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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a bit of kissing, a brief looking down a blouse, a few innuendos and a mention of a "full-on robot chubby". A chubby naked space creature with a large rear-end plays a prominent role later in the movie, though this likely would not be perceived as visually disturbing.

Violence & Gore

  • Towards the end of the movie, two creatures merge into each other and a huge blob of gloppy, pink, intestine looking glop forms on the ground, very disturbing to look at as it merges into one big creature
  • In the beginning, De Namolos, Rufus's teacher, storms into Bill and Ted University and gunfire is used, though no one dies, but people are shot at. Robot replicas of Bill and Ted are shown, as they stretch their prosthetic skin to reveal their machinery. One student faints, played for laughs.
  • It is implied that Rufus is lost in the circuits of time, but we only see his guitar that he used to tether himself onto the phone booth slashed, and the rope cut.
  • The robots kill the real Bill and Ted by pushing them off of a cliff in Death Valley. Their dead bodies are seen, as well as an implication that one of the robots spit on Ted.
  • Bill and Ted "Melvin" Death himself.
  • There is a reference to possession, as well as the first and third films in The Exorcist series. Later on, Bill and Ted possess both Ted's father and a police sergeant to tell the police that Bill and Ted were killed. The go to a seance and tell them the same thing. They get sent to hell because of this.
  • Hell is a bit frightening, even the guardians and the picking of their eternity in hell.
  • Bill and Ted are taken to Heaven, where they steal some peoples's clothes by punching them offscreen.
  • The robots trash the place, as they both decapitate each other and play basketball, as well as football. The machinery is seen around their necks, as well as ports.
  • Bill and Ted late wake up from being dead, as they find out that a buzzard was pecking at Ted, and a worm was in Bill's ear. Station, as well as Death, both come from Heaven.
  • The robots trash some girls' house, as well as attempting to run over a mouse on the street. The both reveal their machinery, as well as bad breath to the girls as they faint.
  • Station runs into each other to create a gigantic version of himself. He transforms from goo, which will disgust some.
  • The good robots replicas of Bill and Ted, created by Station, kill the bad robots by bashing the heads off, as they fly off and the robots explode.
  • De Nomolos electrocutes every camera at the Battle of the Bands to transmit those channels to everyone in the world. The handlers survive, but are grazed a little.


  • Several uses of "dick", and two uses of "fag" and its derivatives, "pussweeds", and "shithead", "Damn", "Hell" and other mild language is used throughout.
  • Many rude comments are said to Bill and Ted at a simulation of Colonel Oak's Military School, including "bollocks".
  • One obscene gesture.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is one quick scene where the Grim Reaper says, "See you real soon" to a man smoking, implying his death is by lung cancer.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Early in the movie, an obsessed man hellbent on taking over the world designs two robots resembling Bill and Ted. The frequently use artificial organs as tools, and to prove their robotic likeness. Robot Ted even uses an eye as a communicative device.
  • The plot centers around the two main characters getting killed and ending up in hell. The scenes in hell have an eery atmosphere, and could be frightening to children.
  • Overall, the sequel has a little bit more use of profanity, including use of an obscene gesture and the use of the word "fag". There is bits of frightening fantasy, as well as parodying the statement of a person beating Death at chess to overcome him.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Death "Melvins" De Nomolos, after which he is arrested.
  • Ms. Wardroe, who set up the Battle of the Bands, turns out to be Rufus.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A very creepy and disturbing Grammy tries to kiss Bill in hell, but he gets away.
  • A creepy Easter bunny chases Ted in hell, but he gets away.

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