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Sex & Nudity

  • Right after the opening scene, Mitch (Billy Crystal) is undergoing a surgery on his buttocks. He is seen from his face and his bare part is covered.
  • We briefly see a man showing a lot of butt-crack in one scene.
  • A man takes a shower in the desert and is seen from the waist up.
  • Three men are shown sitting on the toilet; their crotches are covered barely.
  • When the cook gets drunk and rides around on the wagon, his bare butt is seen.
  • The entire film contains many conversations about sex and adultery. E.g.(1) a man and his wife are quarreling by screaming at each other in a party, and he admits cheating on her because they didn't have sex for 12 years. E.g.(2) a man asks his friend whether he would have sex with a woman if his wife would have never find out.

Violence & Gore

  • 2 cowboys harass a young woman.
  • Lots of slapstick action including comical roughhousing, comical saddle-soreness, comical destruction, comical gunshots. Also, Billy Crystal gets gored by a bull(we only see a close-up of his face screaming; not the actual impact) and getting dragged by a runaway cow. Two horses gallop off a cliff to their deaths(we only see them disappearing over the side of the cliff-no impact or dead bodies and the scene is actually meant to be comical).
  • Played seriously. We see a brief but graphic calf birthing and the mother is then euthanized by a gunshot(heard only).
  • Two cowboys menace the guys by putting a loaded pistol in the baby calf's mouth. They then proceed to menace them at gunpoint until Daniel Stern pounces on one and disarms him. He then puts the gun to cowboy's head and threatens to shoot him but doesn't end up pulling the trigger.
  • A man throws a knife narrowly missing another guy's crotch.
  • An old man dies peacefully and his body is discovered.
  • Billy Crystal gets knocked around a little in a raging river.


  • There are no F words in this film. However, there is plenty of other bad language such as shit, ass, asshole, goddamn, damn, hell, bitch, whore, crap, faggot(used once as an insult not as a homosexual reference), son of a bitch, piss, etc.. The words "screw," "bang," and "hump" are used sexually.
  • During the scene in the kids' classroom, the first parent swears constantly. He used phrases like "Hey you you can't go there you stupid bitch!" and "suddenly this humongous goddamn crane crashes down on her legs!" He does this for about 4 minutes straight.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Throughout the film, the cook is seen drinking. Eventually, he gets drunk and start acting wild.
  • Two cowboys get drunk and become violent as a result.
  • Social drinking at a dinner party.
  • Curly smokes cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Mitch is trying to save a calf in the river and is thus taken by a strong, whitewater stream.(Very suspenseful scene)
  • The scenes where the 2 cowboys threaten the baby calf and the guys at gunpoint is realistically menacing as is Daniel Stern's turning the tables on them.
  • The calf birthing scene mentioned above may bother some children.
  • Although played for comedy the 2 horses' deaths mentioned above could bother animal-loving children who won't get the joke.
  • The character of Curly is comically menacing.

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