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Exciting Thriller
ruud_janine22 October 2004
This movie is a great and exciting thriller! I watched it several times already and still get not bored of it. Everything is right in this one: the small but impressive cast, the remote location of the old wrecked motel. The story tells of 2 brothers (Craig Sheffer and Bradley Gregg), who run a motel. However, their guests never check out… When the couple Dennis Hopper and Lara Flynn Boyle stay at the motel, things start to become quite messy. The story is very thrilling and the performances of the actors are top. Craig Sheffer does a great job, as usual, but especially Bradley Gregg as the blind Steven is brilliant. If you like thrillers, then you absolutely must see this one! You will not be disappointed.
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Thin dialogues, a stupid plot and many stolen ideas
kluseba1 June 2011
Honestly said, this movie is a rather mediocre and even quite boring thriller with the usual scenario. There is not much tension or action in the movie and there are many lengths. Many people talk about twists and surprises but anyone that has already seen a couple of movies of the same genre won't be surprised at all. I was stunned reading about a twist in the film on this site and looked up on the internet if I had missed a detail but in fact the so called surprise was a clear fact for me right on from the beginning so that I didn't even realize it could have been a surprising element of the movie. Don't expect anything outstanding, memorable or intense in this flick.

This movie steals many elements from some classic suspense flicks like "Psycho" or "Blue Velvet" without reaching the intensity of those original masterpieces. A part of the human and tragic story of the two brothers, this movie adds nothing interesting to the genre at all. The plot is very thin, the dialogues are sometimes very artificial, the filming is rather old fashioned and some elements like the desert storm are completely unnecessary and add nothing to the main plot. The whole thing truly gets ridiculous in the end when the final showdown almost fails to find an end. I'm a little bit surprised that actors like Hopper and Boyle who have worked with the "crème de la crème" of Hollywood writers and directors have accepted acting in this weak flick.

What keeps me away from giving an even lower rating to this movie can be resumed in a couple of points. First of all, the opening scene is rather heavy to digest and a good way to kick this movie off. We have the true highlight right in the beginning. Another good point is the acting of some of the characters. The blind brother is well and emotionally played and the weird villain is a signature role for a great actor like Dennis Hopper. The other two main characters do a rather weak job in here though and the interactions between them are poor. I was negatively surprised by Lara Flynn Boyle that did a great job at almost the same time in the "Twin Peaks" series. Another good aspect is the emotional background story of the two brothers and their tragic fate.

I really can't suggest this film to fans of psycho thrillers or suspense flicks. This movie isn't even worth to be bought at a low price or rented at your local gas station. I am happy I only saw it on television and had at least some more or less entertaining hours in a relaxed atmosphere. Go for any other suspense movie I have mentioned in my reviews if your looking for a better genre flick.
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Hopper is the best thing here ........
merklekranz5 December 2011
When Dennis Hopper is on screen as an abusive drunk, this movie maintains interest. There is also a very strong opening, however once Hopper disappears, it is a steady slide downhill. Believability towards the end concerning a certain brother's delayed demise, borders on ridiculous. The film is talky, has no nudity, and since everything takes place at one seedy desert motel, there is little to maintain interest. Eventually with the overlong ending, the wheels come off completely. For Dennis Hopper fans this might be worthy of one viewing, even though you have seen him play the same boorish drunk many times before. Others could skip this one for sure. - MERK
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Third rate material.
Scott LeBrun12 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Good actors can only do so much with a thriller script (by Michael Stewart and director Yuri Zeltser) that fails to offer anything really fresh. Craig Sheffer and Bradley Gregg star as Ray and Steven, the offspring of a couple operating a diner & hotel out in the middle of nowhere. One day, a pair of criminals show up who kill the parents and rob the place. Young Steven gets blinded in an escape attempt. Years later, the brothers are still operating the business, and their world gets shaken up by the arrival of an unlikely married couple, Sandra (Lara Flynn Boyle, looking quite lovely here) and Marvin (Dennis Hopper).

The film is well made, with top notch photography & lighting and atmosphere to spare. It does deliver a fairly ominous finale when the storm of the title finally hits. But, chief among the problems, "Eye of the Storm" tips its hand way too early and, as a result, fails to ever be surprising. The opening is well staged, but things really hit their stride once Boyle and Hopper show up. Hopper, at least, is worth watching; the late, great actor & filmmaker could make just about anything worth a look. Eccentric roles like Marvin have always fit him like a glove. But things just aren't the same once he's written out of the story. Things also get positively silly when a particular character simply refuses to die and keeps plugging ahead like a slasher movie villain.

Besides Hopper, the other actors fare reasonably well. Sheffer is good, and Gregg does succeed at evoking some sympathy. Boyle and Hopper play off each other well. Leon Rippy ('Saving Grace', 'Deadwood') turns up briefly as the sheriff; Ally Walker ("Universal Soldier") and Wilhelm von Homburg ("Die Hard", "Ghostbusters 2") are memorable as the lowlifes in the opening prologue.

This viewer would hesitate to actually recommend this one, which now appears to be somewhat forgotten, unless they're devoted fans of the cast.

Six out of 10.
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maryinPA10 April 2001
A terrific movie -- the kind that grabs you by the throat and won't let go. The set-up is simple, and yet the story keeps twisting and turning and deepening... you never know where it's gonna take you next. The script is crisp and fresh, but it's the tight, imaginative direction that makes this movie stand out. Rent it, buy it, steal it -- but see it... A real find.
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Rather interesting thriller that has a twist I did not see coming.
Aaron13756 September 2009
It was not the best film, but still I found it rather entertaining and it passed the time the night I watched it. There is a twist in this one and while I have to say I did not see it coming then, I most likely would have now as when you have seen all those movies like the "Sixth Sense" and the numerous copycats since you are just ready for anything a film can dish out. A very wild and strange couple come to a hotel, where the older brother does not really want anyone checking in. The blind, younger brother though turns on the vacant sign and the trouble starts. There is immediately tension in the air as the couple consists of a crazy older guy who likes to have his way and his younger girlfriend who may or may not be tired of the abuse. During this time at the hotel you learn many secrets, not only about this couple, but about the brothers as well. You find out the older brother is very protective of his younger sibling and why. For all the secrets though the movie still needed a bit more. While interesting, it is far from a top notch movie. Just an okay B movie thriller really.
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