Critters 4 (1992) Poster


Brad Dourif: Al Bert



  • Al Bert : Like my ex-wife. Anything I say, she does the opposite.

  • Fran : Asshole!

    Al Bert : Eh, Captain asshole.

  • Ethan : I guess Rick's had a little too much coffee again?

    Al Bert : Rick has got a bug up his butt. See. He's gone and discovered himself a magnetic space anomaly. And he's gotten stiff in the jock.

  • Rick : We got a goldmine here. I can smell it.

    Al Bert : I can sure smell something.

  • Al Bert : Nuclear core is reading just shy of the red. Nearly to alert.

    Rick : Radiation?

    Al Bert : Negative. It looks more like natural decay. I'd give her about a month before we all glow in the dark.

    Bernie : Don't kind about shit like that. Just show me where the pharmacy is.

    Al Bert : What's the matter? Feeling a little bit under the weather there Bernie?

  • Bernie : What's the matter?

    Fran : Rick! Cargo bay.

    Al Bert : Seems our fearless leader has some plans for Terracor's long-lost pod.

    Bernie : You mean steal it? Steal what's inside?

    Al Bert : Yup, leave us here counting R.E.M.s as we glow in the dark.

    Bernie : Scum bag. Are you sure?

  • Charlie : That's not normal.

    Al Bert : No shit, Sherlock.

    Charlie : No, I mean they don't usually turn from a fight. Or a meal.

  • Fran : I thought you said there was no radiation danger.

    Al Bert : Well, Fran, maybe the nuclear core just changed its mind.

  • Al Bert : Congratulations, Charlie, you have just murdered the ship.

  • Al Bert : Rick and Bernie are dead. For all I know we may have been infected by some alien germ. So unless anyone else has another suggestion, I propose that we just hole up here and wait for them to come rescue us. They will be here any minute.

    Ethan : Yeah. If we don't blow up first.

  • Al Bert : Angela; give me a deck by deck scan and read off all individuals not currently in main control.

    Angela : I do not recognize your voice pattern as one with security clearance...

    Al Bert : Great! Be a snotty TL54. Don't cooperate. Angela; give me security clearance to all levels, please.

    Angela : I can not conform to your request as I do not recognize your voice pattern as one with security clearance.

    Al Bert : Angela; do not, repeat, do not give me security clearance to all levels.

    Angela : You have security clearance at all levels.

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