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Very underrated, and probably released in the wrong year
Bats_Breath17 January 2002
This movie is very underrated. It's highly imaginative, creative and clever. It's just plain fun and in my opinion this film tops the first one. But the film was forgotten when it first came out, and became even more overlooked as the years passed. "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey" also bombed at the box office, whereas the first one was a pretty good hit and very popular.

I think the problem may be that this film was just released a couple years too late. In 1991, Bill and Ted already seemed "so '80s". Even though the '80s were only a couple years ago back at that time, the landscape of the music and style for kids had changed so radically with gangsta rap, hip hop, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, grunge and the Seattle sound. Bill and Ted with their Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen and Guns N' Roses music along with their '80s style seemed so out of place and very outdated in '91, and I think that's one BIG reason the film bombed at the box office. Nobody but surfers were still saying stuff like "excellent!" and "bogus!" in 1991. "Gremlins 2" which also came out in the early '90s suffered a similar fate of being a good film that bombed at the box office because it was too associated with the '80s. The transition from the '80s to the '90s was a much faster change then now with the '90s and '00s. 1991 was nothing like 1988 or 1989, whereas right now, 2002 and last year 2001 still looks/looked like 1995 or 1996.

If only "Excellent Adventure" which was made in 1988, was released THAT YEAR instead of 1989, and "Bogus Journey" was made quickly and released in 1989, then it too would have probably been just as wildly received as the first.
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A Film That Puts The "Fun" Back In "Funny"
GirlwonderReturns27 October 2000
Who says sequels can't be as good as originals? This movie proves that that is not always true. It was well-written, more mature, and just out-and-out funnier than its predecessor. Alex Winter once again showed great comic timing as Bill, although the film was absolutely stolen by William Sadler as Death ("Don't overlook MY butt. I work out every day, and reaping burns a lot of calories"). Some may call it stupid humor, but that's not really the case; the funniest scenes in the movie - such as the Twister scene or "20 Questions" - are original, well-played, and just plain clever. We all know Keanu Reeves has never been known so much for his acting, but he's above his average here, and Winter, Sadler, and George Carlin are all great fun.

Certainly this film can't appeal to everyone. If the idea of, say, Death playing Battleship, Clue, and Twister doesn't seem funny to you, you probably won't like it (although you may want to lighten up a little). If it does, well then you'll probably agree with me on this: Bill & Ted rock!!!
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A non-heinous sequel!!!
LebowskiT10008 October 2002
I wouldn't dare say this film is better than the original, but it is very good in it's own right. The comedy in this film is just as good as the original though, there are so many scenes that get me laughing just thinking about them.

The story in this film is even more bizarre than the original, but that's what makes it so great. Peter Hewitt does a great job directing this film with a great cast. The core cast from the original film returns to their characters in this film and all do a fantastic job with their roles. I don't care what anyone says, I think Keanu Reeves is a great actor! I really enjoyed his portrayal of Ted in both of these films as I did Alex Winter's Bill. I was very happy to see George Carlin returning to the role of Rufus, very cool! Hal London Jr, who plays the part of Ted Logan's father does a really good job. The scene where Ted possesses his fathers body and Hal London Jr begins acting like Ted is a great scene, and he pulls it off impressively well. I can't forget to mention William Sadler as Death, he completely made the movie for me. The rest of the cast is quite good as well.

If you liked the first installment of the Bill and Ted series, then I would hope you would like this film as well. But, don't expect it to be as good as the original. I really hope you enjoy the film, thanks for reading,

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Very underrated
XPrufrock31 August 2000
One of the most underrated movies I've seen in a long time, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey is the second hilarious adventure of Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan, aka Wyld Stallyns. There are two ways to look at this film: First, you see dumb dialogue, far fetched plot, juvenile idea. OR.. You see brilliantly downplayed idiots who yet again find themselves in a situation too big for their brains. Throw a Bruce Willis or a Arnold Schwarzeneggar into this plot and it becomes a big blockbuster movie. Bill and Ted go into the story with the same level of sincerity, only it's Bill and Ted. This is a tricky fence to balance on, but when you watch the movie not as a throwaway screwball comedy, but as an adventure featuring two guys who have no business being in an adventure, it becomes so much more.
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Talk About a Hidden Gem of a Movie!
jeral14 May 1999
I can't tell you how many times I saw the first Bill & Ted movie before ever seeing this sequel...because it was a sequel, so I figured it wouldn't be as good. I was wrong. I first saw it on television; my sister watched it with me. I couldn't stop laughing. She kept shaking her head, saying, "it's not funny, it's stupid" - but she kept laughing, too. How can you not laugh at the sight of Death playing Twister? Or, "You ugly, red, source of all evil!!" I loved the first movie, but I think the second, despite being darker, is funnier, more imaginative, and better written. William Sadler as Death was so, so, funny, so dead on (no pun intended), he deserved an Oscar nomination; this film made him one of my favorite character actors. Alex Winter & Keanu Reeves made Bill & Ted into airheads you root for. They're stupid, sure, but man are they good-hearted! So thumbs up from me; a third Bill & Ted movie would probably be too much, but they did go out in fine style. Catch you later, Bill & Ted!
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Sharper than warranted.
rkwong6 May 1999
It was only on my second viewing, years later, that I realized two things about this movie: 1) I enjoyed it immensely, and 2) that because its execution is decidedly sharper than the premise itself warrants. I had laughed my way through the movie before it occurred to me to renew my initial protests--valleyspeak and loogies and airheadedness (even *good*-natured airheadedness) just aren't inherently funny, especially when drawn out to feature length. But though the movie's momentum does begin to sputter out towards the end, Reeves and Winter and Sadler (and Hal Landon Jr. in an unforgettable scene) display such a remarkable sense of comic timing throughout that even the more clumsily-scripted jokes (e.g. Ted failing to recognize a certain inhabitant of Hell) work as effortlessly as the witter ones (e.g. the challenge). And the teaming of Winter and Reeves clicks so well that the teaming of Bill and Ted (who spend only one scene separated in the entire movie, disaster if they're not well-matched) appears utterly unstrained.

(Side note: I found the first movie to be only sporadically entertaining--sightly different comic sensibilities there, it seems.)

I give it a 7.75. Surprisingly good fun.
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It's silly.
bwalker1916 August 2000
I admit it's very silly, but I've practically memorized the damn thing! It holds a lot of good childhood memories for me (my brother and I saw it opening day) and I have respect for any movie with FNM on the soundtrack.
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You gotta love this one!
Beerdrinking Dog19 June 2000
When I was a kid, I totally loved both Bill & Ted Movies. The other night, Bogus Journey was on and since it was at least 5 years since I last saw it, I decided to tune in. AND I LOVED IT ALL OVER AGAIN! This film is still funny after all those years. 'Excellent Adventure' is better, but this one rocks just the same. Sure, some of the perfomances are a bit cheesy, but hey, this entire film is cheesy in a cool way. Plus it features the coolest personation of Death ever in a movie! Concluding: Totally like non bogus movie dude! Way Excellent! STATION!!!
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Lot of fun again with the inseparable teen friends traveling through of the time and space
ma-cortes23 April 2007
In this following ,the stupid and geeky adolescents journey to Hell and Heaven and confront against a villain(Joss Acland) from the future and a duo of robots are substitute them.While in the first part the inseparable dudes meet get to know some of the history's most famous characters :Sigmund Freud,Gengis Khan ,Socrates,Lincoln,Napolen,Billy the Kid,Joan of Arc,this time appear : Albert Einstein,Johann Sebastian Bach,Benjamin Franklin,Thomas Edison,Confucius, and even Grim Reaper(William Sadler in a double role), among others.The movie like the first part is developed throughout time tunnel and the location named St Dimas little town.They pass along the universe in a time machine ,a telephone booth.Again Rufus(George Carlin),an emissary from the future comes to help them.

This sequel such as the original is a sci-fi comedy with noisy action,humor,tongue in check and is very amusing .A dimwitted Keanu Reeves(Matrix,Speed) and an airhead Alex Winter(Borrowers,Freaked,Lost boys) play a fully sympathetic and surrealist couple.The film contains a breathtaking special effects ,adding a nice cinematography(Oliver Wood)and lively musical score(David Newman). This following also achieved success in the box-office and video rentals,both films are nowadays deemed cult movies with numerous aficionados.The motion picture is well directed by Peter Hewitt, a familiar comedies expert(Tom and Huck,Borrowers,Garfield).The flick will like to teen comedy buffs.It's followed by a cartoon TV and television series .Rating : Acceptable and entertaining in spite of the inspiration,magic and freshness had partially gone.
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Most Triumphant
kornkicksass_694 January 2004
I got the first Bill and Ted movie for christmas and I had to get the second when I saw it in a store. This one was (I think) just as funny as the first but a much wierder story. It was funny how they had their own personnal hell and how they had to play death. The funny thing was that they played him in stupid little games like clue. The only thing I'd change is Station and Death being in the band but other than that it was great.
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Lacks The Charm of The First Film
RustyShacklefordd25 July 2015
On paper, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey is a sequel that should work. The plot is not a complete retread of the first film and some of the script is actually pretty creative. Unfortunately, the film severely lacks in charm which is one of the main elements that made the first installment enjoyable.

Reeve's and Winters do an excellent job of reprising their roles, but their dimwitted metalhead personalities become an over-reliant source for jokes which become more redundant than funny. On a side note, the addition of William Shatner as The Grim Reaper is a highlight of the film.

Even though the film is attempting to actually be something different than the previous installment, it bites off way more than it can chew. A bunch of sci-fi elements are introduced including robots and part of the plot involves Bill & Ted dying and traveling to the afterlife. While it all should fit the absurd humor of the film, none of it flows together coherently and feels sloppy and scatterbrained. Their are a few funny bits scattered throughout, but a lot of it just dully drags along delivering little laughs.

Bogus Journey had all the elements in place for it to be a good sequel, but it falls apart in it's execution losing it's charm and much of the humor along with it. It's not a terrible sequel, but one that's pretty forgettable and only worth watching if you are a hardcore fan of the first installment.
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Totally Bogus.
anaconda-406588 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (1991): Dir: Peter Hewitt / Cast: Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, William Sadler, George Carlin, Pam Grier: Bogus certainly describes the film. It begins with a Star Wars parody with George Carlin making a narrow escape to warn our moron guitar playing heroes about a world domination scheme. Bill and Ted are teenagers with the intelligence of a snot rag who are auditioning for a major concert but they are eventually thrown off a cliff by robot look-alikes. Perhaps they tried to stop production of this film. Darn it, they failed. The Grim Reapers challenges their souls in the film's one great laugh where he is whooped at Battleship, Clue and Twister. Then they venture to Heaven in search of the smartest scientist who ever lived so that good robot look-alikes can be manufactured. Anyone who claims to be the world's smartest scientist ought to know better than to be caught on camera during one of the year's stupidest films. Bogus plot directed by Peter Hewitt with dazzling special effects. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves look foolish and act like jackasses. William Sadler is the one performance of great hilarity as the Grim Reaper completely overtaken by teenage madness. Pam Grier is underused, but then again she should be thankful not to be seen more than needed here. Carlin is unfortunately wasted in a film that might have been interesting had it not been so stupid. Score: 2 ½ / 10
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Bill & Ted should have stayed home
MartianOctocretr56 February 2010
This bogus journey never comes close to matching the wit and craziness of the excellent adventure these guys took in their first movie. This installment tries to veer away from its prequel to capture some new blood out of the joke, but it takes a wrong turn and journeys nowhere interesting or funny.

There's almost a half-hour wasted on showing the guys doing a rock concert (and lots of people watching on "free TV"--since when does that happen?) Surely the script writer could have done something more creative; look at how all the random elements of the first movie were neatly tied up together by a converging them at the science presentation. Not in this film, which pretty much ended the Bill & Ted franchise. The joke was over.

The Grim Reaper is tossed into the mix, for whatever reason. This infusion, like the whole plot, is done poorly and lacks sparks for comedy or audience involvement. There's a ZZ Top impression, hammered in for no reason. There's lights, smoke, mirrors, noise. But nothing really creative or funny.

Skip this bogus thing.
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Pushing the ridiculous too far
siderite30 August 2015
As I was watching the first Bill&Ted I was thinking that it represents the end of an era, the 80's, where studios would risk on a fun movie that didn't take itself at all seriously. The sequel, unfortunately, is "bogus". They push it all too far, they remove from the fun of the first and they push the movie all over the place: evil despots, robots, Death, The Devil and God. If in the first movie the pleasure was to watch the hapless Bill & Ted, in this film William Sadler steals the spot.

Bottom line: while still a little funny, it was a lot more boring than the first film. Studios didn't do it for fun this time, they just wanted to cash on the success of the Excellent Adventures. In view of 2015 rumors about a third part to be released, I wonder if the... franchise, I guess we must call it, will regain its irreverent fun side or be yet another reboot of a sequel that is a prequel of a previous reboot, as is the custom nowadays.
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Not as good or nice as Excellent Adventure, but with some good bits
HelenMary5 January 2014
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a sweet, naïve (in a good way), funny and original. It's feelgood comedy. Bogus Journey takes the premise of the unlikely heroes to a whole WHOLE new level. Reeves and Preston are playing both themselves and their evil robot selves. It's more adult, not so family friendly as Excellent Adventure was, and whilst some of the SFX hold up, it hasn't stood the test of time quite as well. Preston and Reeves are funny though and again look like they're having a great deal of fun with the film, and play around a lot with the characters. Again, the princesses aren't particularly convincing, but Ted's father played by Hal Landon Jr and Death (William Sadler) are both great especially Captain Logan's impression of Ted. There's some great one-liners and memorable bits but generally I don't like this one as well and it's not as clever and the repeated lines mean that the script isn't so witty either. It's really a vehicle for Reeves as he's by far the highlight; him and Death! The music is good but on many levels, it's offensive in the guise of easy laughs.

Watch the credits for the newspaper articles.
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We're There, Dude
Angry_Arguer28 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
The first film had little ambition so nothing sticks to the screen. It was a bad version of 'Back to the Future' with zero charm. Once accepted that Bill & Ted are nitwits, the joke can only get hammered at the audience for so long before it breaks.

This is a surprise. This is your only spoiler warning...

By today's standards, this is more fun. This was shunned upon release, sad considering that more talent is involved than the first time. We get the photographer of 'Face/Off', the editor of 'Fugitive', a production designer from Burton's early work, and the sound designer of 'Matrix'.

The writers made up for their shallow first outing with something deep. Since this was shunned by the fanbase and public, the director probably decided the style was too extreme. It's not, it fits the material. Like 'Death Becomes Her' and 'Catch-22', this dares to be smart, but we like our movies "simple" so we don't buy it. Probably since this dared to be different is why it took 12 producers to pull it off. What's so good?

--Nice self-reference towards Keanu; from airhead to Messiah. See also Arnold Schwarzenegger.

--Joss hates his creations as much as he hates their counterparts, he makes his own hatred. The Evil B&T and the "good robot usses" have the same vocabulary as their originals: lesser copies and depreciation of language.

--The "duality" motif. Nowhere else is this evident than in the photography styles, lots of high and low angles. They even use Roy Brocksmith from 'Total Recall' to emphasize the point.

--The "choices" motif. I don't know where this started in the genre (maybe 'Ghostbusters'), but it's used pretty well here. It even boils down to the 7 games against death--Battleship and Club.

--Film self-reference, even present in the game against Death (Clue). This is smarter than Tarantino or Brooks. Notice the Premier magazine cover at the end: "Bill and Ted: The Movie." Ironic also how Death and Nomolos were villains in the 'Die Hard' and 'Lethal Weapon' sequels.

I still have some minor nits, but nothing compared to the original. Music and film are different mediums so it makes no sense why many scripts revolve around the former--particularly in the teen market. Carlin is a great comedian, but in these movies he's wasted. Also, for all the daring this effort shows, even cracking gay jokes, they can't kill a cat?

So, despite looking like a Nickelodeon production, this is incredibly interesting. From this movie we got Beavis and Butt-Head. "We're in Heaven and we just mugged three people."

Final Analysis = = Midrange Material
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......Now they are History!!
MovieKing-425 May 1999
This movie is great, it has everything that the first one had but more.... And I love it a lot. I just love the part where they go to Hell then Heaven. It is great, but to me the best part is when the actual "Battle of the Bands" at the end, in which Bill and Ted actual become famous, the song is great as well "God gave rock and Roll to you". The return of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter is great in their best Film yet,and the presence of their new friend "Death" is a great touch.And I have heard rumors of a 3rd Bill and Ted movie.

But this is great and is probably better than the original.

So I give this an 8 out of 10.
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Not non-triumphant, but not non-non-egregious either.
BA_Harrison30 March 2015
Bogus Journey opens in the year 2619, where Bill & Ted's music and philosophy has shaped society and everyone wears awful clothes made from sheets of foam. Clearly upset at being forced to dress in such a ridiculous fashion, evil fiend De Nomolos (Joss Ackland) creates robot doubles of the Bill and Ted and sends them back in time to kill the originals, which they do by chucking them off the Vasquez Rocks.

Death, however, is only the beginning of the righteous dudes' bogus journey, which sees them travelling to hell and heaven, before returning to life to do battle with their metal doppelgängers and De Nomolos.

With the news that there might be a third Bill & Ted movie just around the corner, I thought that now would be a good time to revisit Bogus Journey, which I remember not being very impressed with when it originally came out…

Almost a quarter of a century later and my opinion hasn't changed: while not totally heinous, this sequel is is far from the excellent adventure that was the first movie. In an effort to go one better than before, Bogus Journey packs in as much craziness as possible, including robots, aliens, the Grim Reaper, visions of Heaven and Hell, and the Easter Bunny, but in doing so the film it loses what made the first film so great: heart. And Diane Franklin.

The best thing about the whole film is Death, played by William Sadler, who provides the film with all of its funniest moments, including a neat homage to Ingmar Bergman's iconic art-house classic The Seventh Seal. But a creepy bald guy in a robe with a scythe playing Battleships and Twister simply ain't enough to carry an entire movie.

5 out of 10, which I considered pushing up to 6 for Pam Grier and Kiss's cover of God Gave Rock And Roll To You, but… no Diane Franklin. Bogus!
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A great entertainment
Stoney-419 January 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Lord, how I love this film. I've seen it many, many times since I first saw it in the theaters, and I can only say that it never fails to make me laugh out loud. Alex Winters and Keanu Reeves are both hilarious as Bill and Ted (and their evil robotic counterparts), and William Sadler finds just the right note of profound embarrassment for his performance as the Grim Reaper. What continues to strike me about this film is its spectacular originality. No one in their right mind would have guessed that Bill and Ted would die, then journey through heaven and hell with the Grim Reaper and two furry aliens to avenge their deaths. Yet that's exactly what happens. Man, this movie just makes me all happy inside. Station!
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One of the most wildly inventive movies of all time
leonjaywilson9 August 2001
Anyone who doesn't think Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey is one of the greatest movies of all time needs their head checked. It somehow manages to be both completely inane and no-brainer, but also terrifying knowing and clever at the same time. One of those rare films that actually improves upon it predecessor, Bogus Journey can be enjoyed again and again. Notable highlights include the duel with Death and the ending, which is highly "emotional". Keanu wants to forget all that Matrix rubbish and get down to doing what he does best, Ted Theodore Logan in Bill and Ted: The Return.
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Underrated indeed
jaklumen2 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I give props to some of the other top-ranked "helpful" reviews here as I build on some of the points they made for the film being underrated. Looking at the film through a restricted view of pop culture, particularly '80s fashion and West California style (and how the '90s departed from that), is one example. Comparing the preceding "Excellent Adventure" to "Back to the Future" (first movie) is therefore also apt, IMHO, for that very reason. I seem to remember some critics of the latter film pronounced it an '80s nostalgia trip and panned the later two sequels as crappy-add ons to an already complete movie. Professional critique about "Bogus Journey" seems to echo the same, but unfairly, I think. (Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel *did* like "Bogus" somewhat, however, and Ebert admittedly did not see "Excellent".)

I liked "Excellent Adventure", but I thought "Bogus Journey" had a better developed storyline. A full 20+ years later after the movie hit our theaters, I still think so. To use a more modern catchphrase, it's "epic". I figure the storyline was a very tongue-in-cheek take on epic folktales; more so with parody references and the more intricate content of deleted scenes. (I will laugh smugly if the proposed second sequel has Bill or Ted saying that-- "Epic!")
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Imaginative and silly; Good fun.
vip_ebriega6 September 2008
My Take: A goofy, yet imaginative mess.

Keanu Reeves (Yes! That Keanu Reeves) and Alex Winter return as the two punk-rock idiots in this sequel to the time-trotting adventure comedy BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE, now a cult classic. In this sequel, Bill and Ted are given much more to do than travel through time. They might as well travel Heaven and Hell too! During the beginning of this sequel, Bill and Ted are preparing for a "Battle of the Bands" competition which may make them more famous than ever. Meanwhile, many years in a futuristic civilization, the time-wizard from the first film (the always watchable George Carlin) is running a university praising Bill and Ted's names. There, an evil tyrant (Joss Ackland, from THE HUNT FOR RED October) plots to get rid of the two idiot rock-stars once and for all. So he sends two identical android replicas (In the words of Bill and Ted: Robot Us's) to do the dirty job.

There after, Bill and Ted experience death and must find their way through Hell, with inhabitants that happens to include the duo's worst memories, and then through Heaven in an attempt to get back to earth to save their girlfriends... and their show. Along this whacked-out voyage, they play board games with none other than Death (William Sadler, from DIE HARD 2), reminiscent to a similar moment in the 1957 foreign film classic THE SEVENTH SEAL, aid help from a couple of intelligent alien beings and more.

BOGUS JOURNEY's array of exuberant special effects gimmicks aren't up to to-date standards, and even some of the humor and the for-the-time look and feel are somewhat dated (to be honest, the film also feels like it was released on the wrong year, even for the 90's). But with it's no little lack of imagination and a lively turn by both the performances and direction, BILL AND TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY is fun, imaginative, and yes, bogus.

Rating: ***1/2 out of 5.
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Bogus dudes!
Stampsfightclub13 August 2008
In the sequel to the brilliant Bill and Ted's excellent adventure, Bill and Ted are under threat from the future, as the evil Chuck De Nomolos sends two evil robots, disguised as Bill and Ted to earth to kill human Bill and Ted, in order to change the future.

In a great comedy pairing, Winter and Reeves excel to deliver delicious humour to the audience in this entertaining sequel. Though lacking the sharpness of the first, Bogus Journey still has the great catchphrases and dialogue from the leading pair, not to mention an hilarious performance by William Sadler, who brings a humorous side to the figure of depth, the grim reaper. Watch for the games sequences, the best moment in the entire film, but one of many great techniques used to justify the genre.

Though still packed with humour, this film has a more dramatic film towards it, with stakes being more serious and situations more risky.

This gives the film great dimension and another lovable feature. The creators also stretch the boundaries of the fantasy genre and the use of realism, with hell and heaven being heavily symbolic and present in the plot. The fantasy genre is again spot on with the use of that amazing time travelling machine, though again somewhat confusing at points with the use of timing, and objects and situations being placed before it happens in the present, as is evident in the final couple of scenes.

The first watch I hated this sequel, but the second time was a real joy as I appreciated the jokes and story more, and though the jokes and plot aren't as strong as its predecessor, Bogus Journey has enough feel good motives, jokes and a fairly steady plot to make it a good natured family film.
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Pretty much as funny as the first
mjw230524 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Bill and Ted are back, only this time an evil dude from the future has sent back an evil Bill and Ted to destroy them, thus destroying 'Wyld Stallions' and the basis for human society in the future. This time Bill and Ted have to travel through the afterlife 'Totally Bogus' and save humanity 'Excellent'

With much of the same zany humour and some wonderful new characters like the grim reaper, station and robot Bill and Ted (stations creation) Bogus Journey once again entertains, and is worth watching for its soundtrack alone.


A most triumphant sequel

Party on Dudes! Hehe
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