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Watching it as an adult has given me a whole new perspective
cricketbat10 July 2018
Hook is another childhood favorite that still holds up well today. It runs a little long and there are some missteps (e.g. Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell), but it really does appeal to the child in me. And watching it as an adult has given me a whole new perspective on Peter Banning - including his shortcomings, fears and joys as a father. Plus, who doesn't love the imaginary banquet scene? This is a fun movie.
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Brings Back Childhood Memories!
georgie-bradley20 March 2009
Right, I can understand that Spielberg's previous achievements had set the bar really high, but by no means does this make 'Hook' a flop. The story is what is so appealing to a young audience and a mature audience for that matter. The sensitive undertones of such a celebrated story spark much joy and heartfelt moments. The 'what if' factor of the whole story is really adventurous, and the fact that this story stems from the original is brilliant. Its a story of love,family and identity. All three elements resonate with a lot of audiences. From a visual standpoint Spielberg triumphs again! And i don't understand why people beg to differ! For the purpose of entertaining young audiences, it fulfills the intention and more. I must say however, the film owes 50% of its credit to John Williams. His absolutely stunning score supports the story's tenderness. The flying sequence is so thrilling that it literally makes me get up and want to levitate!

The performances are equally stunning and convincing, Robin Williams encompasses both his comedic and dramatic skills towards a full blooded performance. Dustin Hoffman and Bob Hoskins are superb....really really astonishing.

This film has to be one of Spielberg's most overlooked and underrated films of all time. It holds so much promise and warmth that every time I sit back and soak up the high-flying adventure it sends shivers down my spine. I recently watched it after so many years of it lost in my memory that I felt like I had visited a historical landmark..its placed within a treasured set of memories on my part.

I cant express how moving this film is, its just enthralling in every sense of the word..the construction of the story is very clever and realistic - from a child's point of view.

Really guys hold the cynicism and unlock you imaginations and appreciate this work of cinematic art.
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Why does everyone hate this film?
potter_luvver27 March 2005
I, personally, cannot understand why so many people have left negative comments about this film. When it was released, many of us were young children and we all enjoyed it, but now that we are older, too many people are pointing out the bad jokes and mistakes and clichés that they have found. The point is, this is a children's film, and we didn't see those mistakes when we were children because it's designed that way. Even so, people fail to see deeper into certain aspects of the film. Peter Pan was meant to be 'the boy who never grew up', so to have a tale of his adult life and to show how he forgot Neverland is a special and unique take on the story, one that won't be forgotten.

There have also been many complaints about the scene where Tink becomes human-size and expresses some kind of love for Peter. Although she is not a human per se, she can have human feelings, so why would she not love him? As the original story tells, she is often jealous of other womens' affections towards him, and this film just extrapolates on that theme a little.

There have been comments about the 'father-who-is-so-busy-and-can't-go-to-the-game' cliché. Well, here's news for you. It's cliché because it happens all the time, and it's a truth! Some parents are just too busy to care. Lastly, too many people are moaning that Hook was too comical to be the bad guy. Well, this is a kids film and if he wasn't a little bit cheery-in-a-maniac sort of way, you'd have parents complaining that their kids were scared.

The main thing about this film is that it is really good, but it IS designed for children, and adults who go back and watch it years later, then suddenly spot loads of mistakes are just ruining it for themselves and others.
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I love this movie.
JoejoeSalamone23 March 2010
I try to make it a point to watch this movie at least once a year, or when I feel myself getting too cynical. This is because if you are looking for fun movie that really does pull at the kid inside you, then this is definitely it.

Robin Williams is just the right kind of goofy for my tastes, and makes an excellent Pan. Captain Hook was perfectly fit by Dustin Hoffman. I could have done without Julia Roberts as Tink. Actually, I can do without Julia Roberts all together. But Bob Hoskins made a great Smee. (I like to watch this and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, back-to-back) Anyways, I watch this movie once a year because the message of the movie, and the reason people watch it, warrants that. A movie where the message is to never lose sight of your inner child. Imagination. Belief in magical creatures. Sword fighting with pirates. All of these things that I'm sure you did as a child, as I did.

As far as I'm concerned, all of the people who have written bad reviews for this movie, saying things like "The characters weren't believable", and "Spielberg tried to answer a question that didn't need an answer" have lost sight of the kid in themselves, have become pirates, and should have their hands fed to crocodiles. It's a movie. A family movie. One that needs to appeal to both children and adults, which is a difficult task, to be successful. And I believe that this movie succeeds at that very well.
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Peter Pan grew up.
OllieSuave-0074 April 2014
This movie is a continuation of the classic tale of the boy who wouldn't grow up, Peter Pan. Here, the infamous Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman) kidnaps the children of Peter Banning (Robin Williams) and takes them to Neverland. Banning must regain his youthful spirit as Peter Pan and return to Neverland to reunite with his old gang, including Tinker Bell (Julia Roberts), and rescue his children.

It's a pretty good story filled with unending adventures and spectacular sceneries of the magical Neverland what is filled with colorful characters, played by a group of fun-loving, bratty but loyal boys. Hoffman played Hook brilliantly, perfect for the part, as did Bob Hoskins in his Mr. Smee role. Comedic and quirky Williams was a good choice to play the grown-up Peter Pan; it was fun seeing his character looking bizarre and confused in Neverland, forgetting his roots and adventures with the Lost Boys in the magical place. And, Julia Roberts played a good Tinkerbell and she had some touching chemistry with Williams' character.

Although it's not Disney, this movie does capture the magic and essence of the original animated classic Peter Pan from Disney. There are plenty of action and adventure to enjoy, but with some filler scenes that dragged the movie somewhat towards the middle. It's a nice one for the entire family, but I think it's better fit for the younger ones due to its juvenile and whimsical nature.

Grade B-
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Why is this a bad movie? Why is this even a mediocre movie?
ikrani30 July 2014
I'm not one of the people fortunate enough to catch this in the theaters. I am, however, one of the people who loudly objects to the negative critical response to this film.

Peter Pan growing up is a wonderfully refreshing concept and saying "it adds nothing to the Peter Pan mythos" confuses me to no end. The beautiful practical sets would never have come to pass in an age where Spielberg and Lucas have gone crazy with the CGI and accusing them of being cartoony is rather superfluous seeing as Peter Pan's not exactly known for its realism. The actors all turn in decent performances, the best being Robin William's uptight Peter Banning and childlike Peter Pan, Dustin Hoffman's deliciously evil Captain Hook, and Bob Hoskins. Nothing to say about Bob Hoskins; if he's on screen, he's giving it his all.

I deduct points from the film do to the third act with the war, not because the Lost Boys use incredibly implausible weapons to fight the pirates but because Peter stops being savvy about Hook, there's a rather unnecessary dark moment during an otherwise cartoony climax, and about a half dozen inconsistencies appear in the span of five minutes. But, other than that, Hook is a brilliant film and its "Rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes is simply a travesty, for not only is it a heartfelt Spielberg experience, but when the movie wants to be funny, it's REALLY funny. Listen not to the critics unless they are Jim Sterling or Doug Walker, because this film is one of the best.
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Pan Is Back
bkoganbing17 April 2009
Purportedly Steven Spielberg is not happy with the end product of Hook. I'm at a loss to know why because I think it's an absolutely charming fantasy, using his own peculiar take on the Peter Pan story and extending it.

Robin Williams as Peter Banning is a hard driving lawyer with a wife and two children Caroline Goodall, Charlie Korsmo and Amber Scott respectively. He was an orphan kid who married the granddaughter of Wendy Darling who was Sir James M. Barrie's inspiration for the Peter Pan tale.

But it's all real, Robin Williams doesn't know he's Peter Pan who left Never Never Land for reasons you'll discover in the film. But he left one nasty enemy there in Captain Hook and Hook captures his children to lure him back to Never Never Land where Hook can take vengeance upon him.

Spielberg got some great performances out of his cast which also includes Julia Roberts as the elfin Tinkerbell and Maggie Smith as the aged Wendy. But stealing the film completely in one bravura performance is Dustin Hoffman.

Captain Hook is one of those fabulous roles where the actor can just feast on the scenery and can just go to town with it. It's a role that it is impossible to overact in. I doubt if Dustin Hoffman ever enjoyed himself more in making a film.

Hook got five Oscar nominations in the technical categories, but sad to say did not win anything in 1991. I'm surprised that one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator films beat Hook out for Best Visual Effects, this one is clearly superior in that department if anything.

Robin Williams has his innings as well, trying to remember his past as Peter Pan and get back into Pan like behavior to defeat Captain Hook. As to why he left Never Never Land in the first place. Let's just say he took one too many trips outside his domain and something happened to him that happens to all young men at some point.

Hook is a great piece of family entertainment from Steven Spielberg and Dustin Hoffman's fans will really enjoy it.
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Never forget your inner child
bignastybastard5 July 2013
Back in 1994 when I was 10 this was a favourite of mine, I even had all the action figures. As I got older I never really thought much of it until the other day when I decided to watch it just for the hell of it. Now as an older person with more understanding all I can say is that this is one of the most amazing films ever. There were points in the film where I even started weeping and getting emotional.

Hook tells a great story about A grumpy lawyer named Peter Banning who takes life too serious who has forgotten about his childhood as Peter Pan. Captain Hook kidnaps his children and takes them to Neverland to lure him in for one last battle, the only chance he has of saving them is to remember his forgotten past as Peter Pan and do battle with Captain Hook. The film is a huge reminder that I should always keep in touch with my inner child and never let go.

Acting wise Robin Williams brings his A game as does Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hoskins and the rest, Julia Roberts is in it too but she's nothing to write home about.

If you've never seen it then you should watch it, whether your a child or adult it doesn't matter, the film is one of the best adventure tales ever. If you've not seen it for a long time then re-watch it because like me it is a great reminder of how I was back when I was 10 and even helped me find my less cynical side.

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What an insult
hampus_stenlund11 August 2019
Rating this 6,7 is an insult, this is one of the best movies ever, but i guess you guys left neverland and grew up
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My Start of Film Adoration
kiss_admirer1 January 2019
I saw this when i was 4 in theaters. My love for this movie has never died!! I still remember seeing Hook come out of his cabin for the first time and i was enthralled. A great cast and memorable soundtrack by John Williams. One of my favorite Robin Williams movies by far :)
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One of my favorites
I was 10 years old when I first saw this movie (and I was born in 1993), and it was one of my favorites. The 90's had a lot of very great movies, and I had to watch movies when I reached an age where I'd understand them. At 10 years old, I began to watch movie after movie to catch up to my older sister. Hook has many talented actors in it, and the plot was very good. The action scenes were very well done, the pirates were incredibly detailed in their clothes, and the whole island brought me back to the world of wonder that is Never Never Land. The Disney movie of it was what led me to watch this one, and because I watched the Disney one, it made me love this one even more. Sure, there are some of you who say it could have been better, and in some ways, I do agree, but for what they had to work with, I say it was a spectacular adventure.
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9/10 for Dustin Hoffman's performance alone.
JimmyCinephile15 March 2013
This is a fantastic classic movie of a classic fairy tale.

The sets are amazing (none of this green screen crap!)

The acting is fantastic. Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Smith, Robin Williams, and Charlie Korsmo do an especially good job.

The adaptation is written very well. Instead of the boy who can't grow up, it's the man who's forgotten how to have fun, and be in the moment, like a child.

The IMDb rating is way off. How the hell does Pitch Perfect, and rubbish like that do better? How? Because either this site is full of morons with no taste, or the world is, or more likely both...

All negativeness aside, this is a great movie, if you haven't scene it, you're missing out.
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THE definitive childhood film of my generation.
lwhalen-1818422 September 2018
I will make this review simple: I was born in 1987. I love this movie. If you are near me in age, you probably do too. I dont really know how to explain it, but some people know exactly why this film is so popular with the middle-millenial.

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If you rated this below a 7, you were never a Toyz 'R' Us kid
matzkeworldwide2 February 2021
Such a quality movie. If you don't like it, you're probably a lawyer
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Dustin Hoffman can easily can get you hooked
Smells_Like_Cheese27 January 2004
Hook is a spin off of the classic tale of Peter Pan, you ever wonder what life would have been like for Peter Pan if he had grown up? If he had kids, a wife, and a career as a lawyer? Not very much, but it happens here in Spielberg's tale of the boy who never wanted to grow up. Hook is a pretty good film, it was definitely very imaginative and creative story wise. The sets and actors were absolutely perfect for this film; did you know that Michael Jackson originally wanted to play the role of Peter? Pretty creepy, huh? But Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman were so great together, I really enjoyed their performances. But the only actress I questioned was Julia Roberts as Tink, I'm not so sure if she was the best choice for the role. But that's just me, while the story seemed to drag on a bit, it was actually pretty good.

Peter is a bit of a grown up who just can't seem to have fun in life, he misses his son's baseball games, doesn't spend much time with the family, and is always focused on work. But when he and his wife visit England with their kids to see Wendy, the lady who raised Peter when he was an orphan, his kids are kidnapped by Captain James Hook who wants to challenge Peter, but when Tink takes Peter back to Neverland, he needs major convincing that he is Peter Pan and is given three days to do so to get back his children. The Lost Boys try their best to make Peter bang-or-aign once again with them and that he'll get his kids back while learning the importance of youth.

Hook is over all a good film that I would recommend to people. It's not at all a bad film, it has good drama in it along with great comedy. Most people love the dinner scene between Peter and Rufio, mine is Captain Hook explaining to Peter's kids why parents don't love children. Dustin's delivery of "I want to potty, I want a cookie" was just so perfect and funny. This is a good family film that I think you'll like, it's just an honest film with a fun story.

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My favorite movie of all time!
chadnfl8815 December 2008
All of you that are leaving comments are probably old farts that didn't grow up with this movie. This movie is a awesome fairy tale. It is a classic and probably my most favorite movie of all time. Very creative storyline. Its about Peter Pan forgetting his past and saving his kids. Robin Williams did a incredible job in this movie. I saw people dressed up as Rufio at every year at college parties. this movie was made 17 years ago and its considered a classic. I've never meet anyone that doesn't like it. So if you haven't seen it then go watch it! It has everyone one from the cartoon, like Wendy, peter pan, hook, the lost boys, tinker bell. And a new character Rufio!!!
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Overlong but hugely enjoyable fantasy adventure.
TheLittleSongbird19 March 2009
I was actually worried when I saw the casting for Hook, but I watched it anyway. It is enjoyable, but I've seen better. Robin Williams is very likable and surprisingly good, but I personally wouldn't have picked him for Peter. Kevin Kline would have been a better choice. Julia Roberts is okay as Tinkerbell, but she has been better. Stealing the show, in a wonderfully pantomime performance as Captain Hook, is an unrecognisable Dustin Hoffmann, believe it or not. His performance was that good, that I was appalled that it wasn't nominated. He's not the first actor to be seriously robbed of an award.Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption? Tim Curry in Legend and It? John Hurt in The Elephant Man? Bob Hoskins was amiable, and the music by John Williams was very good, but not his best score. The plot is simple but well-told, if marred by overlong and unnecessary sequences with the Lost Boys that were sadly poorly handled. The film's main merit, aside from Hoffmann's performance is the art direction, beautiful sets and lovely costumes, particularly the brief underwater scene with the mermaids. The part with Maggie singing on the boat deck was heart-rending, and the scene where Peter suddenly remembers everything was touching. Above all, every scene with Hook and Smee was extremely entertaining. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it very much, but the film lacked magic. All in all, a slightly disappointing but fun and under-appreciated film, that is a 7/10 from me. Bethany Cox
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you naysayers miss the whole point
blitzebill13 December 2008
as is typical of reviews of most films at IMDb, 20% or so find films reviewed here as being bad.

Hook is no different. I never tire of seeing this film. Sure Spielberg gives us his take on the story and the "what ifs" abound, and there are imperfections. so what else is new about film-making?

do you see any films on this website that got a 10? NO!

no one film will EVER please everyone who watched it. so what's the point of giving your opinion? it obviously won't change the film. your opinion warns others to "stay away" from this film. "don't waste your time" blah blah blah.

point of my diatribe? take the wonderful parts and acting and visuals and music and whatever aspects of the film you like, and ENJOY THEM.

there are wonderful bits and pieces of Hook, and whole scenes, and the notion that people can change and try to make life better for those they may have hurt, and so on.

this film, if you have a heart, and some of you don't, speaks to that heart and moves it and makes you thankful for those in your life who really do need you.

am i a sentimentalist? so what if I am! get over it. and get a life.
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Pretty Good But Dragged In Middle
pkryder-129 March 2010
I enjoyed "Hook" a lot; Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts really stood out in this film.

My only complaint is that there was too much silly playing between the lost boys and Peter in the middle of the film, and I feel that this became rather monotonous. I would have liked to see more interaction between Peter Pan and Captain Hook, and also more screen time for the Captain Hook character generally.

Also, Neverland is supposed to have pirates and Indians in it, and there WERE a LOT of pirates. But I never once saw an Indian.

Maggie Smith was a fine actress and it is always great to see her on screen.

I thought that the end of the film, with the old man flying out of the house, was kind of nutty and really unnecessary, a la the all-too literal ending of "Cocoon", in which the senior citizens are shown flying away in an alien spaceship.

My problems with this movie, though, are minor, and I generally consider this a very good fantasy film for kids and adults--at least those of us who never quite grew up--alike.
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Why is this rated so low?! You're killing me over here!
sophiahwright7 December 2019
The most epic, adventurous and heart warming of all the 90s movies! Robin Williams is magical. God rest his sweet soul. Thankyou for giving us Hook!
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Love it !
andy-197810 April 2009
Love the cast first of all. From Maggie Smith a goddess in my eyes to Dustin Hoffman and Robin William to a strange inclusion of Phil Collins. They all fit in well together so well. A magical story of Hook which take me into a wonderful fantasy land of what kids should dream about. This superb production should not be pulled down, for it is essentially a children's film but I love it. My kids thinks I am a big kid but I don't care. Julia Roberts as Tinks id Fab ! I am not the biggest fan of Robin Williams but I do like his portrayal of Peter Pan.

A magical movie for the entire family.

Granny included !!
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To Me, A Classic
toz4513 November 2019
I have loved this movie for years. What a great one!
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Good classic
elissadallen4 June 2019
I liked the costumes and the funny scenes, I will say it dragged on a little longer than necessary, but other than that, like always, Robin Williams does a wonderful job playing an adult with a child soul.
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Epic adventure and fun
zaremskya-2376123 October 2017
Hook is a swashbuckling good time for everyone. The Peter Pan story is retold with a star-studded cast and amazing sets and costumes. It is visually stunning; straight out of a fairy-tale with mermaids, pirates, and flying lost boys.

Robin Williams is kind of an odd choice for Pan, but the film plays out well, and the other cast members interact with him in a charming and satisfying way. The script is lighthearted and witty and gives one the same sense of timelessness the lost boys themselves must feel.

Dustin Hoffman is particularly dastardly as Hook. No one upstages Hoffman in this film, not even Williams himself. His extravagant costume and flamboyant demeanor steals the scene every time. He is conniving, clever, and diabolical; a perfect villain. You learn to fear his approach in a scene as much as his bumbling pirate minions. Hoffman will never live this performance down.

The magic of this film is enhanced by a variety of things, namely the lively choreography and lavish sets. You will walk away from this film ready to take on the next adventure that awaits you.
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truemythmedia19 August 2019
The themes of this movie resonate quite deep within me. It's weird to say that about a film that that has fat kid roll down a gangplank and bash into people like the boulder in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" but, as I think about the lines that have stuck in my brain, attitudes I have adopted, and values I have incorporated into my being, a lot of them stem from "Hook."

The first of these is the theme of growing up. I love me a movie about growing old, realizing what is truly valuable and understanding the nature of time and what it does to us time bound humans. I don't really know how much of this is touched on in the original Peter Pan stories or animated film or plays because I have never read nor watched them but it is one of the aspects of "Hook" that makes it hold up over the years.

This theme may not be super obvious to a kid and was certainly lost on me as a child but the whole film is really about Peter (Robin Williams, "The Fisher King") reconciling the two parts of himself; the child who was Peter Pan, and the adult, Peter Banning. As a child he never wanted to grow up but as an adult he has so lost touch with his inner child that he doesn't even remember Neverland. He is a bifurcated man who needs healing.

As Peter is learning to remember what it means to be a kid his son Jack is finding out what it means to grow up. He's learning that playing pirate all day may sound like fun for a time and it may seem that adults are unwilling to make time for him but in reality our choices have consequences and sometimes being a grown up means recognizing that your dad loves you even if he can't be there as much as he wants.

Of course as a child, I didn't appreciate this at all. I just loved the fun of this film. I loved the sword fight between hook and Rufio, the food fight, the bangarang and the golden sword of pan. This movie is so 90s that a 90s kid like me can't help but love the inclusion of skateboards, spiky hair, and that most revered of all Saturday morning cartoon hero qualities, Attitude. I'm not sure "Hook" would play as well to a kid today but I loved it and still do, even as cringe at its lesser moments.

Definitely, Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell is one of the most annoying things in the film. She isn't composited well and at times it feels like they barely tried. It think I would have preferred if she had been just a twinkle of light the whole time, as she is during certain parts of the film.

The child acting leaves a lot to be desired but that won't surprise anyone that remembers old Nickelodeon shows like "Salute My Shorts" or movies like "The Sandlot" or "Heavyweights." Even as a kid I couldn't stand the actor who plays Jack, although revisiting as an adult has revealed that he actually does quite well in some difficult scenes.

If the child acting is just so-so, the rest of the adult cats is simply magic. Robin Williams really gives everything he has to both characters, Peter Banning and Peter Pan, who couldn't be more different. Banning is fat and tired, barely keeping up with the Lost Boys, and while dedicated to saving his kids, couldn't believe less in the whole Peter Pan thing. He's a classic cynic. However, once he's Peter Pan he is full of life, excitement, and the light in his eyes shine with hope and wild imagination. It isn't easy to play both of those roles and make them feel motivated, connected, yet dramatically different.

Luckily, he's not the only one pulling his weight. One of the greatest over-the-top villain performances of all time is given by Dustin Hoffman ("Straw Dogs") as Capt. James Hook. Cruel, petty, funny, manipulative, and cowardly. He's everything you want from a cartoon come to life and more.
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