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one of Chow's best
PiranianRose31 March 2005
I am an avid cinephile of HK cinema. Since the early 90s, Stephen Chow has become HK's greatest asset, rising above genre limits in his latest mature directorial, writing, and acting efforts. Although I have watched many of his films, I only consciously realized recently how much I enjoy his work. Fist of Fury 1991 Part 2 will always be near the top of my list of favorite Chow films including Gong Fu (2004), Royal Tramp 2 (1992), Royal Tramp (1992), and King of Beggars (1992).

The greatest quality of Chow's early '90s films is raw slapstick comedy; to me Fist of Fury 1991 Part 2 embodies this quality more so than any other film I have seen from Chow. The comedy is almost nonstop, and I was laughing in tears nearly the entire time. Some of my favorite scenes include Kenny Bee trying to impress Josephine Siao with his hunk personality, Chow trying to shoot Yueh Wah with his "gun," Nat Chan mistaking Chow for the girl of his dreams, and Chow displaying his "accumulated skills over the years" to Josephine Siao.

This film doesn't seem to get a lot of attention, but it is one of my favorites from Stephen Chow. Prior knowledge of part 1 will enhance your familiarity with some of the characters.
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A Genuine Treat
trentreid-120 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Worthwhile follow-up to the first, with less fish out of water humor but plenty of Mainland slapstick. Much of it is genuinely fun, and Chow's affection for the legendary screen persona of Josephine Siao fuels some very fun sequences in the second act.

****************WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD********************* Her leg-fighting duel with Yuen Wah is a stand-out, as is her recounting of their familial discovery of electricity-storing Kung Fu. This scene is complete with intentionally dated and hilarious effects, as is Fong-Fong's proxy duel with Chow - featuring them both projecting chi energy weapons in the now-ridiculously animated form that no doubt wowed child audiences in Chow's youth.

Josephine even dons some swinging '60s gear before the final showdown, and has her coiffure electrocuted into a hip updo by Chow's out-of-control powers. The big throwdown with Yuen Wah has good comic timing, but not a distracting number of comic elements. As Stephen Chow sequels go, this is among the best. And for fans of Josephine Siao, a genuine treat.
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Josephine Siao in a silly martial arts film.
OllieSuave-00712 January 2015
Stephen Chow returns as Lau Sing, the super arm-powered martial artist. He faces the brother of his nemesis, Cheung Wan To (Wah Yuen), who is out for revenge against Sing. When Ching and his wannabe apprentice Ngou Pi (Pak-cheung Chan) were ambushed by Wan To and his gang in the streets, they are saved by a masked caper. Ching then seeks refuge in Ngou Pi's home and meets his sister, Ngou Chat (Josephine Siao). They are later challenged by Wan To to a boxing match to settle the score and, as a result, forces Ching to learn new fighting skills.

Like the prequel, this film has plenty of thrilling martial acts action and, as usual with Chow, a good dose of comedy and goofiness. His sidekick Smartie (Kenny Bee) went overboard on the goofiness like the last film, but the annoyance was overshadowed by the tastefully done and laugh-out-loud comic relief done by Pak-cheung Chan and Josephine Siao.

The main plot of Lau Sing preparing to do battle with Cheung Wan To is obviously stated but is sometimes buried in the subplots of Yuen Chuen (Sharla Cheung) trying to woo Sing and Ngou Pi wanting Sing to take him on as his apprentice; however, the Siao steals the show with her witty and deadpan humor, slapstick comedy and dramatic performance. Her chemistry between Sing is priceless!

Wah Yuen makes a formidable, yet chauvinistic villain. Coupled with some outrageous action, it's nonstop fun from start to finish.

Grade B+
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