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Bob Ingersoll: The Law Is A Ass #346 The Eminent Mr. Wayne Loses His Domain

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So in Batman Eternal #29…

What? No I didn’t promise that I wouldn’t write about Batman Eternal this week, I promised I’d try. Also I’m not really writing about the year-long Batman story that is certainly living up to its name, so chillax. (Chillax. How is that even a word? Sounds like a murder weapon in Alaska.) This week I’m writing about what came after Batman Eternal #29. With a little of what came after Batman Eternal #34 thrown in. Which means what I’m writing about is Arkham Manor #1.

In Batman Eternal #29, Arkham Asylum – the hospital for the criminally insane located on the outskirts of Gotham City that houses Joker, Two-Face, Mister Zsasz, and most of the rest of Batman’s rogue gallery – blew up. Although how and why isn’t really important what the hell, I’ve got some time to kill. To put it succinctly,
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Hell on Wheels Season 3 Report Card: C

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With new showrunner John Wirth all aboard for Hell on Wheels Season 3, the series was in for a change of direction. Gone was the revenge-fueled Bohannon, replaced by an outlaw trying to be a law-abiding citizen and leader of the railroad, struggling to earn his place and overcome the various problems along the way.

So was it worth buying a ticket for this season's ride? Read on for TV Fanatic's report card...

Best Episode: I was underwhelmed with the premiere, "Big Bad Wolf;Eminent Domain," but the following episode, "Range War" renewed my hopes for the season. Bohannon was a badass both in the action scenes taking out the bad guys and in his confrontation with Durant, even dragging in the dead guy to prove a point. There was charm, humor and a turning of a story that looked to be an interesting transition away from just the revenge arc.
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Hell on Wheels Season Finale Review: Wrong Turn

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"All I want is for this hour to pass so I can return to building my railroad." - Thomas Durant.

It's not often I agree with Durant on any of his schemes or attitudes, but no truer words were spoken in respect to "Get Behind the Mule."

And maybe I could be more forgiving if this was just another episode in the middle of the season, but as the Hell on Wheels Season 3 finale?

Not only did it fall flat, but I'm still a bit confused by the drastic change in direction after everything that's happened up until now.

Sure, for Season 3, Bohannon got off the revenge path and became focused on the railroad. As in overly focused, and that was fine. The episodes simply brought up a variety of random problems to be quickly solved not so long after, but I still had a sense of hope that through it all,
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Hell on Wheels Review: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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Once again, the past has caught up with Cullen Bohannon.

Clearly, his path as the new railroad boss has been plagued with problem after problem, and with General Grant's deadline looming on the scenic horizon, I'm not surprised one more issue was added to the list.

And having the Mormon attackers hunt for Bohannon, while great in bringing back up the season premiere, in "Big Bad Wolf; Eminent Domain," it felt like just another hurdle on Bohannon's list.

Does anyone actually think they are going to kill off the main character on the show? Sure, Lily Bell was killed in the Hell on Wheels Season 2 finale (and don't get me started on how this season has pretty much ignored her death and simply moved on), but to hang Bohannon would hang the series. You just couldn't continue no matter how inspired the men were by Elam Ferguson's speech to complete this leg of the railroad.
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Hell on Wheels Review: Where's the Beef?

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I was worried after the Hell on Wheels Season 3 premiere that with Bohannon taking the reigns of the railroad - rather than continuing his revenge route - and the rest of the characters simply falling back into their respective places, the original excitement and interests of the underrated show might dwindle away.

But "Range War" was the reaffirming truth that with a little bit of time, new blood in a series might be the right step after all.

And where "Big Bad Wolf/Eminent Domain" was the slow start of setting everyone back on the track of building the railroad, the third episode provided the beginnings of some real conflict and story direction for the characters, all with some cool action, slow-mo shots and a little much needed humor.

It's clear that Bohannon is in charge and the workers around him are keen to follow his lead, but it was
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Hell on Wheels, Eps. 3.1-2, “Big Bad Wolf” and “Eminent Domain”: Old enemies and new leaders

Hell on Wheels, Season 3, Episode 1: “Big Bad Wolf

Written by Mark Richard

Directed by David Von Ancken

Hell on Wheels, Season 3, Episode 2: “Eminent Domain

Written by John Wirth

Directed by Adam Davidson

Airs Saturdays at 9pm (Et) on AMC

It’s no secret- last season’s Hell on Wheels had a lot of issues, mainly the forced relationship between Cullen and Lily Bell (after all, this is not a show conducive to a dewy romance). Fortunately that arc wrapped up in the season two finale and judging by the premiere, season three promises to be one heck of a year.

As “Big Bad Wolf” opens, Cullen (Anson Mount) emerges from a massive snow storm a somewhat new man. He’s not exactly stable but as he arrives in Omaha to collect Elam (Common), who’s living with the heavily pregnant Eva (Robin McLeavy), it’s obvious he’s a man trying to change,
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Hell on Wheels Season Premiere Review: All About the Railroad

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After a climactic raid by the Sioux that destroyed the town, found Lily Bell murdered and the Swede miraculously escaping, Hell on Wheels Season 3 had a big task of following up "Blood Moon/Blood Moon Rising" on its return trip.

The exiting of series' creators Joe and Tony Gayton as showrunners made matters difficult for the series, and the possibility of a third season was up in the air.

Luckily, John Wirth, a writer with credits on Falling Skies and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, came aboard the railroad building saga and the promise of new season with a new direction was born from the ashes of a structure that was falling apart.

In some ways the premiere felt similar in its focus of a rebirth, rebuilding and moving forward again on a story that began two years ago when Cullen Bohannon started his tale of revenge that inexplicably intertwined
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New Footage From "Hell On Wheels" - Season 3

Sneak Peek new footage and images from AMC's western series "Hell On Wheels", premiering a third season of 10 one-hour episodes starting August 10, 2013 with a 2-hour season premiere.

New episode titles include "Big Bad Wolf" and "Eminent Domain" both airing August 10, 2013, followed by "Range War"(August 17), "The Game" (August 24), "Searchers" (August 31) and "One Less Mule" (September 7).

Season 3 regular cast includes Anson Mount as 'Cullen Bohannon', Common as 'Elam Ferguson', Colm Meaney as 'Doc Durant', Ben Esler as 'Sean McGinnes', Phil Burke as 'Mickey McGinnes', Eddie Spears as 'Joseph Black Moon', Robin McLeavy as 'Eva', Kasha Kropinski as 'Ruth',  Dohn Norwood as 'Psalms' and Jennifer Ferrin as 'Louise Ellison'.

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Hell On Wheels: Season 3"...
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Performer of the Week: Peter Sarsgaard

Performer of the Week: Peter Sarsgaard
A weekly feature in which we spotlight shining stars

The Performer | Peter Sarsgaard

The Show | The Killing

The Episode | “Eminent Domain

The Airdate | June 30, 2013

Through the duration of its third season, The Killing‘s death-row inmate Ray Seward has been an enigmatic presence — capable of shocking violence (we still haven’t recovered from the visual of him bashing the chaplain’s head into the metal cell bars in Episode 1), quiet cunning and even the kind of deep despair that found him using a razor blade to cut away a chest tattoo of his young son’s name. And all along,
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The Killing, Ep. 3.06: “Eminent Domain” rounds off the first half of the season perfectly

The Killing, Season 3: Episode 6 – “Eminent Domain

Directed by Keith Gordon

Written by David Wiener

Airs Sunday nights at 9 on AMC

As much as I found the first two seasons of The Killing interesting if just for how they tweaked with the first season of Forbrydelsen, I probably wouldn’t have found it a crime to humanity if – as was originally the case – the show had been cancelled. That pretty much describes what my feelings had been regarding the first few episodes of the third season as well. But “Eminent Domain” managed to either bring a lot of stuff together in ways that sets up payoffs for later or actually did bring some payoffs within the episode itself. It’s not until two thirds in do we actually see Bullet and remember that her point of view is a big part of the season. The other two viewpoints – Seward’s
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The Killing 3.06 "Eminent Domain" Review: Now You See Me

The Killing continued its strong third season tonight with "Eminent Domain," an episode that didn't really capitalize on last week's cliffhanger but offered up a lot of other great material instead. Rather than placing more focus on Joe Mills, the show's main suspect actually never appears in the episode, and The Killing uses its time [...]

The Killing 3.06 "Eminent Domain" Review: Now You See Me
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The Killing Review: Written in the Stars

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Perhaps it's past experiences or the general knowledge to recognize that most television shows are filled with twists, but watching The Killing Season 3 you can't help but try and guess the murderer at the same time you're wondering who the show will be trying to trick viewers into believing is the killer.

And yet, as the episodes continue, Linden and Holder's conclusions on which direction to take or which person to suspect and interview have felt logical.

Bringing Goldie in because of his connection to Bullet and the videos or Joe Mills because of his connection to the motel and the voice on the videos made perfect sense. But are they the grand finale killer that's being hunted?

Probably not. Even Holder admitted that in "Eminent Domain" with respects to Mills. They know something is not right with the guy, made more evident by the fact he's hooking up with
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The Killing Recap: Written in the Stars

The Killing Recap: Written in the Stars
“We’ve been going at it all Copernicus when we need to be Galileo on this bitch.” –Det. Stephen Holder, The Killing

Oh, Holder, sometimes your philosophizing makes Linden look like she’s about to “stroke out” (as you so hilariously put it), but there’s quite frequently a lot of insight in your rambling. And in this week’s installment of The Killing, “Eminent Domain,” you got the idea to view the case not through the eyes of the teenage girl victims of the “Pied Piper,” but rather to try to figure out what the murderer in question looks
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Battle For Brooklyn opens June 17th

.Battle For Brookln,. The Story Of One Neighborhood.S Fight Against The Controversial Atlantic Yards Project, To Have Theatrical Premiere In New York City

Film to open at Cinema Village in Manhattan and

at Indie Screen in Brooklyn on June 17

Battle For Brooklyn, the controversial documentary by acclaimed filmmakers Michael Galinsky and Suki Hawley (Horns and Halos) about one Brooklyn neighborhood.s enduring battle against the corporate developers of the Atlantic Yards project, will have its theatrical premiere in New York City on June 17th. The film will also open this year.s Brooklyn Film Festival on June 3rd, and will screen in the Rooftop Films summer series on June 9th in Fort Greene Park.

Battle For Brooklyn is an intimate look at the very public and passionate fight waged by residents and business owners of Brooklyn.s historic Prospect Heights neighborhood facing condemnation of their property to make way
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