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  • After years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive a child, Virginian attorneys Gene (Michael Woods) and Karen (Faye Grant) York adopt a newborn from a nun-owned orphanage. As little Delia (Asia Vieira) grows, Karen notices that she has a mean streak, difficulty making friends, and unusual psychic powers, so Karen hires private investigator Earl Knight (Michael Lerner) to search out her birth parents.

  • Omen IV is the fourth and final film in The Omen series that started with The Omen (1976) (1976), which was based on an original screenplay by American screenwriter David Seltzer. The story and teleplay for Omen IV was written by American screenwriter Brian Taggert and American film producer Harvey Bernhard. Other films in the series include Damien: Omen II (1978) (1978) and Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981) (1981).

  • Delia's biological mother is not revealed in the film. Viewers have suggested two possibilities: (1) Sister Yvonne (Megan Leitch), and (2) Kate Reynolds (Lisa Harrow), whom Damien was dating in Omen III.

  • When Karen hears about the deaths of both Earl Knight and Sister Yvonne in freak accidents and reads the information about Damien Thorn that Earl sent to her just before his death, she decides to pay a visit to Dr Hastings (Madison Mason) in order to get some answers. To make him talk, she plunges a scalpel through his hand and asks him about Delia and Damien. Hastings confesses that Delia is Damien's daughter and that baby Alexander is her twin, his embryo preserved inside Delia by the process of fetus papyraceous until he was able to remove it from her (when examining Delia after her fall from the horse) and transplant it into Karen (while examining her after Jo's death). When Hastings pulls a gun from his desk drawer and attempts to shoot Karen, she plunges the scalpel into his chest, killing him. Taking the gun with her, she hurries home, fulling intending to kill the Antichrist. Miss Roselli (Andrea Mann) tries to block her way, but Karen shoots her. She then enters the nursery to find Delia holding Alexander. Noticing the 666 on his palm, Karen points the gun at him. The camera pans outside, and a shot rings out. In the final scene, as mourners walk away from Karen's casket, Delia and Gene, carrying Alexander, head down the path out of the cemetery.

  • Fetus papyraceous aka vanishing twin is a condition in which one fetus in a multiple birth dies while still in the womb. Depending upon the stage of pregnancy, the body of the dead fetus may be partially or completely reabsorbed by the remaining fetus. In the film, however, Alexander is not dead; he's merely "hibernating" inside Delia until Dr Hastings removes him and transplants him into Karen.

  • Apparently so. Karen killed herself instead of baby Alexander, since she couldn't bring herself to kill him but, at the same time, she couldn't live with the abominations that are her son and daughter. Another possibility that's been suggested is that Delia and Alexander combined their powers and forced Karen to kill herself.


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