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When it was released on DVD and Blu-ray in early 2017, the infamous penis doodle is cut from the film completely, as it was finally detected after all these years.
The televised version of this film when shown on Universal Kids cuts out the scene of Fievel taking down (shooting) the Cactus Cat Gang. Therefore, the scene starts from Fievel's voice over and saying to Wylie Burp "Have no fear! Philly the Kid is here!", and when he starts to shoot, it goes straight to the bullet turning into the cap of Fievel's cap gun and Mama calling him for supper.
In a televised airing of the movie on Universal Kids, the following scenes are edited: The scene when Fievel fights the Cactus Cat Gang in his fantasy, the scene goes from his voice over right to the bullet of the gun turning into the cap of his cap gun, therefore, leaving out the part where he takes down the gang by shooting them and Wylie Burp congratulating him. The scene where Cat R. Waul tries to find someone to entertain his gang of cats, and he lands on a fork springing him to where a couple is dining out and lands back on the stage, so the part where the fat lady is rubbing him into the cleavage of her bare breasts is cut out.
When Freeform aired this movie on January 23, 2019, shots of the Native American tribe mice were cut, similar to the channel's omission of An American Tail: The Treasure of Manhattan Island (1998) due to the involved thematic material.

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