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Comedian Brett Gelman Severs Ties With Adult Swim Over Lack of Female Representation

Comedian Brett Gelman has taken to Twitter to announce that he has “severed ties” with comedy network Adult Swim in the wake of the recent controversy surrounding their lack of female creators.

Splitsider reports that the “Dinner in America” star and creator will no longer work in tandem with the network, specifically pointing to Evp/creative director Mike Lazzo’s recent Reddit post that attempted to explain away the channel’s lack of female creators — as was reported earlier this year, they currently have zero projects from women currently in the works — by announcing that “women don’t tend to like conflict” when it comes time to write and produce comedy.

Adult Swim’s Mike Lazzo Takes to Reddit to Defend Lack of Female Creators This Is The Reason I Have Severed Ties

Brett Gelman (@brettgelman) November 14, 2016

Gelman also noted that his decision stemmed
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Brett Gelman: Sexism Reason ‘I Have Severed Ties’ With Adult Swim

  • The Wrap
Brett Gelman claims the reason he cut off contact with Adult Swim was due to the adult animation programming block’s lack of female creators. Gelman, an actor and comedian who worked on Adult Swim shows “Eagleheart” and “Hot Package,” posted a write up of a recent reddit post from Adult Swim creative director Mike Lazzo discussing comments he made about women. Gelman captioned the tweet with, “This is the reason I have severed ties.” Adult Swim's Mike Lazzo Takes to Reddit to Defend Lack of Female Creators This Is The Reason I
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Season 3 of 'Flashpoint' Premieres Aug. 6 on CTV

At last, CTV, a Canadian TV network, has announced that Flashpoint's third season will premiere on Friday, August 6 at 10 Pm. Moreover, the network has also revealed juicy details about the first two episodes of Flashpoint.

This Canadian show follows a tactical unit of the Toronto's police department (Hugh Dillon, Amy Jo Johnson, David Paetkau, Enrico Colantoni, Sergio Di Zio, Michael Cram and Olunike Adeliyi).

In the first episode entitled "Severed Ties", Maggie Perrello (Kelly Rowan) was the perfect mother until an addiction to prescription meds spiraled out of control. It cost Maggie a stint in jail, and the loss of her beloved daughters Becky and Riley into foster care. Now she’s out of jail, clean and sober, and yearns to bring her children home but when Maggie discovers that she can’t have her kids back, she turns desperate and kidnaps Becky and Riley.

In the second episode
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Halloween type movies you can see for free

  • Aol TV.
It's the season for scary movies - bad scary movies, good scary movies, campy scary movies, any kind of scary movie. And depending on what cable company you subscribe to, there are plenty of free offerings right now on demand.

FearNet is the obvious go-to place for freebies, although it has its detractors hanging around this blog. One of the best choices available now is Return of the Living Dead III. Unless you're a hardcore horror geek, you may not know this one. And the plot -- a young couple near a military base are torn apart when she becomes one of the living dead -- may not sound exciting. But the first zombie onscreen is convincingly freaky, and the surprise ending is actually kind of a surprise.

FearNet also has Severed Ties, in which a severed arm comes back to life as a reptilian killing machine. And who doesn't
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Stargate Universe 1.03 "Air Pt.3″ Recap

The newly minted crew of the Destiny were spread in three different areas Friday night: the ship, Earth, and on a barren desert landscape. In other words, there was enough drama for an infinite amount of galaxies. I will break the action up the best way I can since we had flashbacks/hallucinations, Earthbacks, and present drama on the ship and offworld.

Flashback (Hallucination): Son of a Preacher Man

Some might say that Lt. Scott was hallucinating and some might consider it a flashback, but I am going to take it as a bit of both since the scene gave back story and dissolved into sand at the end of it.

In the flashbacks, Lt. Matthew Scott sits in a church crying to a priest about how he has failed the priest, the Lord, and himself. The priest later questions him about his love for a young woman. Scott
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Psycho Holocaust gang gives you Wicked Wood

Director Krist Rufty and makeup FX artist Hank Carlson, who previously teamed on Psycho Holocaust, gave us the word on their new indie chiller Wicked Wood. The duo teamed on the screenplay for this project, with Carlson also serving as a co-producer and taking an onscreen role as well.

Billy (Necroville) Garberina and Vanelle star as Ian and Heather, a couple with a troubled marriage who stop at a country store while driving home from a vacation. Ian becomes fascinated with a carved wooden figure called Splinter (pictured), and though odd shop owner Mr. Hands insists he’s not for sale, Ian sneaks back later and takes the totem, leaving a wad of bills behind. But there’s a greater cost to be paid once Ian and Heather return home, and Splinter comes to evil, murderous life. “The movie was originally called Splinter,” Rufty tells us, “but then we read
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