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'Cool as Ice': The Story Behind Vanilla Ice's Career-Killing Movie

'Cool as Ice': The Story Behind Vanilla Ice's Career-Killing Movie
Earlier this month, when Vanilla Ice announced via Twitter that he was boldly defying instructions to evacuate his Florida home in the face of Hurricane Matthew, it not only inspired what had to be the greatest (and possibly also the most depressing) tweet ever made by the Florida Democratic Party, but it also made one hope that it might really be a sneaky promo for an upcoming Weather Channel series wherein the rapper and reality TV star goes head to head with natural disasters.

Alas, "The Ice Storm" (or whatever
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#fav7films: Mindy Kaling and Other Indie Stars Reveal Their Favorite Movies on Twitter

  • Indiewire
#fav7films: Mindy Kaling and Other Indie Stars Reveal Their Favorite Movies on Twitter
Whether you wanted to or not, you probably learned a lot of people’s seven favorite films yesterday. #fav7films was the hashtag du jour, presumably because a standard top 10 would have been more likely to go over Twitter’s 140-character limit, and among the many civvies chiming in were a number of actors and filmmakers. Here, for your perusing pleasure, is a sampling of their favorites.

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(I can’t resist)

24 hr Party People

The Man Who Would Be King


Sound of Music

Office Space

Kung Fu Hustle

La Dolce Vita

Adam McKay (@GhostPanther) August 16, 2016

#fav7films Jesus’s son. Shortcuts. Royal tenenbaums. Best in show. City of God. Personal Velocity. The big Lebowski.

Amy Schumer (@amyschumer) August 16, 2016


Singin’ in the Rain

Squid and the Whale

Broadcast News

Hannah and Her Sisters

Bob & Carol
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Boo! A Madea Halloween Will Scare the Bejesus Into You

Not since Ernest Scared Stupid has there been a more anticipated melding of a beloved movie character and our most favorite of holidays. Having already tackled Christmas, Tyler Perry’s dragging it up for Jesus once more in Boo! A Madea… Continue Reading →

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The Halloweenie Movie Guide to Getting in the Spirit of the Season

  • Cinelinx
Halloween is upon us and, as is the case with most holidays, people are eager to get in the spirit by watching themed movies. With Halloween, horror films filled with scares and blood are typically the norm, but what about those who aren't particularly fans of the genre but want to get in the spirit. Feeling their pain, I've come up with a list of films to get you in the Halloween spirit without needing to change your underpants or sleep with the lights on.

Each month the Cinelinx staff will write a handful of articles covering a specified film-related topic. These articles will be notified by the Movielinx banner. Movielinx is an exploration and discussion of our personal connections with film. This month, with Halloween on the horizon, we're going to be examining the best Horror film genres out there. Be sure to join us in the discussion and
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The Salt City Horror Festival Lineup Includes Sleepaway Camp, 13 Ghosts, Pumpkinhead

  • DailyDead
The Salt City Horror Festival keeps getting better and better. We attended the horror film festival years ago, when just a handful of movies screened. Now, they have a lineup that features ten horror films all being shown from 35mm prints, including the original 13 Ghosts, Sleepaway Camp, Pumpkinhead, and more.

The event will take place on April 19th at The Palace Theater in Syracuse, New York. Doors open at 11:00am and the first film screens at noon. Alcohol is being served to those 21 years of age and older, and the lobby is said to be filled with vendors and a number of surprises. Here’s the full lineup of films that will be screening:

Lost Boys Invisible Man (original) 13 Ghosts (William Castle using Illusion-o vision viewers) Pumpkinhead John Carpenter’s Halloween 2 Candyman Sleepaway Camp Story Of Riki-oh Ernest Scared Stupid Jack Ketchum and Moderncine 2007 Horror Film: The Girl Next Door.
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Awfully Good: Ernest Scared Stupid

  • JoBlo
Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) Director: John Cherry Stars: Jim Varney, Eartha Kitt, Austin Nagler Ernest P. Worrell accidentally unleashes a gruesome troll that turns children in to wood. The Ernest movies are stupid. I don.t think anybody would argue that. In fact, the character of Ernest is such a bizarre choice to headline a film series when you think about it. What.s the guy.s appeal? He.s a denim-loving redneck who seems mentally challenged yet strangely eloquent....
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10 Spooky Halloween Movies To Freak Your Kids Out

Halloween is right around the corner and what better way to keep your kids quiet than by sitting them in front of the television and making them watch something terrifying. If traumatising your kids isn’t for you (or more likely you don’t want to pay the therapy costs when they’re older) then there’s plenty of spooktacular movies out there that are perfect for your little devils this month.

It’s safe to say that today’s kids may not be as tough as we were when we were that age so why not drag out some of your all time favourites and see how well your little Asbo in training holds up against the things that went bump in the night when we were small. And if that’s too much for the bed wetter in your home then we’re sure you’ll find something

7 Films to Get Horror Movie Weenies Into the Halloween Spirit

  • Cinelinx
Halloween is nearly upon us and as is the case with most holidays, people are eager to get in the spirit.  Movies are a great way to get in the mood for the holiday, and with Halloween, horror films (filled with scares and blood) are the norm.  But what about those of us who are big chickens but still want to be festive?  Being a Horror Movie Weenie myself, I've come up with this list of films to get you in the Halloween spirit without the need to change your underpants or sleep with the lights on.

I get made fun of quite a bit here on Cinelinx for not liking scary movies, especially because just about all my fellow contributors are such big fans of the horror genre.  I just don't like them.  I hate having things pop out at me, and I really don't have the stomach for blood and gore.
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Cinefamily Presents the United States of Horror

  • FEARnet
Cinefamily Presents the United States of Horror
Earlier today we alerted you to the special Halloween screenings at the American Cinematheque. They aren't the only Halloween game in Los Angeles. Cinefamily has announced their 30 midnights program for Halloween. Last year the focus was on video nasties; this year it is the United States of Horror, a "cross-country death trip, with each night celebrating a different state of the Union, and regional horror filmmaking of all stripes. Whether it's unknown directors toiling away on backyard labors of love, or itinerant auteurs falling in love with and shooting an unfamiliar landscape as if it was their own, this series' thirty entries provide a vibrant overview of our nation's hidden horror history." Sounds way safer than taking an actual roadtrip.

Your itinerary:

Tuesday, Oct. 1st, midnight – Southern California: Equinox

Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, midnight – Arizona: White of the Eye (producer Brad Wyman in person!)

Thursday, Oct. 3rd, midnight – Nevada: Tremors

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Countdown - Top Six Killer Clown Movies

In Conor McMahon’s Stitches, acclaimed British comedian Ross Noble plays Stitches Grindle, a hard-drinking mess of a clown whose destructive ways catch up with him at young Tom’s birthday party – leading to his accidental, violent death.

Six years later, Stitches returns from the dead to take revenge on the brats who put him six feet under… turning the tables on them as only a clown can.

In honor of Stitches hitting Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, April 2nd, we’ve decided to take a look back at cinema’s killer clowns through the years, and picked out a handful of our absolute favorites:

6) The Trio, Clownhouse (1989)

A trio of mental patients murder circus clowns, taking their guises to torment a young boy and his brothers (one played by a young Sam Rockwell) during a long night alone in their family home. A genuinely unsettling tale that delves deep
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Halloween Movie Recommendations From Our Staff

Halloween Movie Recommendations From Our Staff
The storms on the east coast have proven powerful enough in some cases to make some government officials postpone Halloween to a later date, until it's safe again for trick or treaters, but for most people, October 31st will always be All Hallows' Eve.

But whether you're stuck inside or coming back in from a night of tricks and treats, you'll no doubt need some scary movies to cap off your night.

We asked the MTV News staff to share their favorite flicks for a Halloween night spent indoors, so check out our recommendations after the jump!

"Event Horizon"

Two words that echoed throughout the nightmares of my childhood: "Event Horizon." I somehow convinced my dad that it was okay for me to see this sci-fi horror romp through a haunted spaceship when I was 8. Big mistake, dad. It's worth it just to hear Sam Neil tell Lawrence Fishburn, "Where we're going,
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Top 5: The Hobbit Set Visit, Iron Man 3, Cloud Atlas, First Trailer for Evil Dead Remake, The Legend Of Zelda

Tonight the wife and I are hosting an inaugural Halloween gathering for three primary reasons: 1) it's an excuse to hang out with friends, 2) it's an opportunity to watch horror classics with said friends and 3) our street name is Elm and we can't pass on the chance to christen the get together with the least original Halloween party name of all time (I'll let you do the math). All of this in mind, I was finding it difficult to strike a healthy balance of scary movie goodness that was equal parts frightening (for fans of the horror genre like myself) and fun/of the "Halloween spirit" (for those who don't necessarily enjoy the genre but can appreciate the season). That was until I remembered that we owned Ernest Scared Stupid on Blu-ray. Now the biggest concern I have is making sure no one walks out of the house at the end
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Fright-Rags Releases 3 Brand New Designs & Kids Shirts That Will Leave You Scared Stupid

I'm at the point where I'm just going to set my paycheck up for direct deposit to Fright Rags. Released yesterday are 3 brand new designs as well as a new line of kids clothing. Night of the Demons Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Halloween III: Season of the Witch Yay I call thee forth, Trantor Ernest Scared Stupid And a whole new line of kids' clothing for your pint sized terror. These designs, as of now, are exclusive to the kids line.…
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New Fright Rags include Night of the Demons and Silver Shamrock

  • DailyDead
Just in time to have them for Halloween, Fright Rags has released new designs for Night of the Demons, Ernest Scared Stupid, and Halloween III: Season of the Witch. They’ve also revealed a new line of horror-themed shirts just for kids:

Night of the Demons: I have not looked at lipstick the same way since seeing Night of the Demons. So come dance with Angela and soon you will find yourself possessed with this new tee.

Ernest Scared Stupid: Nothing says Halloween like Authentic Bulgarian Miak…err…I mean Ernest Scared Stupid! So if you find yourself fighting off trolls on Halloween, make sure you’re sportin’ this new tee…knowhutimean?

Silver Shamrock: Eight more days ’til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! We felt it was high time to show Halloween 3 more love, so we put together this design as a vintage mask advertisement to celebrate its 30th Anniversary.
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Hey Vern! We're Gonna Make a New 'Ernest' Movie!

It being the Halloween season and all I’ve naturally been going back over my horror movies and classic spooky fare. You know, classics like Monster Squad, Halloweentown and Ernest Scared Stupid.

The Ernest movies are, without a doubt, a product of their times and are unabashedly stupid. So naturally they make an obvious choice for a franchise ripe for a reboot. Variety reports that Ruckusfilm is ready to produce a new chapter in the series entitled Son of Ernest. Hey, it worked for Smurfs.
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Ernest P. Worrell is returning to the big screen

  • JoBlo
Do you remember the Ernest movies? If not, you likely weren't a child of the Eighties. I have vivid memories of watching Ernest Goes To Camp, Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Goes To Jail, and even Ernest Scared Stupid. These are not Oscar movies in any way, but they are stupid fun, especially for the kid in you. Ernest P. Worrell was played by the late Jim Varney who originated the role in regional commercials, national ads, and eventually a television show and movies. Ernest was a...
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A New Ernest Movie, Just Like Everyone Wanted

  • Vulture
A New Ernest Movie, Just Like Everyone Wanted
So, it looks like there's going to be another Ernest movie. Yes, that Ernest. The one from Ernest Goes to Camp, Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Scared Stupid, Ernest Rides Again, and a handful of direct-to-video releases. "Didn't Jim Varney, the man who played Ernest, die?" you are perhaps wondering. Yes, he did die, in 2000. That's why this new movie is Son of Ernest, which, according to Variety, will focus on the character's long-lost offspring. Just to be really clear, people are making a new Ernest movie.
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Some Spooky Releases on The Cheap from Mill Creek: Line Up Announced

So you’re a horror fan, but you’re on a budget. You like a little of everything from Hostel to Browning’s Dracula and the gamut that is run in between especially during the month of October. How do you pick up a respectable horror movie collection, quickly, spending as little money as possible? Mill Creek (not Wolf Creek or Boggy Creek). These guys put out a nice series of collections from the Drive In theater favorites to those rad 100 movie boxes you might find on the shelves of Walmart.

Make sure you take a gander at the selection below and stop by their website. We’ll have product reviews as we watch them and make sure you know what you’re getting inside each box. No matter what, you’ll be getting a pile of movies at a low price. I’m sure you’ll be able to
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The 2012 Reaper Awards: Nominees Announced! Fan Vote Now Open!

Fall is definitely in the air, and Halloween is on its way. Which means online voting is now under way for the fourth annual Reaper Awards presented by Home Media Magazine and Dread Central. Let your voice be heard!

From the Press Release:

The Reaper Awards, honoring the best horror and thriller titles of the past year on DVD and Blu-ray, are presented by Home Media Magazine and Eligible titles were released between August 1, 2011, and July 31, 2012. Voting will remain open through October 14th, and winners will be announced October 22nd.

Fans can select their favorites from the past year in several categories as well as vote on which title they are most looking forward to in the coming months. Titles were submitted by participating studios.

Results of the consumer vote will be combined with the selections of a judges’ panel of horror experts and DVD reviewers. The panel
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Top 5: Phantom Menace 3D and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Trailers, In Time, Anonymous, The Rum Diary Interviews

Today is a good day. The Cardinals are World Series champions, trick r' treaters will soon be out in full force, and I've got a night of horror films to look forward to. Once a year, my fiancée agrees to watch a few pics of the scary variety (or at least Halloween themed ones, i.e. Ernest Scared Stupid) with me in the hopes that I won't ask her to partake in them again until the following Halloween weekend. Last year's highlights included Drag Me to Hell and Trick r' Treat. This year is shaping up to be Tobe Hooper-heavy with Poltergeist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre possibly making the cut. Like I said, today is a good day. Before you dive into whatever Halloween festivities may await you, I hope you'll take a few minutes and check out what this week's "Top 5" has to offer. In this installment
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