City Slickers (1991) Poster


Jack Palance: Curly



  • Mitch Robbins : Hi Curly. Killed anyone today?

    Curly : The day ain't over yet...

  • Curly : I crap bigger than you!

  • Curly : Do you know what the secret of life is?

    [holds up one finger] 

    Curly : This.

    Mitch : Your finger?

    Curly : One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and the rest don't mean shit.

    Mitch : But, what is the "one thing?"

    Curly : [smiles]  That's what *you* have to find out.

  • Mitch Robbins : You know what just occurred to me? Roping is stupid. This is a cow, not a gazelle, watch. Get off the horse, huh? Ok. And then you walk up to the cow. Look at how good this is working. Then you say "Hi. I'm Bob Vila with 'This Old Herd.' We're going to rope you today." Then you take Mr. Loop and put it around the head of Mr. Cow.

    [dismounts and walks up to the cow and puts the loop of lasso around its head] 

    Mitch Robbins : Now what's wrong with that?

    [Curly whistles and cattle takes off running, dragging Mitch helplessly behind it] 

    Curly : That!


  • Mitch Robbins : [Playing harmonica] 

    Curly : Put that away.

    Mitch Robbins : [Stops, then resumes playing harmonica] 

    Curly : I said, put that away!

    Mitch Robbins : Hey you know, the first time I tried to talk to you, you embarrassed me. So I teased you a little bit which maybe I shouldn't have done, so I'm sorry. And now you're sitting over there playing with your knife, trying to frighten me - which you're doing a good job. But if you're gonna kill me, get on with it; if not, shut the hell up - I'm on vacation.

  • Curly : I just turned around and rode away.

    Mitch Robbins : Why?

    Curly : I figured it wasn't going to get any better than that.

    Mitch Robbins : Yeah, but you could have been, you know, with her.

    Curly : I've been with lots of women.

    Mitch Robbins : Yeah, but, you know, she could have been the love of your life.

    Curly : She is.

  • Mitch Robbins : [Jeff and T.R. have been intimidating Bonnie, Mitch tries to step in]  Bonnie, you want to come ropin' with us?

    Bonnie Rayburn : Yes, I'd...

    Jeff : [Jeff and T.R. step in front of her]  No, that's all right, Bonnie's talking with us, friend.

    T.R. : She's fine right here.

    Mitch Robbins : [as Phil and Ed approach]  Listen, guys, what are you doing, huh? This isn't exactly nineties behavior, I've gotta be honest with ya.

    Jeff : ...You stepped on my foot.

    Ed Furillo : He did not, you horse's ass.

    Jeff : You want a piece of this?

    Ed Furillo : Any time, Zeke.

    Jeff : How about right now, 'Stubby'?

    Ed Furillo : Fine!

    Curly : [makes his introduction, by roping Jeff from horseback and choking him to the fence. He enters the corral and addresses Bonnie]  This man owes you an apology.

    Mitch Robbins : I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it.

    Curly : Not you... him.

    [motioning to Jeff] 

    Jeff : [refusing]  Uh-uh. No.

    [Curly pulls a huge knife and throws it at Jeff, landing within an inch of his crotch] 

    Jeff : Ahhhh!

    [to Bonnie] 

    Jeff : I'm sorry, ma'am, that'll never happen again!

    Mitch Robbins : Yeah, see that it doesn't!

    [Curly glares at him] 

    Mitch Robbins : I'm sorry, I thought that we were... on the same... you're doin' fine!

    Curly : [walks up to Jeff and retrieves his knife]  You guys were drinkin'... don't let it happen again.

    [Jeff agrees violently. Curly uses his knife to raise his hat to Bonnie] 

    Curly : Ma'am...

    [and departs. The two cowboys make a hasty exit in the opposite direction] 

    Mitch Robbins : Did you see that guy? That is the toughest man I've ever seen in my life!

    [to Bonnie] 

    Mitch Robbins : Did you see how leathery he was? He was like a saddlebag with eyes!

    Bonnie Rayburn : Listen, it took a lot of courage to do what you did. Thank you.

    Mitch Robbins : [They begin to smile and eye each other, then Mitch comes to his senses]  I'm married.

  • Curly : City Folk!

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