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Delta Force 3: With Extra Cheese
toxiemite16 February 2009
I am often guilty of buying dvds that most people would use as drink coasters. My most recent purchase was Delta Force 3.

I am a big fan of the first movie and enjoyed the second... but without Chuck Norris's beef on the screen I was expecting part 3 to be a piece of shyte. It was cheap and I figured I'd give it a go considering that I'd always wondered about it.

And so last night I sat down and gave it a go.... surprisingly I was aptly entertained. While it's no masterpiece, Delta Force 3 delivers the goods. It may struggle for star power (most of the players are sons or bothers of Hollywood A-Graders) but it makes up for it with a nice little terrorism plot and some nifty action sequences. The rattle snake blasting scene was something I hadn't seen before.

Sure there's plenty of cheese here... most of which is delivered by Mike Norris (son of Chuck) but its the cheese that makes 80s & 90s action flicks good. As with the original movie, there's some interesting parallels to the current terrorist-laden climate we are in right now.

If you're a fan of the other two movies, I recommend this one. Don't listen to the naysayers.
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Just plain silly
SMalamud19 September 1999
So, the Russians sent a woman as part of their special force? GOOD ONE! This had me down on the floor laughing. Obviously, the lead character needed some prize for his troubles and it couldn't just be some Arabic village girl, so I understand. But it's just TOO funny! The rest of this movie is so easily forgettable, it's not worth discussing.
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This definately isn't related to Chuck Norris's original Delta Force!
MastfLvr31 August 1999
Delta Force 3 is your typical mindless action fest that you usually get stuck watching at 3:00 am on HBO when you can't seem to sleep and there's nothing on regular tv but news, infomercials and endless loops of Sportscenter. With this movie unless it's a real good case of insomnia your problems will soon be over...because for an action movie its pretty boring and the acting isn't anything to write home about either. Not to say it's horrible, it's really not's just not good either. It's one of those movies you watch and then you just kind of forget it eventually because it wasn't very memorable. I will say this about it though they did use a creative way to get the bomb in a tv studio.That was about the only memorable event in the whole movie.
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What is the appeal of this sequel?
Zorin-24 October 1999
No Chuck Norris and no Lee Marvin, what is the appeal of this sequel. For Norris fans, not much. "Delta Force 2" suffered without Lee Marvin but at least still Norris. "Delta Force 3" doesn't have either. This is a poor direct-to-video sequel that has nothing to do with the previous films and is a waste of time.
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Glyn_y2k327 October 2003
This is an absolutely rubbish movie with lame special effects, crappy plot and even worse acting! So if you wish to see a movie with an ounce of class stay away from this mess.

Erm.. nuf said i think.. in conclusion.. WORST MOVIE SERIES!!!! EVER :@:@:@:@:@:@:@!!!!!
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Action Packed Thrill Ride
sdejong15 July 2004
To me, DF3 had the best plot of the 3 films, however the lack of Chuck Norris brought the intellectual achievement down. This movie missed Chuck's cool catch phrases, and his ability to shoot rockets out the back of his bike. This movie was somewhat of a disappointment, but overall, I still give it my approval. I would recommend it to someone who likes action, and wants to be entertained without all the glory of Hollywood superstars. When compared to other 3rd installments of trilogies, it still is up there with the best. Much better in comparison to the Godfather 3, and Die Hard 3.


Don't submit to the man, fight the power!
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* Out Of Five
bronsonskull7216 March 2006
Nick Cassavetes (Son of John), Mike Norris (Son of Chuck),Eric Douglas (Son of Kirk) star in this pointless sequel which finds them cast as gung-ho commandos who go to the middle east to keep a nuclear weapon out of terrorists' hands, along the way these commandos are aided by Russian commandos led by John Ryan (Not John P. Ryan) their mission goes well and they bring the terrorists down without breaking a sweat, which is why this movie is such a dud. One of the problems faced in Delta Force 2 was that Chuck Norris and his team seemed invincible and therefore the action was fairly one sided, in Delta Force 3 this is taken to an extreme level and therefore none of it is excited. Also the movie is poorly staged and cheaply made making it an embarrassing effort at best. Worst of all is that where as the first two had the coolness appeal of Lee Marvin,Robert Forster, Martin Balsam,Robert Vaugn, John P.Ryan, Billy Drago,Richard Jaeckel and (maybe) Chuck Norris, Delta Force 3's biggest name is Nick Cassavetes. Wow.

1/5 Matt Bronson
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Worst army movie ever
oded_506 December 2009
The thin plot is weakened by poor acting and worse army skills. The soldiers combat in a hostile state shirtless, shooting only from the waist, never aiming, but always seem to hit the forehead. They never crouch or lie down for better aim, they rather stand up in clear sight. The Arab enemies never shoot from behind a shelter, they too are always standing up, usually in the middle of the corridors. The chase scene in the end of the movie is ridiculous. The Arabs send all of their vehicles to the same spot where they are all butchered at once. The interrogation scene in the airplane is preposterous, as the US army interrogates the terrorist with a pull-down screen, without the terrible noise of the engines sounding anytime. What a waste of time...
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Another Case of Nepotism
Drunken Master2 August 2004
The back of the box reads: "Featuring the sons of Hollywood's biggest screen heroes ..." I'm sold! No Chuck Norris, so Mike Norris will have to do. Not as strong as the original, and not as silly as Part 2. The great Sam Firstenberg does deliver the goods. Eric Douglas (son of Kirk) is pretty good as one of the Delta Force commandos; he'll most likely never win an Oscar but he sure looks good with a machine gun! The way Nick Cassavetes disarms the boomer in the finally with a bowie knife deserves a look. Hey Nick - "Give me Delta Force 3 over The Notebook any day!"
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