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Middle East Suspense
azflybaby3511 October 2007
This was a based on true story movie - and my husband and I enjoyed it - another find in the $1 bin at Wal-mart. As it says on the box it covers the kidnapping of Mr. Levin in the Middle East and his wife's attempts to free him.

This movie took many interesting twists and turns. It showed that even then we did not know how to deal with the threat of American's being kidnapped and how much danger we put reporters in to get close to the story. The only thing I was disappointed in was I would have liked a little more back history, on Sis's family (since she and her brother call each other Sis and Brother) and on how Sis and Jerry met. You see her deep love for her husband yet they both seem so different from one another.

On a side note it was interesting to see Marlo Thomas as a blonde.
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