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Perky up-beat comedy that'll make you laugh.
jack_abberline19 October 2002
Personally, I love this film.

You look past the Syvester Stallone attempt at comedy, you're left with a neat fast paced funny film that'll make you laugh. How many things can go wrong and backfire between 8am and 12noon? Well, there's 3 possible husbands for a pregnant daughter who isn't pregnant. One of whom wants to marry the father's other daughter who isn't his daughter............don't even get me started on the 3 bags of money/jewels/knickers.

I could watch this film over and over again. In fact - I have.
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Should be mandatory viewing for those who rip on Sly
Verbal-177 June 2001
This got some of the best reviews of any recent Stallone film, and after seeing it, I understand why. It's an absolutely hilarious, wonderful movie that shows one of Sly's best performances, and a great supporting cast. It was a long time before I got around to seeing it, but man, am I glad I did. I haven't laughed this much in a long time. And to those of you who jump on the negative hype bandwagon and make fun of Stallone like a bunch of lemmings, check this one out.
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A nearly perfect comedy.
Hypnerotomachia3 August 2003
Excellent timing, a fantastic cast, great soundtrack... actually, everything about this movie is terrific. It centers around mixed (and missed) messages, so a lot of it depends upon timing and straight delivery. These are accomplished in a major way.

The main center of the comedy, the valise, gets treated in a way that gets a bit old, but overall, I can't get tired of this movie. Stallone does such fantastic comedy and has such an exquisite sense of timing and delivery, it's a wonder anybody lets him do action movies. He missed his calling. Look for Ornella Muti (Princess Aura from "Flash Gordon") as the superb, dignified, and fiery-tempered Sophia, as Snaps' wife and source of fear for the entire cast, and Tim Curry as Dr. Poole, in a genius turn as a mild-mannered professor discovering love for the first time. It's a fairly obscure movie, but if you get the chance to see it, do treat yourself.
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drummer-310 March 1999
I just love to see Sylvester playing anything else but macho studs, and in this movie he does and doesn't if you catch my drift. I think his portrayal of a godfather going straight is fantastic and the whole movie had me in hysterics more than once, fun stuff.!!
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A comedic gangster film?? Yes, & it works!
dtrent-26 June 2000
If you love Sly, if you love comedy, if you love gangster films, then this one's for you! It's got all that & more! Marisa Tomei playing Sly's daughter?? It works! The beautiful Italian import, Ornella Muti playing Sly's wife? It works! Chazz Palminteri playing a hood yet once again? That always works! Whatcha got here is 1 Mob Boss (the ever-elegant Sly) tryin' to go straight 'cuz he promised his dying father (Kirk Douglas's cameo), cops who just won't buy it, bankers who can't stand it, a mix-up with "a little black bag", a search for a husband for Sly's daughter, an annoying accountant who skims $$$ off the top to marry Sly's "other daughter, the one that's not Lisa", & this all happens in ONE MORNING!! Ya gotta feel sorry for the guy! How can he cope? He does it - just as Sly as he can be, too!

Buy this one if you can still find it. It's a comedy of 'great ethnic proportions'!
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Excellent Movie! ~!
Roxburyfunny18 February 2004
This movie was a great one you can laugh really hard and not care who's around. If the words "Yes Boss" don't get you laughing then i don't know what will. Tim Curry is notorious for comedy or just being a bad guy in alot of movie but he did an excellent job in this movie with slyvester Stallone. This movie has alot of laughter great characters and a really good unique story line that you don't see very often. Yes indeed the story get's a little confusing but you can't help but love the era of the movie and the way everyone's does so well with their characters. Recommended for a movie night or just for a few good laughs! ~!
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It's better than you think it will be!
karina-314 April 1999
Oh I know, Sylvester Stallone in an urbane period farce? Impossible, you say? No sir! He's actually very funny - as is the script (adapted from the play) and all the supporting cast! I totally love this movie and I show it to everyone I meet, despite their initial reactions - and they all enjoy it! Tim Curry is priceless as always and it's also Marisa Tomei's first movie. Vincent Spano, Peter Reigert, Yvonne de Carlo, Don Ameche, Kirk Douglas, Chazz Palminteri - more! It's so awesome!
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Hidden gem
S.R. Dipaling4 July 2005
This 1991 release,featuring Sly Stallone's first all-on comedy role since the legendarily panned "Rhinestone" (Unless you count "Tango and Cash" as a comedy,which to me wouldn't be entirely accurate)is a film that got lost in the shuffle of his large cannon of movies(many of which earned him a reputation for being someone who either chose bad film scripts or actually hurt the material he chose to do). That,to me,seems highly unfair,for this movie is a pleasant treat. A nutty comedy that plays like an English farce.

"Snaps"Provolone(Stallone) promises his dying father that he will quit the gangster business and become legit. On the morning he is to go to work on the board of trustees at a large bank,he is confronted by a number of problems. I won't go into the specifics so as to a)not spoil the plot and b)conserve on writing space,as the movie uses farce devices to full advantage. The principle obstacles include his embezzling accountant(Anthony Spano),his bored and temperamental daughter(Marisa Tomei,pre-"My Cousin Vinny"),his scheming maid(Jocelyn O'Brien),his high-strung wife(Ornella Muti,ravishing),the rival gangsters who are bucking to take over his action,the feds that are watching Snaps' every move and his henchmen(Chazz PAlminteri and Peter Riegert,both fantastic!). Thrown into the mix is a erudite but not-unsympathetic diction instructor(Tim Curry),tailor brothers(MArtin Ferrero and Harry Shearer)who figure prominently in the morning's events somehow,a woman claiming to be his daughter(Elizabeth Barondes)and a new maid(Dallas'Sue Ellen,Linda Gray). Kirk Douglas' cameo as Stallone's dying father was VERY choice as well.

John Landis,an ace in terms of nailing comedy devices,either is a great fit for this adaptation or his direction is able to bring the best out of everyone involved,particularly Stallone,who shows that he CAN put his name behind a watchable,entertaining film that doesn't involve excessive(if any)violence. A great cheap rent!
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Who'd have thought Sly could be so hilarious?
nathan00000027 November 2003
I am very selective about the movies I buy for my personal library, and this one passed. The whole movie takes place between 8:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon, and the twists and complications never stop. It's packed with memorable one-liners and hilarious images: former hit-men being butlers and making fruit salad, a linguist (Tim Curry) whose unsolicited grammar corrections keep getting misunderstood, the melodramatic daughter (Marisa Tomei) of a gangster named after a cheese.

Few movies carry this many successive gut laughs. It's quite an ab workout. It's also comparitively clean—five or six swear words and some allusions to premarital pregnancy and activities. I highly recommend it.
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Classic, underrated film... rent it! (minor spoilers)
Spiner-219 June 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I'll get the bad stuff out of the way right now: This movie is somewhat predictable and Sly mugs for the camera too much.

That's it. That's all the bad stuff I could think of to say about this movie. The rest is all good.

People tend to react with disbelief when they hear about a comedy starring Sylvester Stallone. While I'm not sure about the range of Sly's comedic abilities, "Oscar" proves that he CAN do comedy, and given the right part, can do it very well.

Sly plays Angelo "Snaps" Provolone, a mob boss who promises to his dying father to give up the crime racket for good. The movie focuses on the morning in which "Snaps" is preparing to join the ranks of a bank administration at noon. During that morning, his daughter gets engaged... three times. She also reveals that she's pregnant... except she's not. "Snaps" repeatedly loses and regains $100,000 dollars... and a bag of women's underwear. And then there's his "other" daughter who's not (he thinks) really his daughter. Behind him all the way are his flunkies, reduced from robbing banks to scooping melon balls, and incapable of breaking the habit of calling him "boss" if their lives depended on it.

Kudos for expert scene theft go to Peter Riegert as the shifty Aldo, Marisa Tomei as the spoiled brat Lisa Provolone, Martin Ferrero and Harry Shearer as the Finucci brothers and Tim Curry as the unctuous Dr. Thorntone Poole.

The critics panned this movie. Rent it anyway and find out just how wrong they were.
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One of the best comedies I have ever seen
lucy_wolf24 November 2004
This is maybe one of the best comedies I have seen. The whole story is nothing much, but the actors made it it unforgettable. The thing that makes this movie so good is the cast, the actors are really perfectly chosen and they play it really well. There isn't a one single actor who doesn't play good in this movie. Well if you expect Stalone to shoot out crates of ammo, then you will be disappointed. This is the movie that made me realize that Sylvester Stalone can act not just shoot. With two words this is a movie to make you laugh. Tip: if you have a heart condition you probably shouldn't watch this movie without some medical personal attending.(your heart may burst from laughing)
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A clever adaption of the original.
A-J18 September 1998
The original French theater performance of Oscar may be outdated, but the clever adaptation used in this movie makes it one of the best comedies I've ever seen
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Totally hilarious!
H346323 April 2005
This movie has become one of my all-time favorites.

Sylvester Stallone and most of the rest of the cast aren't especially known for comedic acting, but they all pull it off brilliantly. The most well know comedy actor in the group, Tim Curry, plays one of his funniest characters on screen.

The stars of the movie should all consider doing more of this genre, especially Stallone! I don't understand how anyone can see this movie, and even if they're not crazy about it, at least appreciate the great comic timing each actor brings to their role, not to mention, all the very funny throw-in lines that grace the dialogue.

Don't limit actors like Stallone and Chazz Palminterri to action or heavy drama. Fans should always try to embrace new things.
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A really good comedy
cyberland20006 March 2006
I don't know what people expects from a movie. Oscar seems to me a very, very good comedy. Unjustly forgotten by critics, determined to condemn Stallone to don't have success in comedy roles. Afterwards, they'll have reason. Not in Oscar. Hilarious screenplay, good rhythm, amazing performances, clever dialogs, the briefcase game is worthy to great 50's comedy masters. The work of John Landis is -as usual- perfect directing actors. He's surrounded to a constellation of great actors and actresses, that confer a solid environment to action development. I love this film. If you are able to forget your prejudice about Stallone, you'll enjoy this magnificent and solid playacting.

Nacho Garcia.
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A whole lot of fun.
wmalven17 February 2006
"It's Little Antony, and his Imperial." So says Pete Reigert when he opens the door for Victor Spano, behind whom is a beautiful classic Imperial. Although as the "goofs" paragraph says its a off time joke, it's a double entendre intended for the audience. Reigert says it straight and is referring to the car.

This is a great little film and Sly is surprisingly good as a hood trying to go straight. My favorite characters were the tailors, the Fanucci Brothers, played by Martin Ferrero, and Harry Shearer. A truly delightful performance, and a magnificent portrayal.

Virtually everything about this movie works and works well. Stallone sometimes overplays the part, and another superior actor, someone like James Caan, might have done it better, but Stallone was very good for the most part. I love this film!
6 out of 7 found this helpful. Was this review helpful?
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An underrated gem!
TheLittleSongbird5 February 2009
I love this movie so much. It has everything a comedy of errors should have, and John Landis did a great job directing this. The script was very good indeed. A little predictable at times, as a lot of the jokes are repeated, but it is all very solid, and I loved the play-like structure of the story. The bag routine had me in stitches; the only other time that has happened to me, was in Clue, which is also a must-see. This movie is laden with cameos, from famous faces such as Don Ameche, Eddie Bracken and Kurtwood Smith. Who can forget that priceless cameo from Kirk Douglas. Sylvester Stallone is surprisingly good here, much better than he was in Stop, Or My Mum Will Shoot, which I won't describe other than to say it is easily forgettable. In fact this is by far and away his BEST comedy. The "Don't call me boss"line is just as funny as the bags routine. Ornella Muti and Marissa Tomei play fiery young women amusingly, and Peter Riegert plays Aldo to perfection. Vincent Spano plays a suitably ambiguous character, but the acting honours without doubt belong to Chazz Palminteri and Tim Curry. Chazz Palminteri is just so adorable as Connie, and the way Provolone treated him was quite horrible.("It's like disarming Germany.") Tim Curry doesn't appear until halfway through, and whilst he is not as funny as he was in Clue, his turn of Dr. Poole is genius, especially when his grammatical errors get misunderstood. Also superb were the lush and beautifully rendered costumes and sets, asides from the acting and the costumes, Elmer Bernstein's score was a treat. From the charming puppet sequence featuring Largo Al Factotum from Rossini's masterpiece Barber of Seville, to the love theme, to the wedding scene, I loved it. Also it was so musical with what the actors were doing on screen. A must-see, and for those of you who haven't seen it, are seriously missing out, and those of you who hated it need your heads examined, for I know a good comedy when I see one, and this is it! NOTE: in the United Kingdom, it is very hard to find, and it has never been shown on TV. But I did manage to get it on DVD, before it became literally non-existent. 10/10 Bethany Cox.
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One of my all time favorite Movies!!
adge_box3 October 2006
If you haven't watched this movie, you are missing out on one of the best comedy movies ever. I have this movie memorized line for line. So many great actors and so many great Characters. Angelo "Snaps" Provolone promises his father on his deathbed that he will give up his Gangster life and become an Honest man. Now comes, the fun part. The whole movie takes place from morning to noon on the same day. What else can go wrong? How about marriage proposals, missing Chauffers, bag swapping, disarming the help, snooty bankers, a relentless cop and rival gangs just to name a few. Wait, thats all taking place during a Suit fitting. WATCH IT!!!
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Oscar is a fast paced quick wit comedy.
johannagirl7 August 2006
Oscar blends the best of subtle humor with laugh out loud hysterics. Stallone is at his best in this comedy of errors with a mobster twist. Each scene is packed with quotable lines that you will love to use on your friends and family. The cast of Oscar was made to order with great performances by Tim Curry (Clue), Marisa Tomei (Only You), Yvonne De Carlo (Adams Family), Don Ameche (Cocoon), and many other talented faces you'll quickly recognize. If you enjoyed Clue and The Princess Bride, then you will love Oscar. Oscar brings great stage drama to the movies. Be prepared for lots of "punny" humor and if you enjoy a good plot and fast action dialog, than this is the movie for you.
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A hilarious, slapstick fun film
fisherbee12 April 2004
This movie is a barrel of laughs from start to finish! My first reaction to a Stallone comedy was "Are you kidding?", but he really is funny. From the opening scene, at his father's deathbed, we are taken on a wild ride through a plot with more twists than the best roller coasters, great slapstick humor, and some of the quirkiest characters in film. Part of the charm is that none of the characters seem to realize just how funny they really are. The straight faces through some of the craziest scenes makes me long for an outtake reel! The timing is out of this world, the costumes are wonderful for the period, and true classic car fans will drool over some of the automobiles in the film. If you want a totally entertaining, very non-serious, fun film, this is one you'll want to see. Just be ready for sore ribs from the laughter. I was actually rolling on the floor.
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One of the best comedies ever!
PrincessADK1429 January 2005
This movie is so funny. I've seen it over 10 times and I still laugh every single time. Some say it's predictable, but that's the beauty of it. This movie is a parody, not meant to be taken seriously. The humor is very dry, so many won't get it. I think it's the perfect combination of the mafia and comedy. The jokes that poke fun at Sylvester just show what a great sense of humor he has. I love the lines, "Don't call me boss." "OK boss." And "little Ant'ny and his imperial". I mean, seriously, how funny is that? Again, not a lot of people will like that kind of humor but I've grown up with it throughout my entire family. I love the little guy in the opening credits singing opera. It's the perfect opening, showing that this is a comedy, not a movie concerned with action and lots of mafia and mobsters. I highly recommend this movie to everyone that likes dry humor.
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A fantastic comedy filled with laughter!!!
netvotes17 December 1998
This is a fabulous movie that starts off great and ends the same way. Not only do the magnificent actors and actresses make this movie great, but the plot makes it even better!!!
4 out of 6 found this helpful. Was this review helpful?
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Very old-fashioned, stagey farce, lotsa charm, pretty funny.
leapso12 September 2000
John Landis pretty much makes two kinds of pictures - the ones he's really into, and the commercial ones he attempts to do a pro job on. This is obviously one of the former. Sylvester Stallone as farceur is a bizarre idea, but the lead role of wannabe reforming gangster 'Snaps' Provolone is built around his abilities and limitations, and it wouldn't be easy to think of a film where he's better than this.

Basic idea is that 'Snaps' is trying to reform, but his gangster 'business' has a lot of ongoing loose ends, plus there's his gang, a rival one, the police, some 'straight' bankers he's trying to get involved with, a recalcitrant daughter, and five or six other catastrophes all going on at the same time. If the similarities to another revivalist screwball comedy "What's Up Doc" weren't evident enough, there's also a number of identical looking bags with widely diverse contents getting endlessly confused and turning up in the strangest places. It's that sort of farce, with engaging, ornate little eccentric characters, of which the show stealers are Harry Shearer and Martin Ferrero as gentle little tailors the Finuccis (who are mistaken for vicious mob hitmen), and Tim Curry walking off with hunks of the movie as a swish elocution teacher. Very very deliberate pacing may put some viewers off, though not me, and it does clearly show its stage-farce origins. A real one-off though.
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The film is a gem!
spacegoonie7 March 2007
You don't have to be a Stalone fan to enjoy this film. It is a comedy, and it delivers in large doses.

There are a ton of characters and most are played by well known actors. The story progresses very fast because they introduce one of the new characters at every corner for much of the movie. This may sound chaotic, but the plot flows and you get just enough of each character to feel satisfied.

If you need a good family film with lots of laughs Oscar won't disappoint. The basic premise, is a Gangster in the days of prohibition who is trying to leave his life of crime while many crazy events try to thwart his attempt.
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Probably the best "bag" movie ever
mel_b_no_spice23 July 2006
Many comedies are based on mistaken identity and a further sub-group is the "bag" movie, where many bags or similar items of identical appearance are lost/found/stolen/mislaid or just generally mistaken for another by characters in the film. What's up Doc? is a wonderful example but hands down the best "bag" movie is Oscar. The bags that make the rounds in this movie add to the hilarity but do not overwhelm the plot, in the last part of the movie in particular the bags add to the frenetic pace and energy of the script. The excellent cast are up to the task of appearing in an ensemble and no one actor hogs the limelight. In my experience anyone who has seen this movie, no matter what films they usual prefer, will fall in love with this witty comedy.
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