he's reading out of a book. The man can't act in this one, sorry.

Although I can't say if I would find the movie funny now...(we were blown when we watched it), it's a perfect movie for a rainy day...but nothing else. Don't expect Oscar material on this one, guys.
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The Most Disgusting Family Movie Ever Made!
bellino-angelo201427 July 2017
This is by far the worst family-oriented movie ever made. All the actors act rude and crude, the jokes are not funny, and what about the exploding toilet, or the Carnival ride with the vomit fountain? These are the most dumb and obnoxious scenes I ever saw in a comedy movie for families.

I also admit that after I saw the scene of the Carnival ride I threw up for real and I had also nightmares. And, the soundtrack is the most hideous soundtrack I ever heard in a movie, except for the Bryan Adams song ''Only the Strong Survives''.

Advice: if you want to see a family movie, watch instead something like ''Shrek'' or ''Ice Age'' or even ''The Naked Gun'' movies. Trust me, they are much better than this giant revolting dump of s**t!
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This film replaces Waterworld as the pinnacle of modern American cinema.
markgonewild14 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I will cut to the chase with this review: This film touched me. Deeply. From the opening credits, I wept openly, not only because I was reminded of my own childhood, but also seeing my little adopted son laughing at Junior's antics reminded me of the strength of the human spirit. Watching Junior team up with the adorable little Trixie, portrayed flawlessly by Ivyann Schwan (I am extremely excited to see her latest work...her only work since 1994 (sad to say), Solitaire, which is due for release in 2007), serves as a clear cut example of the ability for humankind to put aside its differences and work together to solve the problems which face us all in today's modern society. In these trying times, Post September the 11th, Problem Child II is really a film which Americans can rally behind. Even though it was made approximately 10 years prior to the tragic events which none of us will ever forget, its wisdom has become even more potent. Do not bother renting this movie. Buy this movie. Buy this movie and then write Imagine Entertainment and ask them for Problem Child 3...

America, nay, the world, has not learned all of the lessons which Junior has to teach. God Bless Problem Child 2, and may John Ritter rest in Peace. Amen.
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Worst movie ever.
culwin30 October 1998
This may be the worst movie ever made. Some movies are so bad they are funny, but I can't even say that about this waste of video-store space. This movie not only has terrible acting, writing, and sense of family values, it annoys to the point of being offensive, and I'm not easily offended. This movie makes me want to smash my VCR into pieces with a baseball bat. Not only can I not recommend this movie, I recommend you stand outside your local video store and prevent others from renting this movie. Friends don't let friends rent Problem Child 2.
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canto-39 January 2000
How could someone THINK on making a movie like this?

This is a cartoon in a film format.... but an AWFUL cartoon and an AWFUL movie! Very unrealistic and a terrible lesson: "We make our parents happy being bad".... heh. Great lesson!

Unrealism is frequent in this movie. When I was 8 or 9 and I watched this movie, I liked it. Now, I'm 14 and, as I grow, I hate it more. This movie isn't fun, and it would be a REAL CRIME to recommend it to ANYONE!
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Junior meets bad little girl named Trixie and gets help from her.
MTyson6616 August 1998
This sequel to Problem Child is just as bad as the first one. It still teaches kids that it's O.K. to be bad. It's impossible for me to recommend this movie to anyone.
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double trouble
I have to disagree once again with a fair portion of IMDb users as I feel that this sequel was just as enjoyable as the original. Possibly the only film where a little girl is only told off for driving heavy machinery......(a digger/tractor).

My favourite quote in the original: Junior "They must be a couple of YAr-Hoos" That kid is amazing, he was the reason why you casually set alight the couch while your parents where in the room and blamed TV.

For anyone with a sense of humour this is the film for you. Its the kind of film that does all the stuff you wanted to do but never had the guts to do.

That kid is so inspirational to such a wide audience, especially his behaviour. He is the kind of kid that i would like to have as a son one day...

I would teach him a lesson or two
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Charles_Bronson28 November 2003
I remember seeing this movie when I was a kid and I loved it. Michael Oliver was and still is one of my favorite child actors. I loved Problem Child to death. The original wasn't so random and corny like this one at least was good on a 'guilty pleasures' level and was directed by a somewhat OK director like Dennis Dugan.

I loved this when I seen it for the last time in 1995. It came on today on TNT and...I didn't like it that much. I laughed at a few parts but most of the jokes were corny...the doorbell electrocution and the zapped hair was just a sign that this movie franchise was going downhill.

The start of the movie was bad...and I didn't catch the ending this time around but I remember it...and well, it was bad. It was good to see Michael Oliver and Ivyan Schwann as a team...but nothing could save this movie. Avoid Problem Child 3 also at all costs! The original Problem Child will be seen as a guilty pleasures classic but the other two are an embarassment to John Ritter and Michael Oliver [I hope Solitaire is picked up by someone].
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"Worst" is a Strong Word!
baddmachine27 June 2000
I question the credibility of any imdb user who calls Problem Child 2 "the worst movie ever made." Have these people ever seen The Jazz Singer with Neil Diamond? Armageddon? Movies which are actually meant to be taken seriously! Very often, it seems one will deem a movie "the worst ever made" when expectations are shattered. But come on! The title says it all- Problem Child 2!! What exactly DID you expect? I have a difficult time believing that Brian Levant was expecting any type of critical acclaim, or to be taken seriously. RELAX! Deep down, we all understand that juvenile delinquency is not humorous.

Well...I shouldn't say "all." Bad kids crack me up!! I loved Problem Child 2, and recommend it to anyone watches movies to be ENTERTAINED, not just to nitpick. To involve kids with cruel pranks, toilet humor, and Jack Warden was GENIUS! Junior Healy makes Dennis the Menace look like an Olsen twin. I wouldn't want to mess with him.
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