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Sex & Nudity

  • At the beginning of the movie, Dr. Stone (Michael J. Fox), is having a going away party because he is headed to California to be a plastic surgeon. His co-workers get him a cake that looks like a bare bottom (some may see it as breasts).
  • We see the black silhouette of a nude woman at the lake during sunrise. She splashes water on herself and we can see the form of her breasts. She is shadowed and hard to see due to the sunlight.
  • Lou (Julie Warner) is seen swimming in a lake. As she steps out of the water, she is shown nude from the waist up, and both of her breasts can be clearly seen (full front view including both nipples and areolas). They are seen off and on throughout the scene during a long conversation (only a few seconds each view, but still clearly seen).
  • There are a number of sexual references throughout the movie

Violence & Gore

  • One man who is a patient in the hospital at the opening is obviously drunk and vomits on Dr. Stone.
  • There is a scene with a man who has a fishing hook in his finger.
  • A scene in a butcher shop.


  • One "gosh darn" and two "hecks". ''Fuck'' is said during the courtroom scene and a couple other times. Periodic cuss words throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some smoking and drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • One brief outburst where a vase is broken in anger using a broomstick.
  • Birth of a baby (context and yelling in pain is what is intense).

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