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Fun Little Film
Matador071 March 2002
This movie is not great cinema, but as long as you don't go into it looking for earth-shattering insight and emotional depth, its actually an amusing little time waster. The movie's goofy but original premise conceals its relatively cliched plots, and all concerned appear to be having fun. Bottomline, if you avoid taking either the movie or yourself too seriously, LP #9 is good for a few laughs.
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"Nerds in love." One of my favorite "guilty pleasures"
xavrush892 January 2004
Guilty because I know if I admit how much I like it, I might lose some cred as a film buff. But it's a great fairy tale, Anne Bancroft's brief scenes are funny, and Tate Donovan is a man I can get behind! The scene where the nasty superficial gal crushes his ego at the bar must really hit home with a lot of men. And say what you want about Bullock, but here she shows why she became a huge star with her megawatt smile! But my favorite is Mary Mara, a great character actor given a chance to play a broadly funny, well, broad. If you ask me, Pretty Woman is overrated and this movie is underrated!
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silly but fun fantasy
blanche-226 June 2005
Sandra Bullock has the type of looks that can go either way, i.e., plain Jane or knockout. She does this very successfully in Love Potion No. 9, a cute film based on the song of the same name. The film sports a cameo by Anne Bancroft.

Bullock and Tate Donovan play scientists who fool around with a love potion (number 8) which Bancroft gives Donovan to try. He doesn't try it; his cat does. After being overrun by horny cats, Donovan and Bullock move on to Bullock's chimps and then themselves.

This all eventually leads to a return visit to Bancroft, this time for love potion number 9 and a very madcap finale.

Entertaining. Bullock is always a delight.
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Very cute
choeli12 February 2001
This was a very cute movie. I love the plot of how computer "nerds" can attract even the "uppercrust". It also shows that you should never judge a book by it's cover and you never know who will be your soulmate. Being an avid Adrian Paul fan also made the film that much more enjoyable.
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Cute, funny, worth seeing.
Draykov11 July 2002
It is sort of a guilty pleasure, but I have to admit, I love this movie. Caveat: a lot of that has to do with the fact that I have a special place in my heart for Sandra Bullock. It seems some people have gone from loving her to trying to not love her. Me, I never got off the "loving her" bus.

With that said, this is a cute movie. Some of the humor is a bit crude, but not so much as to make the film seem moronic. It has a nice message and even though it is a bit dated and silly, I still get that warm, fuzzy, happy feeling when I watch it. There is extensive use of music from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker within the film to amusing effect.
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Good for viewers seeking yet another romantic comedy
Amy Adler20 August 2003
Paul (Tate Donovan) is a single, somewhat nerdy, biochemist who strikes out with women at every opportunity. Diane (Sandra Bullock) is a geeky fellow scientist who is not a hit with the guys, either. Hoping to change his luck, Paul goes to a gypsy and acquires a potion that will make him attractive to women. It works quite well. That's when Paul discovers he's in love with Diane. Diane, however, is also making use of the potion and is suddenly surrounded by suitors. Will Paul win the affections of Diane?

This is just a fair entry into the genre of romantic comedies. The two leads are likable but the plot is plodding in parts and detracts from the overall success of the film. Also, the movie has some funny moments but overall does not register high on the laugh-o-meter. The ending is predictable and somewhat satisfying yet just does not elicit great feelings of joy. Fans of Sandra Bullock will probably want to see this early example of her work. Others who are crazy about romantic comedies are likely to want to spend an evening with this film, too.
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Started well, but loses steam in second half
Tito-819 August 1999
I almost convinced myself that this was a good movie, but after giving it some thought, this is average at best. Things start out well, as the two leads take full advantage of the potion, but then the film bogs down and becomes too formulaic. Much of the second half of the film is hopelessly predictable, and is routine in the extreme. Things remain conventional right to the end, when the obvious conclusion takes place. The leads are both likable, and the there are several funny moments, but the best comedic bits are in the first half. The thoroughly unoriginal second half left a bitter taste in my mouth, and that made it too standard to recommend.
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Love potion # 8
jotix1009 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine if there ever was a strong potion that would make plain, unattractive people into glamorous ones. That's what happens to Paul Matthews, a nerdy scientist, who doesn't have much luck in the love department. When he decides to visit Madame Ruth, she tells him he is a lost case, but with the help of one of her magical preparations, he will be a winner. Well, Paul, a man of science, knows better, and never takes the seer's advice. His cat, on the other hand, discovers the magical powers when it licks the preparation that Paul threw in the garbage can.

Diane Farrows, another scientist, sticks out like a sore thumb when we see her with some friends at a restaurant. She is a shy woman who has a car problem. She is in danger of losing her insurance as the traffic cop keeps writing her up for speeding. When Paul tells her about his discovery, she decides to experiment with one of the monkeys in her lab. Little prepares her for the results. Diane takes matters into her own hands and suddenly she is a popular girl who even attracts Prince Geoffrey, a hunk, who falls for the new woman.

Dale Launer, a screen writer with a lot of hits, directs this mildly funny comedy we never had seen before, but which turns out to be a harmless way to spend an evening. Mr. Launer knows what he wants and he goes after it. He was lucky in casting the two talented principals in roles that with other actors might not have been as funny.

Sandra Bullock appeared in this film before she made a splash in "Speed" and "While You Were Sleeping". She plays the nerdy scientist with great panache. She goes a total transformation and we see her beauty that was hidden inside of what looked a homely girl. Tate Donovan also does good work as the nerdy Paul. Anne Bancroft is seen as the gypsy woman who can see the future. The rest of the cast do excellent work for Mr. Launer.

Watch the film the next time it is shown on cable and let it work its magic on you. Mr. Launer knows how to write comedy, as he clearly proves it with this movie, once again.
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Cute RomCom, Nice But Overdone Premise
Elswet23 March 2007
This is not an original premise, nor is it an original movie, but it IS sweet, funny, and entertaining. I enjoyed this flick, though it is only a flick, and it does have some cute elements.

While this IS just another RomCom, it aptly entertains anyone whose mindset is to enjoy and/or seek out this type of movie. If you're already in the mood for a PG-13 romantic comedy about a shy biochemist and a shy biologist who dabble in love through alchemy via a Gypsy's love potion, then this is definitely the movie for you.

On the whole, it rates a 4.9/10.

As a RomCom, it rates a 6.7/10.

That's an average of 5.8 from...

the Fiend :.
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Astonishingly under-rated yet brilliant comedy.
jimmcheyser13 January 2003
Dale Launer, who wrote, produced, and directed this film got a bum rap. I can't believe it's so astonishingly under-rated. I found the film to be hilarious and touching, with superb performances by the two leads and the supporting cast.

This film shows how fabulous Sandra Bullock can be when the material matches her talents. She gives a delightful and remarkably nuanced performance. The sight of her eyes shimmering with amusement is by itself reason enough see it.

Yet Dale Launer is the real star here. He's written several films, including `My Cousin Vinny', but this is the only film he has so far directed. What a shame. His directing is nothing less than brilliant, and his sense of timing takes the film to a whole new level of hilarity.

Highly recommended. See this movie!
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From ugly duckling to swan.
elansix6 April 2001
I had seen "Love Potion Number 9" many years ago and after Ms. Bullock's recent movie, "Miss Congeniality", I realized in both movies she goes from ugly duckling to swan. For me, it works in both movies. In fact "Love Potion Number 9 was the first movie I had seen her in. I am a big fan of both movies. Please note that they are comedies, not artsy message movies. Both movies are essentially silly, with some physical humor. Most importantly, they made me laugh, and I certainly enjoy watching the very gorgeous Ms. Bullock.
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It's no "Great Comic Masterpiece" but has its moments
Tom H. Richardson8 January 2001
"I learned a lot about myself that day. I learned that power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely..." -- line from LP#9

Some of the movie plot is by-the-numbers. But the best moments come when the screenwriter asks, "What would you do when you knew that, no matter what you said and no matter what you did, you couldn't miss?"

The answer is "go wild," in the case of Tate Donovan's character. Donovan gets the funniest scenes in the movie.

In the case of Sandra Bullock's character, there's a moment where she's talking to a man in his cubicle and he looks so confused as he falls in love with her. (Could have something to do with the fact that he's listening to The Village People's "YMCA" during the scene.)

Mary Mara's character puts her own spin on what to do with a love potion, and her actions complicate the plot and create some hilarious moments.
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cute show about 2 sweet kids falling in love
helpless_dancer25 March 1999
I love Sandra Bullock; she is so cute in this kind of film.

She plays an unlovely girl who is unable to make a connection with the opposite sex except as a bed partner. She works with a guy who is exactly like her - a loser. They discover a potion which makes them attractive to others. The show romps through a series of men and women coming on to them after they use the potion. Unfortunately, some rotten folks get their hands on the stuff and use it for their own nasty selves. But, the heroes work hard to stop these nefarious slugs from hatching their evil schemes. Funny and fun movie - 4 stars.
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Mindless fun
Dragoneyed36331 December 2008
I did not really have an aching desire to see this movie, but I enjoy Sandra Bullock, and mainly wanted to see it because she starred and thought it would be an enjoyable experience in at least one way or another. Love Potion #9 is not a masterpiece, nor was it terrible. It is just a fun little film meant to entertain and give the audience a good time, and it did just that, but here again, it did only that, so I am not positive it would be as good on a rewatch.

I thought, even though sometimes the movie got annoying and uninteresting, it did a good job at keeping the audience's attention, and it nevertheless entertained with the story plot and performances. I love Sandra Bullock and seeing her in this film made me smile, because she is one of my favorite actresses, and even though there wasn't anything to highly praise, it was very cute and edgy, and overall I liked the movie for what it was. Don't sit down expecting the worst or best. Just clear your head of all expectations and you are bound to enjoy something about it, because it is enjoyable indeed, in my honest opinion.
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The "Prince of Enlgand?"""""
Mr Black18 January 2017
Well, I bought this movie only because I barely remember it from when it came out, and the fact that Sandra Bullock was the star. I've always liked her. WEll, I'm glad I only paid a dollar for it because it certainly is not on my 'watch again' list anytime soon, or ever. While it had potential to become a funny, if somewhat silly movie, some parts of it were just too stupid. Mainly, this is so "written by an American" it's kind of laughable. The "Secret Service" does no follow British royalty around with motorcycles, motorcades etc,, they have their own people to do that. Secondly, the whole set up was laughable. "You are the Prince of what?" "The Prince of England." This could have only been written by an American. There is no 'Prince of England." But you can tell it was written by someone who clearly has no knowledge of international ways. I'm still laughing over that.
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A great film, I found it hilarious and great acting
TheGDfather31 July 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start off by saying this movie could have been a lot worse. I didn't go look at the budget but it doesn't seem to be a lot. If anybody is looking for those usual Sandra Bullock movies this is not one of them. And the male actor is perfect. I think some people reviewing this just expected something similar to a romantic comedy they have seen in the years. Its not. It something different. The fact that there is a potion and the female uses it to seduce rich guys and the male uses it to break into a sorority house is pretty much on point. I think where people have a problem with the was the blonde who steals everything. She had a really long part in the movie and for most people that didn't fit in. But I see where they were going with this. They wanted somebody semi attractive in crappy clothes to look like a hooker who takes advantage of the male cause he was irresponsible with it. Meanwhile the woman wasn't irresponsible, another male used it on her irresponsibly. But honestly for the movie it was a must see to me. Something you can watch on a Sunday and be fine. I kept watching it and wanted to keep watching it. So anything less than a 6 is by far too low to me. I will say I gave it a 7. The blonde hooker was a little too much for me. They could have used her in such better ways. Plus it was too cliché of the 90's to use that type of looking hooker. But the plot was good and the acting was great. And it was funny. Especially the part where hes trying to convince his buddies to join in. Once again the blonde hooker comes and that should have been left out.
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Tell Your Troubles To The Gypsy
bkoganbing28 February 2011
I suppose that any of us living in urban areas have many times wanted to visit one of those basement apartments inhabited by alleged gypsies who have all kinds of cures for whatever ails you. If it's an affair of the heart there are test model love potions running all the way from one to Love Potion No. 9.

Poor nerdy Tate Donovan can't seem to get a date nowhere, no how is persuaded by friends to visit one of those gypsies played with real bite by Anne Bancroft. She gives him Love Potion No. 8 and the stuff really does work. And Donovan being a biochemist actually figures out just how. In fact he and colleague Sandra Bullock try and boy do they like it and each other.

But they have to experiment and Bullock hits the jackpot with the Prince of Wales played by Dylan Baker over here on a goodwill visit across the pond. He gets within the prescribed distance of Bullock and she could be the next Queen of Great Britain. As for a girl that Donovan's been putting his normally clumsy moves on, Mary Mara, she winds up in the end with more boyfriends than she could possibly have time for.

It all comes to a head when a guy Bullock has been off and on seeing for years all of a sudden becomes madly infatuated with her again and they're about to be wed. Dale Midkiff of course has an agenda of his own and if Donovan's to stop him he'll need out of Anne Bancroft's medicine cabinet, the latest model, Love Potion No. 9.

Donovan and Bullock are amusing and the rest of the cast gives them good support. I think you'll get a laugh from the doings at 34th and Vine and a little bottle of Love Potion No. 9.

Good for what ails you.
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Are Dylan and Jordan Baker related?
Goon-211 February 1999
It seems obvious that I cared very little about this movie, if I am reduced to asking such a question. I can ask why they decided to make it in the first place? After all, it's kind of a wacky idea to make a movie in 1991(or something)and model it after a song from the 1960's. I can also ask why the characters were supposed to be "ugly" at first, and so were represented with glasses and drab hairstyles, but then they turned "attractvie" after they had love potion? Isn't that a little shallow to determine that people only get attracted to each other because of good looks? What about personality? Well, I could ask why there two lead characters were so dull and didn't have much personality, particularly Tate Donovan. I could also ask why Dylan Baker, the only one really worth watching in this picture, had about a five second part? And then I could ask why he was cast as a British prince? And what about Jordan Baker? Who in the world was "Joanne?" I could ask why the writers did not give her more screen time so that I could find out? Well, look at all of these questions! I guess even the most sub-par of movies can provoke a little bit of wonder in viewers.
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Excellent View of Sandra in a Wedding Dress !!!
riky23 December 1998
A movie about a potion that when taken makes the opposite sex want you, A good comedy for most, Sandra of course is just superb, and that wedding dress well rent the film and see!.
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It was a drag.
csauer29 November 2005
I saw this movie years ago and remember it as being quite good. The bar scenes were very good. I bought the VHS of it and gave it another viewing. They must have changed the VHS version as there was only one bar scene. I am wrong. It is not a good movie at all. It had Sandra in it and you can't mess her up. She was super in it as always. She did her very best to save this movie but it was not to be. It really was a drag. I can,t say for sure that it was that bad because I think they changed it quite a bit leaving some really great scenes out. It just wasn't the same as I remember it. I will say it was nice to see Anne Bancroft once again. It boils down to this. I think the first time I saw it it was okay. The version I bought was not okay. Don't get me wrong, the acting was good. The movie was bad.
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I love Sandra Bullock with no Love Potion No. 9!
tbills218 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
OMG! Who's that beauty? San-dra Bull-ock?? Hmmm, interesting. She's really attractive, and sweet. She might consider a new hairdo, and a new pair of glasses, and maybe dressing a little nicer. I would like to see her like that. I bet she'd look so good. She needs a new car too. She's got big front teeth, and kind of bushy eyebrows. That's really no big deal. She's so cute. God, I love her. She's gonna be a big star, I know it. Love Potion No. 9, from 1992, is really good with lots of cats, a stunningly beautiful Sandra Bullock, and a couple chimps, including a Tate Donovan too. She got pulled over again, oh, Sandra's thinking about taking the love potion, yeah, she just took it. The cop lets her go! He must be smitten, I wonder why. What is happening here, why is everybody geeking out around Sandra?? The love potion? What is going on? This is weird. Sandra Bullock's so beautiful, I love her. This girl's single, no way, she's got a beautiful smile. I'm crushing pretty hard on Sandra right now. This movie's really good. O M holy G.....
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Super sappy but still so cute
annelovescoffeemore11 June 2017
The 10-out-of-10 rating I'm giving Love Potion No. 9 is gonna make most serious movie lovers' seriously question my taste in movies, but I do not care. This movie is a sweet, funny, sappy, corny, clichéd romantic fairy tale. Plus Ann Bancroft. It's that typical formulaic underdog rom-com but it is still really fun. Enjoy!
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Cute premise that didn't quite make it
vincentlynch-moonoi27 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get me wrong. This film is no great shakes. Heck, back in 1992 I doubt I would have paid any attention at all in this film because at that time, who ever heard of Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan? But, this film is not as bad as some are portraying it being. It's "okay" for a gentle laugh.

Of course, the film is based on the old hit record of the same name...a song I always liked. Admittedly, the film is not as good as the song. It actually has a decent premise, but it sort of loses something in translation from song to script. It almost tries to be too cute for its own good. The sap she almost marries...well, they don't develop that character at all, which was a mistake. Perhaps the best part of the film is seeing Anne Bancroft as the gypsy! Somehow, while watching the film I thought it would have been a decent premise for an episode of "The Big Bang Theory"...imagine Sheldon and Amy discovering such a potion...or Raj.

Sandra Bullock, who hadn't yet had a hit film -- and this certainly was not one, either -- actually does fairly well here. Tate Donovan...well he soared to become one of the great superstars after this film...didn't he? Ahem. Although, he does okay here, too...but I kept thinking this is not leading man material. Perhaps better as the leading man's best friend.

So, if you've got a little time to waste, sit down for a little laugh. Otherwise, pass it by.
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A Silly Tale Used Countless Times Before, but HERE'S Sandra Bullock!
gradyharp21 October 2006
The title of this flimsy little outing of a film from 1992 - LOVE POTION #9 - should give you an idea of where you're headed if you rent this movie: hackneyed story about two science geeks (Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan) whose experimentation with a 'love potion' obtained from a gypsy (Anne Bancroft playing Anne Bancroft) has kick back effects which all end up in a love story of sorts.

The reason for watching this little effort is to see one of Sandra Bullock's early forays into comedy (she actually started making things like this in 1987 but this film drew enough attention to get her into 'Speed' two years later, that famous launching pad for Bullock and Keanu Reeves). Aside from Bullock and Bancroft the remainder of the cast is forgettable as is the story...but it is a lot better than many of the similar flicks on the shelves right now. Grady Harp
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Tries too hard to be funny and ends up being boring
millennia-211 April 2000
'Love Potion #9' is a somewhat boring comedy that yearns to be goofy, but by the end, when it does quickly show flashes of being good, you care so little for the characters and the far-fetched situation they are in, that you just don't care.

As I sort of hinted at earlier, the plot isn't very realistic or enjoyable. It bills itself as a comedy, but isn't, as the definition of comedy is usually to be funny (which it nearly achieves at the climax, but not quite).

So, after absolutely no deliberation, I grant this film a failing grade, it's neither funny or entertaining. Other than a few good lines and well thought out performances from Donovan and Bullock, this movie serves as nothing but a bad career move for all involved
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