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My favorite softcore movie
crazy-2313 January 2000
A guy rivals the sexual exploits his son is having when he strays from his wife into an affair with one of his new customers. He soon finds out that her party lifestyle and her lesbian girlfriend are too much for him. With a wife as beautiful as Tamera Landry how could he even think about cheating! But when the other woman is as young, hot, and sexy as Kim Brunette (also known as Veronica Cash), even this stud falls victim to her charm. This movie is one of my favorites along with "Friend of the Family" and "Masseuse". What I like most about this movie though, besides the gorgeously nude women, is that the guy eventually comes to his senses and learns a lesson. His son helps him with my favorite quote "Dad, it's New Years Eve. What are you doing here? Why aren't you home with mom?"

Kim Brunette is a real looker. I just have to say this babe has the most perfect face and hair.

The sex and nudity in the Unrated-Version is simply pulsating! This hot erotic throbber pushes for the X-rating in my opinion! As you might have guessed, the UR-version contains all the simulated sex and some female nudity that was cut to make the R-rated version.
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A sexy film with a moral message
graycay25 November 1999
Middle-aged Carl is bored. Bored with his life, bored with his stale marriage, and jealous of his son's sex-life. This changes when he meets beautiful model Pamela (the gorgeous Veronica Cash) at his Clothes-Making Business, and after a brief moment of doubt and guilt embarks on a passionate fling with the 21 year beauty at her flat in Hollywood. The film deals with Carl's moral dilemma of cheating on his wife, with a younger and more beautiful model. The questions of infidelity and age-gaps are dealt with in this film, and a moral message is portrayed and put across amid the sex scenes.
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Jimmy Stewart is in this movie! MAJOR SPOILERS!
BlackJack_B13 August 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Well, not really. The classic Christmas film "A Wonderful Life" is shown on the T.V. of the Breedings in "The Pamela Principle". Yet, it's only one of the many intriguing things about this early entry in 1990's softcore.

The movie was produced by the Walter Gennert/Andrew Garroni/Alexander Gregory "Dark" Hippolyte trio, who made some of the best softcore of the early 90's. The director is Paul Thomas (under another pseudonym), as legendary a director in the XXX genre as they come. Frank Pesce, the first New York State Lottery winner (to the tune of about 25 or 35 mil, I don't remember) continues to buy his way as an actor by appearing in this. Former teen heartthrob Troy Donahue slums his way as some character, I think he's that guy on stage of Pesce's club. Tamara Landry proves that she was as boring a blonde bombshell in 1991 as she is today. Kim Burnette, the "Pamela Principle" is one of the finest women to ever grace the softie screens, although all the women here seem to have paid David Schwimmer and Chris Cooper a visit (Breast Men). Finally, there's an actual plot and story, although there are a few annoying details. I'm surprised that Thomas and the writers didn't try to go mainstream; they came up with a deep film with morals.

J.K. Dumont (who looks like a cross between Dick Clark and Rick Pitino), is a 40 year-old who runs a dress shop in L.A. His marriage is in a bit of a rut, his wife Anne (played in the usual boring performance by Landry) doesn't seem interested in lovemaking. He longs for more of it when he sees his son come in with one man-made blonde after another. One day, he meets up with mid-westerner Pamela Atkins (Burnette), a gorgeous, tall, knockout blonde. Somehow, things come to a point where the two quickly have an affair. He uses his newfound lust to finally seduce his wife. However, he still is seeing Pamela, who seems to have a bunch of jealous and spurned ex-lovers and plenty of people who seem to want to work with her despite being a "struggling" model. Later, he's caught with merchandise that wasn't going to be for his wife or some I.O.U. or something, I don't remember. Eventually, he's thrown out, so he lives with Pamela, and discovers that her lifestyle doesn't match his, and when it's all said and done, he and his wife make-up and they watch "It's A Wonderful Life" because it's Christmas. Yes, it's like "American Beauty" except it has a happy ending, and didn't win a boatload of Oscars.

Granted, the acting wasn't too bad, but I only saw the English-version as a rental from Lackluster, and we all know back in 1992 how Lackluster would force us to watch the R-Rated version. The version I've seen several times in French is the Unrated version. The "philosophical discussions" are very good and classy. Miss Burnette is a strumpet that all men would fall for (I wonder why she disappeared?). The story is very good and has morals about infidelity and hanging out with the "bad" crowd. The only things I didn't like were Landry, who could play a great Star Trek Vulcan alongside Kathy Shower, but nothing more (and why is her character sleeping naked in bed except for some mask on her eyes a la Top Cat?). Also, Pesce, who plays Carl's brother, is another annoyance who should just stop his fraudulent attempts at acting and go buy an XBox. Finally, I was wishing that Dr. McCoy and Nurse Chapel would come in and tranquilize that running joke that is the crying bride-to-be who is having her wedding gown made by Carl's company. I almost went MST3K in mocking her inclusion in the film.

All in all, a pretty good softie. Try to get the real version if you can. Ah, too bad todays product isn't as good, but in 2002, they don't have time for depth, just the goods.
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