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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and language, and for sensuality and drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • A naked woman is shown lying dead on a bed. Her butt and breasts are shown.
  • There is a photo shown three times of a man and woman bent over and the woman's breasts are shown. Another scene, with women hardly wearing anything at all.
  • Many scenes with prostitutes and some references to shagging.

Violence & Gore

  • Two men engage in a brutal battle which consists mainly of one character throwing the other across the room smashing structures he lands in. The man is beaten so much that blood covers his face and he spits some blood out. He is then killed when a corkscrew is flung into his forehead. His corpse is then shot several times with some blood splattering.
  • A man has his foot blown off with a shotgun. The bloody, meaty stump is shown as the man tries to stand on his good foot.
  • Out for Justice was originally NC-17, and is an extremely violent and brutal film in it's uncut state, many scenes show people being hurt, having bones broken or being shot.
  • A prostitute is repeatedly hit around the face by her pimp, a man comes to her rescue as he breaks the pimp's arm, smashes his head through a car window, throws him into some trash cans and then throws him onto a car windscreen which shatters.
  • A bad guy repeatedly shoots a cop in the chest, the bullet wounds are seen and pour with blood, while on the ground the dying cop is shot again. His blood stained body is shown several times.
  • A bad guy walks over to a woman in a car who has been shouting at him and pulls her out of the window and shoots her point blank in the head, no blood or gun shot wound is shown.
  • A man is ambushed and attacked by three henchmen in a butcher's shop: The man is attacked by a henchman with a meat cleaver, the man takes the meat cleaver from the henchman and sticks it in his upper leg. Another henchman attacks the man who slams him into a shop counter, trips him and slams him into the floor and then into a wall. The meat cleaver guy attacks again and the man pins his hand to the wall using the cleaver, a brief shot of the cleaver cutting into the hand is seen, the man punches him in the face and the guy is heard screaming in pain for the rest of the scene. The man is attacked by two henchmen at once, one with a knife and the other with a baseball bat which the henchman tries to hit the man with but ends up hitting the other henchman when the man gets out of the way. The man then breaks the henchman's wrist, takes the bat and knocks him out with it. Another henchman attacks the man with a bat and the man knocks him out before he knocks the final bad guy around the head with a loaf of bread. There are also various kicks, punches and arm breaking in this sequence.
  • A man needs some information and gets into a fight at a pool bar: The man pushes over and then elbows a bartender in his face. He throws another man across a table, then wraps a pool ball in a towel and uses it to hit several men across the face. He also kicks one in the chest. One man is seen spitting several teeth out onto a pool table. This guy approaches the man again with a knife and the man hits him right in the face with the pool ball again, knocking him out. The man has a fight with another man and they are both armed with pool cues, they both get hit, but the first man wins. Another guy attacks the man by hitting the back of his legs with a pool cue. The man knocks him out with the pool ball. A guy stands on a pool table with a bottle, ready to attack the man, but he punches the guy in the nuts and hits the back of his legs with a pool cue, which makes the guy fall backwards onto the pool table. The man punches another man in the face, who goes flying over the bar. Another guy tries to pulls a gun on the man from behind the bar and the man traps his hand in a hinged partition and then smashes his head against the bar twice in an attempt to gain information from him, he is seen holding his nose and blood pouring down his hand.
  • A villain punches a man in an alleyway.
  • A man pushes another man over a stair rail and he tumbles down a flight of stairs.
  • A man in a wheelchair is shot in the chest, bullet wound and blood seen.
  • Several henchmen attack a man in his apartment: The man shoots a henchman outside a window with a shotgun. A large gunshot wound is seen on his back. The man then shoots two henchmen at his front door, one in the throat and one in the head. Blood spurts seen. The man repeatedly shoots several henchmen, bullet wounds and blood are shown in detail and there is one shot of the man shooting a henchman point blank in the chest. The man throws a henchman off a third storey fire escape.
  • A man is seen with a very bruised and bloodied nose, a bad guy grabs him by the nuts and slaps his nose.
  • Four men are repeatedly shot on a flight of stairs, bullet wounds and blood is shown.
  • A man kicks another man in the nuts and floors him.


  • Over 100 f words used lots other profanity such as: b*tch a*s p***k s**t p***y. c*nt

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The main villain is a drug dealer and he is constantly high on crack throughout the entire film, which suggests why he behaves like he does, as he is seen shooting people, while high on crack several times. He is seen smoking crack through a pipe on a few occasions while a group of men are seen snorting it sitting around a table.
  • There are scenes set in bars and clubs which contain people drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The final fight between the protagonist and the villain is very bloody and intense.
  • The main antagonist is an unpredictable villain and scary in some ways.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man tracks a villain down to a hooker's house: A man shotgun blasts four of a villain's henchmen to death, lots of gory shotguns wounds are seen as well as blood splatter across the room including across the fridge door. The man uses his shotgun to blast a man's lower leg off, his knee is seen exploding and lower leg falling to the floor in a very gory shot. A henchman is thrown against a wall and then kicked against a wall. In the final fight between the protagonist and the main villain, the villain is thrown against a wall and across a room, the protagonist repeatedly hits him in the head and across the chest. While he uses a rolling pin at one point, the villain attacks with a knife but the protagonist breaks his wrist. The protagonist smashes the villain's head through a window and then uses a frying pan to whack him around the head with before the villain attacks him with a corkscrew, which the protagonist takes off him and buries it in his forehead. Throughout this long scene, the villain's injuries to his face have progressively gotten worse with more blood, cuts and bruises appearing. The protagonist grabs a handgun and shoots the villain several times in the chest. Bullet wounds and blood are seen.

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