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  • Visitors to the "Institute of Future Technology" enter what they believe to be a tour of the facilities, but instead get involved in a chase through time to recover a time-machine stolen by Biff Tannen.

  • Sitting in a flying DeLorean, the audience gets rocked when traveling through several times.


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  • Many volunteers for experiments with a new 8 passenger Delorean Time Machine enter the institute of Future Technology in the year 1991. They are informed by the Secretary, Heather (Darlene Vogel), that there is a breach in the facility. A young Biff Tannen (Thomas F. Wilson) can be seen breaking security cameras as he roams the facility, prompting the alert of Einstein The Dog (Freddie The Dog) which causes the alarm of chief inventive officer, Doctor Emmett Brown (Christopher Llyod). Heather informs the volunteers to stand by for an important message from Doctor Brown, who begins to inform the volunteers of how to operate a Delorean Time Machine. Suddenly, Biff Tannen appears behind him and breaks the security grid, locking Doctor Brown in his office. He has taken two scientists (Douglas Trumbull And and an unlisted Actress) hostage. They inform Doctor Brown that while conducting an experiment back in 1955, Biff stowed away in the time machine and came back to the future with them. Biff takes the time machine and travels into the space-time continuum. Doc Brown informs the volunteers he can remotely control the new 8 passenger Delorean but he needs their help to navigate it. Heather informs the volunteers of safety precautions to take while entering the time machine. The Audience Scanning Device (Stephanie De Vos) informs Doc Brown that they have no way of knowing when Biff traveled to. Doc Brown informs the Volunteers that there is a sub-ether time tracker in the car which they can use to track and follow Biff. They just need to bump into his Delorean just before they hit 88 miles per hour to take him back with them to 1991. They first travel to Hill Valley on October 25th 2015 and nearly run into several other Flying Cars and buildings. They hit the clock tower just before they travel 1 million years back in time to the Ice Age, with time indicator reading October 25th, 0000. They travel below the surface to the ice caverns and dodge many falling blocks of ice. They travel even further back in time to Primeval Hill Valley, and the time indicator reads October 25th 8888. They enter a volcano and are attacked by two Tyrannosaurus Rexes (Frank Welker) and one even managed to swallow them until they escape and land in a river of lava. Suddenly Biff Tannen's Flux Capacitor burns out and he begs for Doc Brown's help. He goes over a lava fall and is caught by the 8 passenger Delorean and taken back to May 2nd 1991 and taken into custody by two Security Guards (Michael Klastorin and an unlisted actor). Doc Brown thanks the volunteers and tells them to go forth and remember the future is what they make it.

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