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although I can watch a lot of mafia wannabee crap and like it, this goes too far!
fuzzface-319 June 2009
Being a huge mafia movie enthusiast, I can't understand people who make utter crap wannabee mob-movies like THIS. It's even worse than watching an 80's Cindy Lauper video! It's nothing but terribly type casted actors who can do nothing but act so bland and utterly bad. Clearly the screenplay is completely uninspired , accompanied by a bad script which in my opinion is filled with empty and mindless dialogs. The movie has a porno movie quality sound, not to mention the lighting, it consists of stolen Mafia cliché's wrapped up in an early 90's urban atmosphere that doesn't do any good no matter how you look at this "thing". The filmmakers are trying to make the viewer believe that he/she is watching a movie about Italian mafia wannabee kids working in the oh so obvious pizza place, who revive crime inc. after the place gets robbed and their uncle gets killed...... An insult to the genre and all the good that has been made prior to this, and a complete waste of time.
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Like the Godfather, but without the good bits
bayard-111 April 2006
This film appears to have been made up as they went along, there being so little evidence of any form of script. It seemed to consist mainly of montage. I consider the three hours I spent watching this film as one of my least profitable activities ever. (The film actually only runs for one and a half hours; it just seemed like three) The only bright spot was a brief view of a naked breast and even this was probably only put in to raise it's rating to 15 (Australia). This is one of these films that is simply just bad. Not bad enough to be memorable, like "Plan 9 from Outer Space" or "Manos,the Hands of Fate", just badly made and boring.
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Not the Godfather, but good!
smugpug8020 July 2001
This is a good movie. I liked it. I only saw it once and it was on commercial television. I would like to see it without being edited or interrupted by commercials. I haven't seen it since that first time and I would like to see it again. My very favorite movies are the Godfather Films. This film doesn't compare to them, but I still enjoyed it. Maybe I'm just intoxicated by any gangster film.
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